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  1. Upside-down paraplanes

    funny But just from the aerodynamic point of view, this type of plane should not be able to performe this type of maneuver.
  2. You have the map with team members locations already and red sign spotting "system" for enemies, so I think thats enough Or at least, there are more serious issues to solve from Reto
  3. Your overall K/D

    But still its good to have K/D ratio stat....its kinda good to know that you kill more then you die I think that everything above 1 is good for overall K/D ratio and every normal player should fit in this value. I always have bad feeling when I see that my ingame K/D is below 1...even when Im in the capzone, working for team etc. still the K/D is something I care about.
  4. Bots!

    Only use for Bots is in nonExisting Tutorial! New players should have the opportunity to learn the FPS game mechanics against the Bots and also it would be great if we could test different weapons and mods against Bots.
  5. AP Mines: Why Bother?

    Because its FUN! Nothing is so good and satisfying as the same guy running 5 times in row on the AP mine on the same place And then you move AP mine a little bit, so he carefully walks around the previous spot and boom again.... I really love this
  6. YouTube H&G funny random moments

    Je to fajn :-) AktaX super a tank shoot freeze perfektní
  7. My character jutters

    And how did you managed this issue? I play FPS few years, always on wifi and I had no problem since new update. Now I have giant ping peaks, like from 30 to 1500. I will try to use cable connection to see, if it is only wifi problem.
  8. Ping crashes in the Game, and its not my network or my Computer.

    The same problem here, everytime after new update, especially when planes are involved.
  9. Antipersonnel mines and tanks

    So sad I tried myself, but AP mine was detonated by allied tanker several times in row before tanker got out..... Its good to know, that I dont need to try it again and learn that its not working
  10. Sure...your troll army troops on foot....so we dont need to wait for the next episode of walking dead anymore
  11. APC weapon disabeling doesnt work

    I think there was post about it yeasterday and its only one bug out of many more from the last update....
  12. T.M.I.

    Definatelly not in this update...and the statement, ,is clear to me. :-)
  13. Icons

    Sure, but when you aim, you are slow and therefore easy target..... this post was about any chance to disappear the icon without aiming. Now you have the option, but in menu, so it would be good to manage this on/off function for icon with hotkey button.
  14. Icons

    Yes I agree with you and also dont know about existing option how to do that. I just always try to approach the cap zone in such a way that objective icon is not blocking any defensive position where I expect enemies :-)
  15. T.M.I.

    Its funny to see that even in this fast technology age there are still some things that never change