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  1. Sir_Richard_Branson

    US armies with MG42

    The bloke is just a salty german who doesn't want someone to have a different opinion obviously
  2. Sir_Richard_Branson

    Is there any chance to add this to Steam?

    I highly doubt it there chief. If they were going to do it at any point they certainly would have already done it.
  3. Sir_Richard_Branson

    Optomize thi game

    I'm more than sure this is the first time (and last time) I've ever heard someone complain that they have high FPS in this game
  4. Sir_Richard_Branson

    US armies with MG42

    Sounds like you really got the short end of the straw there. Was this an assault or a capture and hold map?
  5. Sir_Richard_Branson

    Which weapon is better, mg 13 or mp 40?

    Depends on what you prefer really. I'd imagine most would say MP40
  6. Sir_Richard_Branson

    THX 1138

    Someone has a real positive outlook on the future don't they
  7. Sir_Richard_Branson

    Too Much Time to find a battle

    Yes there may be a resurgence in the game as a whole, however in smaller regions (Oceania for example) the community is slowly falling away
  8. Sir_Richard_Branson

    We Have Come a Long Way

    I for one have seen a growth in the Oceanic/SE Asia community since they returned it to its former glory. Hopefully the return of clans and new players will carry on and bring a second wave of life into the game.
  9. Sir_Richard_Branson

    My numismatic collection (1938-2010s)

    Definitely an interesting hobby to have! I used to have my own collection, bit of a shame that I lost it a few years back
  10. Sir_Richard_Branson

    THX 1138

    Are you the dyslexic mayan that marked 2012 as the end of the calendar and not 2021?
  11. Sir_Richard_Branson

    Uniform updates...

    Why are you complaining about camo choice when any tanker with two brain cells knows not to leave their tank...
  12. Sir_Richard_Branson

    american faction in leningrad

    The one and only way to see Leningrad
  13. Sir_Richard_Branson

    4 days without being able to redeem a voucher.

    It's usually a pretty shirty booster that costs a few grand in credits anyway, Wouldn't bother thinking about them at all.
  14. Sir_Richard_Branson

    We Have Come a Long Way

    Amen to that brother, 2014 takes me back to interesting times indeed
  15. Sir_Richard_Branson

    Too Much Time to find a battle

    You cant really blame the game for having long queue times, rather the lack of a player base in your region. It's unfortunate that the game is slowly starting to become smaller regions due to the player base leaving.