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  1. Hey, got a new PC with actual Nvidia drivers and the game runs very smooth (around 120-140fps on high settings). But it keeps crashing. Can anyone tell me whats the cause? I post the log here. Thanks!
  2. bashl0r

    Specialist Overstacking in RTS on GE

    YES! The people that queue on the battles right now are so noobish, they would not even know how to join specific battles manually that are tanks in. They just press random "WAR" and that's it. Maybe it would make them join staged Games again but not the war battles to waste resources.
  3. @Reto.Hades I said it over and over again, here and in GE Army Talk. Many others said it, too. For TOO many times. Im sick and tired of uploading screenshots to proof what im talking about. You gave specialists for free. GE has the highest playerbase. I call about 80-90% of them Plebz. Since it's hard for beginners to grind you gave XP/Credit Bonus to WAR Games. Since most of the plebz play Tanks, Recons or Pilots our games get OVERFLOODED with cheap pleb specialist ATs. It's a disaster. What's the disadvantage for GE: like every City close to the Main-Citys or even 10-15 Citis beyond are overstacked with Plebshittoys. When US veteran clans want to play these battles they will instapop for them, because the hole time there are pleb tankers, recons, pilots in the random war waiting queue to give them the favour. Once the battle starts: 4-6 x Pz1 Spawned giving free Warfunds to Bazookas 4x Bush Wookies spawned with Vanilla K98 at Rank 1-2 sitting somewhere on the map not near any senseful location 2-6 Pilots are in the air crashing over and over again Battle is lost within 5 minutes. On our 2nd disadvantage for GE Veteran Clans: Battles with no Toys in will not pop until you queue for plenty of time or some other Clans want to fight you. US Keypositions are somehow never full of toys, they coordinate well. Right now there is only one bigger remaining active Veteran Clan on GE side, besides some other smaller Veteran units that are here and there from time to time. We must put inadequate much effort to compensate that failure and to rescue that overstacked battles at all fronts. US clans just stomp thru that overstackshit with no effort at all, by just pushing with APCs. PLEASE END THIS. FIX YOUR GAME. -> Infantry Only queing, increase Cost for Tanks/Planes/Recons, dont let Soldiers be playbale in War below Rank 12 RTS is no fun at all at GE side atm.
  4. Guys,..... If you want GE to make progress on the Map do the following: STOP SENDING IN YOUR SPECIALIST RESOURCES. (means Tanks, Recons, Planes). Why? I want to explain: Heroes and Generals got some new Players in the past, which is fine. The players are unexperienced and dont know how to play versus the more skilled players in war when it comes to tactics and map knowledge. But the new players (we call them "plebz") want the most xp and therefore join the War. If you send your Tanks/Recons/Planes in a battle BEFORE it started and is full ( 18vs18 or 20vs20) these Plebz will fill these battles with their rank 0-5 soldiers and play your toys as it would be a staged game while we loose the match, because they dont contriubute to the objectives. The GE Veteran community doenst want these plebz in important battles. We think new players can experience the Game in the staged mode. What i personally want from EVERY General on GE: DO NOT PUT YOUR SPECIAL RESOURCES IN MATCHES BEFORE THEY START. Wait until its full (18vs18 / 20vs20) and then send in your stuff. The people who joined with Infantry will know when and how to use it. We must end this.
  5. My FL is full of veterans and the top of the tippy top of our golden boys within the GE faction. True Kameraden. No Faction-Verräter. Lately US whales stomp the wars within 1 day while most of the boys are on summer vacation and the OP laser guns shred our pleb playerbase. On US RTS Subforum some guy complained he never recoginizes any specialist classes in battle, neither tanks nor recons, never planes. Thats why you dont have plebz in US battles. And thats why you cant start battles vs US, because they dont get started by the matchmaker. The US Faction can pick and start their battles in favour of the situation. If you queue as tanker/recon on GE you get instant battles. On GE we have tons of so called "generals" who overstack the most important battles with mighty light tank platoons and of course recons with a prise of paper planes. While we are still the faciton with most of plebz, the battles pop immedieately if any pro US clan wants to start it. The GE clans have to pick very rare battles with toys in or it wont start vs US. On the other hand, as some mention, we have to end the specialist queing in war for a 2nd reason. Latest Random WAR-Match: 2 line Attack on Town (C+A), 10vs10 vs SU an we have 4 Tankers + 2 Recons + 4 Inf and fight fight 4vs10 an cant cap the objectives. The barista plebz dont see the point and spawn tank after tank after tank and dont switch. It is the same for most of the random attacks. And that basically fucks up the hole GE power of Blizkrieg gameplay. The US faction can be glad that they got their laser-meta and whales who put only inf in battles. But the day will come when Reto.RedBjarne rises again and changes RTS. That will be the end of the GE pleb disaster in war matches and we will swoop you around the map. PLEASE RETO: 1.) make Infantry only Queing for WAR - Problem1 : Matches dont start if no specialists in - Problem2: Match is fail if specialists overpop your match - they dont play for the objective Solution: make sure specialists dont join War when unexperienced. We please you for months now since you gave specialists for everyone. Its so simple to save this brilliant game that some of us enjoy for over 6 years.
  6. bashl0r

