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  1. i want to buy a recon

    none the less you would need either a general or a rank 12 para to use them
  2. i want to buy a recon

    I would disagree, Para is used a lot more in war than recon but less than infantry, tankers, and pilots.
  3. Weapon and ammunition configuration values

    well done reto. This will keep me entertained for a while.
  4. Factory Map Revision (Adding 2 new attacklines)

    yes the lines will be inactive but the buildings will still be there
  5. Why BT7 is expensive to maintain?

    Pretty much
  6. Why BT7 is expensive to maintain?

    Wait until Armor 2.0
  7. Super USA SMGs Class

    1. the M1928A1 was used in ww2 just in limited numbers due to it being more expensive to make (Whenever you see a thompson with a drum mag from ww2 it is a M1928 varient because the M1 Thompson couldn't accept drum mags) 2. The Reising also suffered from massive reliability issues 3. I would disagree with you on that but that is just my opinion 4. What are you saying?
  8. What I see them doing is changing the War map so that the towns around the soviet union are more soviet themed.
  9. Best faction to play with planes

  10. Best faction to play with planes

    If you play war in a certain faction buy the pilot for that faction. Or if you are like me you can wait until the pilots go on sale and buy one for each faction
  11. to much recons and tankers

    Is it that their are too many recons/tankers or is it that their are too few infantry?
  12. Strange/Troll RTS Cities

    Me too, but I just wanted to give the best answer I could so Reto.Senpai would notice me
  13. Make squad system better!

    Personally I think the squad system works fine as is, and to be clear if I kick someone from my squad it will usually be for: 1. Not following squad orders 2. Using Aux seats when I have asked them not to 3. They are using the squad chat to insult other players or generally be a nuisance to the rest of the squad 4. They are AFK or Inactive 5. They are off in a field somewhere driving in circles to grind their chauffeur/driver ribbon 6. Team Killing or just greifing in general My reasoning for this is that I am in a clan so when I am in a battle my squad name says my clan name and I don't want that to be the impression that other players get from our clan.
  14. Aligning "Fun" with actually Fun

    If you just have foot infantry in a battle you can: 1. Get a civilian truck 2. Get a Bicycle 3. Move AT's into the battle with your desired vehicle 4. Walk the extra 100 yards 5. Request someone else move AT's with vehicles into the battle 6. Steal the enemies' vehicles
  15. Strange/Troll RTS Cities

    They are actually the maps for all of the staged battles