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    In my opinion it should be implemented with these features: 1. turn both types of chat on/off 2. Change the volume of voice chat 3. Push to talk (Remappable key) 4. Multiple channels (Squad, Team, Squad Leaders Only, Game) 5. Ability to change channels (Remappable key)
  2. Naval Implementation and Factions

    Another interesting thing I see about the Naval warfare idea is that the USSR only had about 500 ship throughout the entire war quite a few of which were either lend-leased or captured. where as the US had about 7,000 and Germany also had quite a few ships too.
  3. Naval Implementation and Factions

    Either way it stands to reason that they will most likely add the pacific theater eventually and when they do these things need to be considered.
  4. Naval Implementation and Factions

    1. Voice Chat: I would love to see voice chat implemented but for the most part you can just hop on your faction's TS or discord and play with them. Maybe join a clan. 2. Squads: The reason they have sergeants leading Lt.Cols is because you can change your character to one with a different rank so either way you will not end up with a perfect result. What I would suggest instead is that they make it so that only players using a character that can give orders can become a squad leader (with the exception of an instance where there are none or not enough for each squad). 3. Story mode: I don't think a story mode would be a wise idea unless they charged for it (Like WarThunder did with theirs), although I would like to have the ability to wander around the maps alone or in a LAN session. 4. Character customization: At this point in time I feel that it could be possible to add Black/Asian/Hispanic soldiers for the US but the thing is that it was a minefield of asterisks (Asians only fought in the European Theater, all Asians and Blacks fought in their on segregated units, etc.). For Germany they were almost entirely Caucasian same with the USSR but the USSR had women. US Statistics (
  5. Pls. Reto Allow Med and Heavy Planes in Staged

    You could play war you know.
  6. Kampfpistole

    There was a similar on it was called the "Sturmpistole"?
  7. I agree that SU should get some more weapons but I can't find all that many. Here's what I found: Maxim-Tokarev: RPD Machine Gun: Fedorov Avtomat: SKS:
  8. Medium Tanks

    If I am not mistaken they only released the Camos that were able to be implemented also they may be saving those for a rainy day.
  9. Flags hanging around on capture points

    What they could do instead is what they have done in the past and use an Iron Cross symbol instead
  10. New Factions: How to Implement/Balance

    I completely agree that is why I would rather add 3 more powerful factions than 6 weak factions Definitions: Powerful faction = A faction which has enough of it's own unique equipment to fill out all of the tech trees required and played a prominent role in the area(s) in which it operated (ie. 1. the UK was instrumental during the invasion of Normandy alongside the US and it's Commonwealth. 2. Italy was it's own major front for the 1st half of the war. 3. Japan essentially was it's own theater during the entire war) Weak Faction = A faction which is reliant on other nations/faction to fill a tech tree also did not necessarily play a prominent role in the area(s) in which it operated (ie. 1. Commonwealth was mainly a combination of US and UK weapons/vehicles 2. Poland was one of the first countries to capitulate as well as the vast majority of it's weaponry were either Soviet, German, or American in origin,) The Reason I feel this would be best for the game is so that each faction/sub-faction has their own unique weapons and vehicles.
  11. New Factions: How to Implement/Balance

    So the Allies will have UK, US, and France on the Western Front and just the Soviet Union in the East. While the Axis have Germany and Italy in the west and Hungary and Finland in the east?
  12. New Factions: How to Implement/Balance

    So if we had an Axis vs Allies war you would want it 5 vs 4?
  13. New Factions: How to Implement/Balance

    To my understanding the french army continued fighting with the British/Americans though so I don't feel it would be worth adding it as its own fully fledged faction
  14. Planes still unbalanced and shouldn't be in the game.

    I completely agree
  15. Right now we have 3 of the main powers in the european theater in the game (US, Germany, USSR) I came up with an Idea to slowly implement sub factions into the game. I am only going to mention the relation to the most likely additions to the game: the UK, Italy, and Japan. Phase 1: Phase 2: The reason I feel that these 3 factions are the most likely to be added is that they end up: 1. Giving the game the possibility of having a 3v3 Axis vs Allies mode 2. In my opinion each of those faction has their own distinct weapons and enough of them to fill out an entire faction or sub-faction without feeling repetitive. (An example of what I feel like would be a bad idea would be Finland because the vast majority of their weaponry was either captured or purchased from another major power be it K98ks (Germany), Carcanos (Italy), Mosin-Nagants (USSR), Luger, etc. The shorter list would be that of the unique weapons Finland used that either they made or where the only ones to use them.) Work In Progress