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  1. Thanks for reply....since RETO seems like to do nothing like hard caps on special classes, this could really help a bit immediately.... (good cost-benefit ratio) Ofcourse its not fixing anything, but gives players more info about what is going on on the map, wich I think is always good
  2. Quinnn31415

    Crashes - please provide feedback

    It looks like that only solution for this is to play 1-2 battles per day
  3. Hi, since the number of special classes in FPS battles is an issue, perhaps this can help: Display number of spawned planes/tanks/recons in deploy menu. Maybe some players have still brains in their heads, just need to be informed more about situation on battlefield
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  5. Quinnn31415


    Nice statistics 😉 and thanks for the event.......even if I do not want to play 24/7 to be "that good" I appritiate the contest and really think that this is a good way to go 😎 Agree.....I would rather buy a hoodie/zippo then ingame gold
  6. Quinnn31415


    Good question, but wrong language Can we have the official leaderboard for this WEEKEND CONTEST?
  7. Quinnn31415

    "Take and Hold" - Gamemode Idea

    Interesting idea But when the whole team will defend there is absolutely no chance to win for attackers Even now Its hard to win single line attack.... Generally it looks like good idea, but it would need a lot spawn areas/deploy and capture timers tweaks....
  8. 1. Terrain and spawn positions 2. Lack of attention on RTS from developer 3. FPS sound issues
  9. Quinnn31415

    Sound issue after switching characters

    Well the sounds are still pretty mess up generally.....
  10. Quinnn31415

    Klan ČSAD

    A pořád hrajete jen GE?
  11. Quinnn31415

    Blank Screen After Loading

    Also you can try this:
  12. Quinnn31415

    Blank Screen After Loading

    Well I think there is problem with Battle Eye as I have found this in your sync file: "VerifyBattlEyeFiles (hng.exe running 0) BEService_hng.exe exists 1 BeSigOk 1 ; BEDaisy.sys exists 0 BeSigOk 0 MsSigOk 0 ; hng_BE.exe exists 1 BeSigOk 1 ; BattlEyeService not_running"
  13. Well, maybe make this collected information public each month, so everyone can see what is forwarded to Reto. If Hades would publish something called "Moderators collected feedbeck - June 2019" It would be without moderators names and would have like stamp from Reto/Hades - thats what We got from forum this month, it would be great
  14. Quinnn31415

    Crashes - please provide feedback

    Again a lot of crashes during weekend. When you move some equipment on soldier tab, then click on some battles on RTS you will get crash like pretty fast The same for me....
  15. Quinnn31415

    Retro event with the old maps

    Very nice Big fan of your map work anyway