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  1. Awesome thx for this reply 😉
  2. How much hit un need? Thx all for the reply
  3. So after some try i dont buy pistol,at the moment i go really good with 2 pouch for rifle and wrench( some time i take a kill or 2 with it) all the time i shoot some ppl and relocate. Just a question...a knife like the avs36 bayonet give more damage compared to the wrench? No data avaible 😭
  4. My poor mosin sometime pen the armor of a car and can't kill a enemy behind a Glass?
  5. I don't say the problem is or not a weapon called op,just the match Vs german is not really funny cuz all camping spawnpoint with fg42,he round and stg. Just finish the 5 match for today and omg we lost all...we start really good lot of kill and move german start to have low res. And magically after 10/15 min from the begininnig of the match they start camp alla around spawnpoint with lot of tank and bush/roof stg fg42 and mp40...its really boring.
  6. Ciao azz io gioco la sezione heroes,nei general non ho proprio nulla (ah fazione russa)
  7. I play avs36 on my inf but i run it stock the upgrade is just a credit waste and hurah barrel give Him a strange recoil
  8. Ciao ragazzi che tipo di partite fate?
  9. Is 8x good or is more useless i relocate lot of time and i rarely need a handgun
  10. Is maybe better hold my credit and get 8x?
  11. I resume this topic 😜 forget to near to unlock my first pistol (tokarev t33) but is a good choice? I see lot of people say is a bad pistol compared to other faction, so i have to buy? Or is just the way for the revolver?
  12. Yeah game finish in 5/10 minute max
  13. Yeah and can mount scope 😍 johnson cant and soviet oh soviet dont have lmg for para 😂
  14. Yup i shot only burst cuz 15 round at 600 rpm is not so much lol. Yes i have a us With bolt action and m1m2 is fun too but if i want play ba i play recon 😉
  15. Seriusly 😂 alla the game With german para end With a total lost,probably cuz our para dont have acces to a special weapon? Maybe us player dont have alla this problem With the johnson and the tommy (tommy is the best smg for me 2nd mp40 then the pps)