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  1. Exactly. @Yhe_Irishman, just leave out anything that has to do with single factions when talking about issues that adress all factions. It will just increase the chance of the thread being derailed by a lot.
  2. Yep, but I sometimes heard people complain about the 'soo underpowered pps' and it had some sense if the thompson would be 4hk hsg, but without that there is basically no big difference between the thompson and the pps, sooooo soviet whining about pps without mentioning thompson will be another bias alert for me now.
  3. I just realized that the Thompson has lower damage than the PPS... I always thought the Thompson would also be 4hk HSG stock and its only the PPS which is lacking some damage, but I guess that was a lie made by some of our Soviet 'whiners' which I believed in...
  4. I am quite confused... why did I never see anyone complaining about this when the multiplier was 4x one year ago?
  5. The question that should not be asked

    Just wait for the vehicle update with its new deploy system which should remove aux seats
  6. Update 1.10 'Colmar Hamlet' - Changelog

    working as intended I guess
  7. I had the same issue... @Reto.Circinus, any info on that? Did you try restarting your game?
  8. Update 1.10 'Colmar Hamlet' - Changelog

    Have you tried relogging?
  9. Yes? Its not 1.11, its 1.10.1, just a 'minor patch'.
  10. I dont see how this is any different from what you proposed before RNG accuracy, bad ping, bad matchmaking (skill groups) and other things lead to people making false cheat accusations.
  11. I dont want to state my opinion on this, both sides' arguments make sense to me I can just say that I saw more people complaining about the headshot multiplier than people talking positive about it, but maybe this was a case of 'silent majority'
  12. I saw quite some people asking for a lower HS multiplier again after the change to 5x and they especially complained about getting headshots from the t1 smgs.
  13. Great Update

    The way you wrote it it certainly looks like as if it would be your opinion 'other things like camo and bugfixes' - I paid more attention towards the part with 'camo and bugfixes' than to 'other things like', because it seemed to me as if 'you' dont know what they are working on and what their priorities are here: Whether what you wrote there was your personal opinion or not doesnt really matter much anyway, I tagged Circinus not to gain 'popularity' or to achieve anything similar, I tagged him because there are some people in this thread who claim things about Reto's development while not knowing at all what they actually do. Please dont see this as a personal attack (you apparently did judging from your post). I just wanted Circinus to clear up some of the wrong statements which were made in this thread.
  14. While I personally would also like to see such a number of banned hackers, they could also just make that number up to calm the community. I am pretty sure it will just start another sh*tstorm about this whole topic.
  15. Great Update

    So what should the guy making camos do instead of making camos?