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  1. bski

    How to bring the fun back.

    @donni- Let's try to get the oldschool H&G gaming teamwork back. I'll do my best to find some spare time to join everyone in the TS again.
  2. bski

    Prinses Irene Brigade.(P.I.B)

    Hey yavoxabacar101, Like DieMissGeburt said to the other recruits: "The way it works is simple, you report to the Senior officer in the teamspeak (Allied Teamspeak: and they will observe you for a couple of battles. If they like what they see, you start your recruit periode. This will last for 1/2 weeks and if you managed to prove your contribution to the clan, you become a member and start at the first rank. You'll rank up by contributing to the clan." Nice that you consider joining the P.I.B. , I hope you will enjoy playing with us. Cause I always enjoyed playing matches with you (mostly together with Haiw) during daytime. (You won't find me online this months, since I'm busy with school related stuff.) But I'm sure that you will find a senior officer online this week from 4 or 6 pm. Cheers bski
  3. bski

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    No offence, but personnaly I found that the actual steam award "Whoooaaaaaaa, Dude! 2.0" fits better for this game than "No Apologies". Atleast the title did , no Idea about the description ,since the description was even vaguer explained than last year.
  4. bski

    The H&G Memery

    Added a few new ones.
  5. bski

    Here are the nine insiders!

    Nice to see someone from the P.I.B. on this list. I hope you'll have some leaks for us Lol, ... ... please don't kill yourself. I thought I've seen your name before. At least you're able to kill me, since I involved myself into P.I.B. noob number 1. I can't even hit a guy 2 meters away with my "new" wifi connection (rip my LAN connection).
  6. bski

    Prinses Irene Brigade.(P.I.B)

    Never thought you would say this words. Anyway taking a break from the game worked well for me a least (I'm talking about my brake before I joined P.I.B. ). If you want to play another faction, then you can always give me an invite (but maybe not for non-US war). Would be cool to clean off the dust on my German and Russian soldiers.
  7. bski

    The H&G Memery

    Wait on the devstream? lmao Lol, just realised most guys in the plane are from P.I.B. Nice editing by the way
  8. bski

    The H&G Memery

    Added 2 new memes to the topic
  9. bski

    The H&G Memery

    Added some new memes about the suggested topics. (from Champi0n and Melvinivs)
  10. bski

    The H&G Memery

    thx lol, so true, those TIO guys
  11. Welcome to "The H&G Memery", the place to be for daily H&G struggles translated to Memes. Feel free to make any suggestions for new incoming memes: subjects, improvements,... I'll try to update at least monthly if not weekly with some new spicy topics. You can find the most recent upload just below this text which 50% of you won't even bother reading. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quick math and science 01/11/2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you worked all day and you're finally home 03/10/2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you're convinced that tanks can climb anything 11/09/2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why you should always try to avoid traintracks 04/09/2017 (I got no idea where the black framework comes from) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When your bike hits the smallest pebble on the map 01/09/2017 (For the record, The decal on the helmet is from the fictif 1st Meme division) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bro, help me throw some grenades at this tank 30/08/2017 (concept idea by Champi0n) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you want to be prepared for almost every situation 30/08/2017 (concept idea by Melvinivs) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P-35 in a nutshell 24/08/2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Did you assume my gender? 24/08/2017 (a little delay, but I think most guys are used to delays here) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My wallet right now 24/06/2017 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Featuring: Reto.Gargamel, reto.Mcfly, Reto.Redbjarne, Reto.Christiano, Reto.Circinus, Reto.Desji -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: This "Number One - Lazy Town" video isn't trying to insult the devs in any way, it's just an idea I thought about while watching the devstreams. with could be fun to make. (and watch maybe?) I still love to play this game daily, but I'm not really happy with the recent updates. (not that there bad, but performance issues seems more important right now.) I know it isn't perfect, some words seems strangly cutted, but well it's finished anyway. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics: Complete Lyrics available on YouTube -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please enjoy, don't take it to serious, it's meant as a joke
  13. bski

    [4UM GAME] Am i known on the forums?

    Know for being on the US TeamSpeak
  14. bski

    Lost Assets

    They will release the 2 new maps (those russian ones if I'm correct) before the end of 2017 if everything goes as planed, at least that's what reto said