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  1. <Winston>

    Is recon viable in War?

    I can live with APCR but pls no HE. Maybe they can get smoke shells ?
  2. Git gud and dont waste ATs.
  3. <Winston>

    Honest Discussion: USA keeps winning war.

    Just write M2 is OP and nothing more.
  4. <Winston>

    weapons balance

    Lol never knew we have a MG43 ingame. Fun aside the MG42 is slightly worser than the AVS. The MG42 need a bagde to counter its recoil meanwhile the FR bagde for the AVS is optional or you can grind for a TT or Nagant. Also worser ADS time, worser recoil, worser hipfire and 7 EQ.
  5. <Winston>

    Soviet nowsday

    And it improves the quality of war...well at least for US and Axis.
  6. <Winston>

    weapons balance

    Buy a AVS.
  7. <Winston>

    weapons balance

    Git gud.
  8. <Winston>

    ADS only while prone for LMGs?

    Only if we get better positions for them or bigger "mag" size.
  9. <Winston>

    Bring STG rpm back

    In CQC. And thats nothing new dude. Actually its known for years. Ehm yes. If I understand you correctly: A gun/ M2 with worser accuracy and worser TTK on bigger distances is better than a gun/ StG with better accuracy and better TTK on bigger distances meanwhile both have same mag size and average reload time (on med range+) ? Ehm sure I guess. Wut ? I have my own opinion ? GJ Sherlock Holmes. Next time you wanna tell me that water is wet or what ? Why saying it if you dont know it ? I mean with your superior detective skills (since you found out that I and other people have their own opinion) it shouldnt be hard to find evidences.
  10. <Winston>

    Bring STG rpm back

    That doesnt prove anything since the leaderborda are broken. And headshots are not sth. where you need skill (except BAs). Since you already admitted that the StG is better than M2 on med range you start with yourself man.
  11. <Winston>

    Multiple accounts

    As long as ppl dont use them to spy or to manipulate the FPS part I dont see any real problems with alts.
  12. <Winston>

    Bring STG rpm back

    Ehm yes. I heard you have to move to get to the CPs. And bushes are not everywhere nor are they always on good spots. Said the main theorist.
  13. <Winston>

    Bring STG rpm back

    Lol, just lol.