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  1. You always want proofs and stats from others, but never show any proof for your statements or K/D stat of your account. Based on official Leaderboards your performance is pretty poor, even worse then mine and I've played just few random battles recently after my kids went to sleep. I see your argumentation full of argumentative fouls and it really looks like you dont want to discuss anything you are just trying to pick a fight. BUT I see some points where I can agree with you: bad players in team -> most likely you will get spawncamped from most of the spawncamping situations you can escape (but you need to know the map, have a jeep/moto and patience to spend few minutes to take a long way around) situation with 5 KT's is exaggerated, really dont feel this is happening very often On the other hand there are some map locations mentioned by NJCQEC where the spawncaping is an issue more then it should be and this is due to poor map design, where designers did not think much about all possible lines of sight especially considering tanks. The whole discussion should be about finding some spawnkilling balance. Its clear that it will be in the game and thats not bad. It just need to be reduced on some specific map locations to some tolerable limit. You should go play the suggested map and check how easy it is to spawncamp there 😉 PS: K/D is worthless ..... every experienced player can pick defence battles on specific maps and boost K/D. Personally I think all good players I know - playing in WAR, fighting battles to win the war - had K/D > 1.2. I have more then 2,6k hours in this game and K/D around 1.6 and consider myself as good player but definatelly not TOP FPS.
  2. Quinnn31415

    Tips, Info and Amphibious Vehicles

    Yes 🙂 Im still surprised how many ppl can not (or maybe dont want to) use their brain to come up with the same conclusions and tips as you did.
  3. Quinnn31415

    Create groups in Friends list

    Would be nice to let us, players, organize our friendlist (Also would be nice to be able to organize ATs in groups and also the soldier list....!!! )
  4. Quinnn31415

    Generals map

    Its good to know, that you know that (But you should start few years back, at least last 2 years I'm reading this forum, there is serious concern of vets about RTS...like quasilion forum topics... ) You (I mean RETO) need to realize, that you can not compete with other FPS only WW1/2 action games, but the combination of FPS and RTS was quite unique meta so this is something you should focus on. For more then year I'm waiting for something called "Tech upgrade: War server" that you guys at RETO wanted to do first before any other change of RTS (at least that was my impression from forum). I'm pretty optimistic and naive person, but despite that I personally dont belive that this will change anything (Really want you to prove me wrong )
  5. Quinnn31415

    A couple of requests Reto

    This would be useful!
  6. Quinnn31415

    Crashes - please provide feedback

    I thought that they will do nothing about it till the "Tech upgrade: War server" is out.... so we can just hope that this will help.
  7. Thanks for reply....since RETO seems like to do nothing like hard caps on special classes, this could really help a bit immediately.... (good cost-benefit ratio) Ofcourse its not fixing anything, but gives players more info about what is going on on the map, wich I think is always good
  8. Quinnn31415

    Crashes - please provide feedback

    It looks like that only solution for this is to play 1-2 battles per day
  9. Hi, since the number of special classes in FPS battles is an issue, perhaps this can help: Display number of spawned planes/tanks/recons in deploy menu. Maybe some players have still brains in their heads, just need to be informed more about situation on battlefield
  10. Quinnn31415


    Nice statistics 😉 and thanks for the event.......even if I do not want to play 24/7 to be "that good" I appritiate the contest and really think that this is a good way to go 😎 Agree.....I would rather buy a hoodie/zippo then ingame gold
  11. Quinnn31415


    Good question, but wrong language Can we have the official leaderboard for this WEEKEND CONTEST?
  12. Quinnn31415

    "Take and Hold" - Gamemode Idea

    Interesting idea But when the whole team will defend there is absolutely no chance to win for attackers Even now Its hard to win single line attack.... Generally it looks like good idea, but it would need a lot spawn areas/deploy and capture timers tweaks....
  13. 1. Terrain and spawn positions 2. Lack of attention on RTS from developer 3. FPS sound issues