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  1. Choose your faction

    Making subfactions is the way.....not adding new ones :-) We dont have numbers for new factions....
  2. New map proposal

    Well really no fun to play map like this....all ppl gonna be sitting in bushes just waiting for somone who will shoot first So you kill someone and then you gonna be killed..... You always need to have in map some place to hide and some place to fight about.
  3. XP bug plss fix it

    I think you will get the extra vet XP bonus after the battle, so its not displayed on score tab during the battle, but not sure about it.
  4. FPS improvment

    Maybe stop using so many AP mines.....that might help at least my gameplay will be better...... Now the real answer: No. The engine is not changing,
  5. Best HnG Players?

    LEADerBOARD shows you the players "who spent most time in game in last 30 days"..... It would be nice to see better statistics, like overall score recalculated per 1 played hour
  6. Why do you play US/SU?

    Well, during the weekend, playing overstocked battles with ONLY randoms.....YES, you will be destroyed, but otherwise, its not so bad. I play US, because I chose this faction first and the most of players I know play US, so its better to play with ppl you "know". Cant play SU because im really biased against Rusia and really hates Cyrillic And dont want to switch to GE, because they already have most of the playerbase
  7. Testování „Vehicle Gameplay Update“ - pocity

    Já se k testování nedostanu, málo času, takže si počkám, až to bude v normální hře.... Jinak pokud RETO něco pustí do testování, tak je to už na 90% rozhodnuté do hry, jen chtějí doladit bugy a drobnosti, takže bych se vsadil, že token system bude. Musim se podívat jak to má fungovat, zatim to na mě působí dost nepřehledně....
  8. KHUTOR - nová mapa

    Ono dost záleží kdo tu mapu hraje :-) Já nedávno hrál clan vs. clan a bylo to docela fajn, protože jeden tým měl prostředek a druhý oba kraje, takže z prostředku bylo třeba se rozdělit, atd. Byla to docela "živá" mapa s hodně proměnlinlivým gameflow Jinak souhlas, že většinou je to přestřelka přes ulici v prostřední zoně ale je to další mapa, která vypadá hezky, takže palec hore.....škoda toho, že na tohle se čekalo rok takové male mapy by měli sypat z rukávu každých pár měsíců....
  9. I quit this game for

    Take a deep breath and relax.....maybe turn your PC off for a while.
  10. I quit this game for

    I didnt pay anything and still able to play and win. I agree that the game is hard at the start.....because you need to LEARN where to go and use your BRAIN.....and also because restarted MM that puts new players against vets so often in stagged. When I buy new soldier and have only basic weapons, I just need to be more carefull, but still its fun and able to win. OP bulshiterry is something I dont get......really the differences in weapons are so small that its mostly skill what matters (and team and internet connection and hardware.....).
  11. Agreed :-) Definatelly it would help new players with orientation on which line they should focus. Right now I always switch to war map and this generates only more crashes..... But not big issue, cause you need to wait for deploy anyway, so its ok to spend first few seconds looking on lines and resoursces.
  12. Can we make Colmar hamlet more symmetrical?

    Well, lets say chemical physics or quantum chemistry,,, but also working for industry and little bit also involved in history and philosophy of science
  13. Can we make Colmar hamlet more symmetrical?

    Sure but you know, researcher here, so Im always interested in more data Also some kind of stats about places where ppl are dyeing ("hot spots") for all maps would be excellent...... (and Im pretty sure you use it for level design)
  14. Can we make Colmar hamlet more symmetrical?

    It would be interesting to see more stats like this for all maps
  15. Simple solution would be after taking 0x make nearby X4 gray and disable the caping mechanism for this line