    The flipside of GE: for all the whiners

    Another gem:
  7. The picture below demonstrates what happens when you put Recon ATs on an Assault. What happens: pleb rank 0-1 recons who want to play their recon in war will fill they game. Problem here? They dont do anything to the battle: Their gear is bad. They lack skill. They sit around somewhere - but not on objective. And they fill the game and we have less infantry to attack. Conclusion: DONT put Recons on Assault.Only use Infantry - if needes Tanks on special ocasions. Since Reto gave specialists for free we have plenty of noob players that want to grind their stuff in war. The more toys are in the game - the more specialists are spammed.
  8. I can't hear the QQ about GE anymore. OP Weapons. ONLY GOOD PLAYERS. Just stop it. Its baseball. Try to Random queue on GE on a Town attack to feel the playerbase we have here. Since all the plebz from other factions join us because they want to win. I fought on Town attack vs like 4-6 US vets with heavy gear. They slaughtered us with thompsons and carbines on medium range (YES!). While we were in town we had like 5-6 guys not on objective - far away from it. I reported 2 of them for being afk on recon slot with 0 kills, 0 deaths for the first 30 minutes sitting somewhere. 80% of GE is degenerated scum. I smell alt abuse. Thats the way how they try to beat us.
  9. bashl0r

    now even more headshots

    I get less headshots with mg13 now. I use to aim at the torso on midrange and before there were lot more random headshots. And yes - i only play mg13. Ofc. GE you know.
  10. bashl0r

    Nerf loving GE already.

    My reason to play GE is because im german. Ofc i play GE. I dont know what all the blyats do on our side. But thank you for that triggered thread. I pissed my pants several times. Took me some time till i found out that loving is the correction of fking. Was even better then. What i can say: when our GE pro players join US they stomp with the same gear. M1G is strong. Look for matziti on youtube. He shows how its done. But i dont want to be the average GE player and deny the strong mg13. You should get a buffed BAR and then return here to complan about the loving GE players who still outperform US garbage on all ranges.
  11. bashl0r

    China and war

    The question must be: WHY do these battles pop? which fkn idiots on GE would join matches with ping 200 and beyond? we told it SEVERAL TIMES: its the China alt account abuse. And Reto is nothing gonna do about it. CHINA = CHEATING This game is going to die in 2020. They dont listen to their veteran players. This game is complety sold out to asia. No patches in January. NOTHING. NO RTS Improvements as asked for a thousand times. I feel so bad i invested several euros in this game.
  12. Ladies and gents, We are already close to 3 weeks into 2020 and the last post from MrRETO is from 17th Dec 2019. Chinese player pop 300ms Battles with alt-Accs and swoop the RTS map within minutes. The up to 6 alt Accs keep spamming GE resources like ACPs and Panzers and dont cap points. It fucks the RTS big time. Since they do it US is great again because we cant prevent that. RETO fix this please. This is tremendous baseball. Please watch it yourself and delete those als accounts and ban those MAC-adresses. China needs PERMA ban. The time of betrayal from PhenDugMuck and LinMinLu has to end. -snip-
  13. Red Army Man with PPD40! He is an execellent Player. I met him in every Game since im grinding some Soldiers on GE lately. 1) He has an excellent Aim, always on Point. 2) His Use of PPD40 is uniquie among all SU players ive seen so far. Always 1 shot bursts to the head. 3) He predicts me thru bushes, behind trees, behind stones. He might be using the force to feel my positon. 4) He can walk thru the air above APCs. Amazing. 5) He insta turns on me when i face him, even im not engaging. He is truly amazing and the best player. I wonder why i never see his stats though. He might have the most kills in every staged game. Must be fun to play against him if i were new to the game. @RETO: Remove this shirt. Or nerfe your aimbots with true-sight. It is literally ruining the game and is cancer to all new players.
  14. I love it. Pls do reto. We appreciate it.