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  1. Hannibal1727

    Assault with Kar98k

    what are your pc specs?
  2. Hannibal1727

    1.04 - Engine Room

    Can I still play with a gtx 260?
  3. Hannibal1727

    betting credits

    Gambling with real money is considered illegal in some areas, but a credit betting system as a game mechanic would not be illegal.
  4. Hannibal1727

    enabling console

    How would one go about write protecting a file?
  5. Hannibal1727

    enabling console

    I know how to enable console commands and I've done it before. But I recently had to uninstall H&G and after reinstalling I tried to enable console commands. I pasted the necessary text into the client notepad, However when I go to save the changes it says the client notepad already exists, and asks if i want to replace it, I click yes and then a massage pops up telling me that I can't do this. Please help, I need console commands for better fps
  6. Hannibal1727

    betting credits

    If the betting proved too profitable reto could --although I don't like this idea-- tax people's winnings
  7. Hannibal1727

    betting credits

    what if you could only bet on your own faction, this could motivate people to have a more objective oriented play style
  8. I think having the ability to bet credits on a faction in the war or on a side in a battle and getting payed if they win would be pretty cool. I know this probably won't be added, just a thought, so keyboard commandos of the forum don't get all nasty in your responses.
  9. I like this idea, and perhaps tankers could be rewarded with xp for providing cover for infantry as an incentive.
  10. Hannibal1727

    Getting rekt by pros

    I agree
  11. Hannibal1727

    ✭ ✭ ✭ Order of the Red Banner ✭ ✭ ✭

    In-game name: Hannibal1727 Age: 17 ( but a mature 17) Country: America Reason for joining: I want to play with serious teammates who will actually help take an objective. It would also be nice to end up in a squad where the leader has actually equipped auxillary seats. Assault teams: None yet, but I have a rank 13 infantry and 150K+ of warfunds. ( not a noob to RTS I used to do it all the time for my American Characters)
  12. Hannibal1727

    bigger clip pls

    I'm assuming that you have an mp-34 on this character as that's the only submachine gun with a 20 round magazine. Infantry also are stuck with this gun until they unlock the mp-40 (Once again, I'm assuming this is a German tanker). Reto won't give the mp-34 a bigger magazine, and they shouldn't. In my opinion you shouldn't use an smg as a tanker because once you equip a wrench you can only carry 1 mag for the smg ( unless it's a Russian tanker and you have an ammo drum). The best tanker loadout in my opinion is a pistol with max rpm and damage, wrench, and grenades. You can always steal weapons too.
  13. Hannibal1727

    dt 29

    I just noticed that this the tailgun MG thats on the soviet recon planes
  14. Tornada, you make an interesting point, it's almost like stock manipulation. Using this method a group of decent players could virtually control all of the game's various weapon's characteristics.
  15. Hannibal1727

    dt 29

    Could this be the the new tier 2 soviet smg? *mg