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  1. Shhhhhhhhh reto good reto care. (Reto.BIG_BEOTHER is watching you) No really the recently started to listen so give them time.
  2. I fixed it with Nvidia System Control will post a info when home just enable everything and set PHYSX to CPU and there you go 60 FPS stable on medium settings.
  3. GruenerTeufel3

    The grind

    I didn't even start about the money grind yet for example not everybody has a pilot or tanker. So I am saying here 10k per match so let's see DP28 159k means nearly 16 matches means 480mins for 30min matches that means a grind of 8h for a single unmodded gun.
  4. GruenerTeufel3

    The grind

    ^this And now try gaining infantry assault with SA only max 2k XP for a average gamer so 26 matches for gold 4 or something like that that's far to much I think ok it's gold for but for from silver 4 to gold 1 it's 32k already I mean why just why?
  5. GruenerTeufel3

    The grind

    Well currently grinding DP28 is pain I tend A** cuz you get 20 kill 2.5k XP for infantry assault which is well 32k u need first LMG woa
  6. GruenerTeufel3

    The grind

    Well first you need to learn flying then but before that you need to grind a pilot and with such high rep costs well have fun
  7. GruenerTeufel3

    The grind

    And how much does a pilot cost? Exactly 200k
  8. GruenerTeufel3

    The grind

    I modded only trigger and payed 4k so earned 7k
  9. GruenerTeufel3

    The grind

    OK many want to encourage players joining war but how should they the grind in this game is huge I mean HUGE for a DP you need to grind long so for Mg34 or BAR this annoys new players and makes them leave so that the game gets into a decline. Also repair costs are insane for example SMG they are so expensive played ppsh with marksman 4k for 40 kills 7k income that makes players happy and they want to play.
  10. GruenerTeufel3

    Town map performance feedback

    I will start of with specs. So GTX 960 EVA SuperSC ACX 2.0+ 2GB Edition Intel Core i5-4590 3,3GHz boost to 3,7GHz RAM 16GB DDR3 1600Hz Displays Gaming 1920x1080 Display other stuff like obs and TV 1680x1050 500GB SSD SAMSUNG SSD 850 EVO SECOND HDD 1TB Normally stable at 70 FPS on high Town map drops to 40 FPS around church.
  11. GruenerTeufel3

    Depot Spawns

    It should have been that trenches are in the cap zone so they make at least sense
  12. GruenerTeufel3

    Town map performance feedback

    Try without vsync there u should notice some massive drops.
  13. So we all know that town map is poorly optimized. What I would like to know is post your system specs and performance here to get a overview how the map performs on which system. I think that would be good for further fixing and information so reto can work with it.