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  1. Вопросы по игре

    This needs to be moved to the appropriate forum for the language being used @iAmTheModeratingCow @UncleKiller
  2. Don't forget the Chinese faction

    But I want to play as a Nepalese Gurkha!!!
  3. 1. Assault Team Organization 2. Maneuvering
  4. Historical Suggestions

    I was thinking that the normal RoF would be around 60 RPM with mods giving it a range of 50-80.
  5. Historical Suggestions

    Also the M12 doesn't have a trigger disconnector so you can just hold down the trigger and pump it to shoot.
  6. Historical Suggestions

    If realistic Shotgun physics were used it could very easily be balanced (ie Adding chokes) This should be about what the spread should look like:
  7. Historical Suggestions

    The Pistol is just a modification of an existing one I am collection information right now on the M30 Drilling
  8. Historical Suggestions

    The Thing is they don't work in the same way because the BA's only have one projectile randomly going out into the range of spread so it is horribly inaccurate when used like that.
  9. Historical Suggestions

    1. The Stock option would require completely reworking the C96 to balance it which is also not neccessary 2. My thing on shotguns is that they would have each pellet of shot deal a small amount of damage (10-25 HP) and spread using this diagram:
  10. 1. C96 "Red 9" Due to the ingame C96 using 9mm Parabellum ammunition I would like to suggest that you change the ingame model to reflect that real 9mm C96s had a number 9 branded on the hand grip and painted red to warn the user to load 9mm instead of 7.63x25mm Mauser ammo. Or at least add it as an additional skin. 2. Shotgun for the US (M12) A very popular shotgun used during the war with about 2 million produced. Some Pictures: Also here's my idea on how to implement it fairly: 3. Shotgun for Germany (M30 Drilling) It was a triple-barrelled break action shotgun with the third barrel being used for a Rifle round (Most of the Above Information will apply) I'll keep adding more if I think of anything else
  11. Corner Compass

    I would either like it implemented into the map or on a separate key
  12. Light and colour changes in 1.08

    I personally have not noticed much of a difference in terms of graphics after this update.
  13. Please fix the PPSh-41

    I personally haven't had much issue with it when I use it
  14. Ladder based attics

    Hand grenades would be my solution