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  1. leo465

    Lets Talk about Post Scriptum.

    H&G is more arcady. Post scriptum looks more like arma games. Both games have same theme, but different desing.
  2. leo465

    How can I make more money ???

    Play skirmish maps.Money you make is connected t how much xp u earn. Forest skirmish is probobly best .Its small map and middle cap point can offer alot of defence and offence xp. Until anything get ur self a car. Best way to unlock car is to go into vilidge skirmish, get into truck and drve around in back fields.It will take u under 10 games if ur badge isnt upgraded at it. @joda_5 best weapon to use is tier 1 smg .with field trigger upgrade. It makes it more expensive then stock but its worth it.
  3. Guess who got demolished in the last game they played
  4. leo465

    So who's waiting to see Overlord?

    nah im waiting to see original overlord https://myanimelist.net/anime/37675/Overlord_III?q=overlo
  5. leo465

    Official Discord Server?

    >getting personal data by social media sites sold to 3rd partiy >proceeds to use even more data mining sites. >if u dont mind being sold , go ahead
  6. leo465

    Official Discord Server?

    why would u voluntary go and use data mining app? u can dox ur self if u want to be soled out that bad
  7. Well fully modded sniper is not sustainable , unless shot are hit at very long distances. Infantry snipers have never been much of isseu to tbh, heavy set, and med kit will let u survive upto 3 shots from them. Plus if u are in vehicle hitting u is really hard for them. However for new players with stock semis or no truck or bikes, sniper spamm can be devastating
  8. IMO 3 way battles are most fun,it often involoves strategy of letting enemy 2 factions fight over a point and then once one of them is defeated , go for rush assault and finish game while enemy is still regrouping. Also cause they last for so long, they feel like actual battles rathen than single matches. One example which comes in mind was match on forward air field, there GE( my team) was attacking from air field line , while US was attacking bridge line, after 3 of us fighting over 01(bridge cap point). we decided to simply diffend air field and let US cap church eliminating Soviets, moment they capped, we rushed over to bridge cutting of their line to church,because large portion of enemy was in church , they couldnt defend bridge . As a result we won the battle after 45 min
  9. it was bout 15k it was first time i flew a play (OP38), i luckily didnt have auto repair so i saved my balance, but repair r was like 15-16k. i had about over 10 k with fully modded kar 98. SInce i avoid use of expensive weapons , reapirs range bout 3k-5k, depending on length of a match
  10. leo465

    When You Play Too Much H n' G

    Canada is not that far from UK , gun it for US boi its funny how in about 10 years ago , West EU was model for rest countries and now most of those countries are jokes
  11. leo465

    When You Play Too Much H n' G

    what country do u live in? sounds like Uk
  12. leo465

    best gold buy

    im curious how many hours would u need to play per week to make Vet worth it, because if this indevidual isnt regular player, buying a gun he wants might be a better option.
  13. leo465

    Friends anthology: does this grill like me?

    I relationship are a hassle, id sagguest not getting into any
  14. play mountan skirmish with a smg and health pack, smgof ur choice even tiers with a trigger mod will work. camp inside middle cap point in the barn building