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  1. Quinnn31415

    You brought AT rambos back

    Comon.....well in infantry based FPS game infantry can destroy tanks, very surprising Anyway I think the AT rambos vs. tankers situation is more balanced then it was before.
  2. There is no evidence that it is SU/US/GE biased. Timers were never exactly 5 minutes for anyone....if I remember correctly. 😎
  3. Quinnn31415

    Win10 Blue death

    Ok, probably my PC problem....
  4. Quinnn31415

    Win10 Blue death

    Hi, after the last hotfix I have everytime I want to use Google Chrome (Alt-TAB) during H&G FPS or RTS windows blue screen death on my WIN10 PC. It happend few times yesterday and also today (and its really annoying). I also saw some crash log from H&G client so I have send the crash report, but its still happening, so I write it also here to see if im alone with it, or others have the same problem.
  5. Quinnn31415


    Já taky....reload pomohl, ale těch crashů mám teď čím dál tím víc....
  6. Quinnn31415

    "Cannot Switch..." while logging in

    Same here.
  7. Quinnn31415

    Slow devs

    SLOW DEVS....you mean slower then bikes?!
  8. Quinnn31415

    Players leaving the game

    Because you obviously dont need inf to have fun in battles....
  9. Quinnn31415

    Im done Deploying

    Yes, I probably dont understand what US players are destroying sorry for that, but I really dont get it.
  10. Quinnn31415

    Im done Deploying

    GE and SU obviously.... Well, I get it, you are angry, your ATs got trapped and you have lost a lot WFs. Wellcome in club That was normal for past few years, when I deployed as US and try to defend Scandi against SU...it was also not played and most of my ATs where always trapped or moraled out during night. The problem is, that there is not enough players on US-SU front.......battles are played only X-GE......so dont know why RETO not merge SU and US on RTS war map....
  11. Quinnn31415

    Which anti tank mine is the best?

    Now its much better to use AT mines then H3 or zooka. And which is the best? Well I think all are (almost?) the same in term of cost and damadge so I would choose according to visibility and there for me is the best TM-35 or Tellermine. But IF you want just drive to tank, place mines and shoot them, it doesnt really matter which one you choose,
  12. Thats needed for a very long time, but now its a must!
  13. Well, best explanation, of how the whole new armor update works, I have found is Atway's youtube video (2:36-2:48 you have nice summary of all components of one SU tank)
  14. Quinnn31415

    Diskuze - obecná

    A já vůl jsem už před nějakým rokem povýšil vojáky na generály prostě jsem je musel mít! Takže tyhle zbraně skončili v depotu a už je nemůžu používat. No teď už stejně delší dobu používám za US akorát Tommyho+nades+medkit na cqc, M1 garand+scope+medkit jako univerzála, a zooka+H3 jako TDs