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  1. 3. Git gud. No, just kidding
  2. Only the better players use it, the normal randoms hate its sights, reload time and mag size and dont use it (at least I dont see it very often, only against vets).
  3. What you are talking about might be true for some Axis players, but I cant prove it because most of the stuff was before my time/I never did it. You can talk like that to other Axis biased people, but not to me. You are assuming that I am just playing with you, but with me you found someone who wont be against buffs of other factions. You can have less sideways recoil on the AVS, some buffs on the PPS and so on. Also, I dont want to get your weapons nerfed. What I asked for was a simple buff that puts the StG on par with AVS and Johnson against HSG, it wont make it better against no Heavy Set users.
  4. Yeah because I cried so much about the whole tank thing (I actually dont care a bit if tanks are balanced, if you have the most OP tanks I wont bother, because I have no problem granting you something, you apparently have one), here we go again: Aha, you could have said "your statements are based on things the developers said (pretty solid base), but because of my experience with Reto I dont think its true what they say". I would have said "Well, we will see how it goes" and conversation is ended. But no, you need to add stupid and wrong stuff around it and show that you are pretty bad at argueing. Also, what about the other part you didnt mention. I was correct and you had no counterarguments, pretty poor my boy. And why do you even play the game and try to poorly bring your opinion up, when you dont even have hope for the game? Also, its not naive, I lose nothing if it will come later or it doesnt fix anything, I dont care about that. What do I have if I am always negative like you and dont trust that the devs will bring a good update? There is no reason to do that. We are both people that dont want to lose, but you are trying to make everything wrong I say even if you should know exactly that its right and I am just proving you wrong where you are wrong. So please dude, this is not how you will ever bring your own opinion up, you cant just be completely egoistic and dont want to grant anything to others.
  5. Nah, thats again based on nothing. Just read Reto Desji's posts and watch the Community Frontline streams, then you know that Armor 2.0 will come in small updates in the next weeks/months. But it already started with the last update, vehicle physics got changed and AT equipment repair cost adjusted. They didnt announce specific gun rebalance yet, only the cone fire and some overall things might get changed soon. But this will happen after the Armor 2.0 update, that is what we know so far, not your thought up bullsh*t. Also, here: Anything else you want me to disprove?
  6. Yeah, brainless f*ck. Because they announced that it will come soon. Armor 2.0 is different, it will come in the next weeks. Reto wants to rebalance tanks, so why do you complain? Reto doesnt want to rebalance weapons (at least I didnt hear about it), this is why we complain. Totally different cases.
  7. I didnt bring up the tank part, that was another guy. Learn to read Also I am the same opinion as you on that part, Panther is better than T34, but whatever. The problem is not on our side, its on yours. For me you can have your buffs the same as we can have our buffs. Ask me where you want a buff on SU equipment, I will probably not say 'No' with no arguments behind it. But you, you are just biased. You dont want anything on the other factions to be buffed, even if it is a justified buff. You also did the exact same thing I told you before, when will you finally stop showing your stupidity? I always thought people want to look intelligent and smart, but you apparently want to look brainless.
  8. No point in discussing tanks now, Armor 2.0 will change how tanks work anyway. If you say now that T34 is worse than Panther, it will probably change with Armor 2.0 (if Reto does their job good). Tin foil hat works both ways You derailed your own topic by simply staying stubborn on your own opinion and having no room for compromises. Most of the things you said are built upon zero arguments, only opinion. StG is competitive? Give us some arguments please. We constantly want to nerf US and SU while buffing GE? There might be some people wanting this, but there is noone in this topic that you could have meant by that. We nerfed every unique SU weapon? Some examples needed. We bring up 'oh but germany always loses the war'? Well that is what the game is all about? What we want are equal war outcomes, which you cant deny that this would be good. I know that you dont want us to get buffed, but instead better features for all players like new maps and such. And you are right there, maybe a slight buff to our weaponry isn't needed to achieve equal war outcomes. But until now you didnt come with any counter arguments, so your point is still not very valid. If you want my arguments for it, ask for them. Not gonna write them here, you are probably not reading them anyway. Also, where you are doing a pretty good job is taking out of every post we make one or two sentences and try to counter them somehow (stupidly), while completely ignoring the rest of the post, because you cant counter that and you dont want to show that you have lost the argument in that part. You should also stop with interpreting what we said and talk about stuff we never told anywhere.
  9. Exactly
  10. Yup, the problem is that not everybody can use his brain and understand this logic.
  11. Yeah its not balanced, but playable.
  12. Good doesnt mean as good as its counterparts, that is the point.
  13. The problem here is that he is argueing with nobody. For my part I fully agree that the StG is a good weapon, but this guy still thinks the opposite and wants to argue about something where we have the same opinion.
  14. Lets stop here please, your bias for Soviet side (,your stupidity and inability to read) is insane. If you are trolling, good job it was fun trolling back. If you are not, check if your brain is still in your head, maybe you lost it somewhere.
  15. Yeah, good that you still understood zero percent of what I have said, good good. But despite that, let me go trough it. I have explained you why we have no underdog bonus and the majority of the players on our side, so f*ck off. I have never said that its only fixable by giving Axis buffs, it is just one out of hundreds of justified suggestions, so f*ck off. I have never said I want OP guns, I even gave you an excellent example of how we can bring vets back and not making our weapons OP by that, so f*ck off. Yeah noone will play SU faction because we have equal war outcomes, f*ck off that is not gonna happen. Yeah because we have so much easy mode right now and we roflstomp everything with our OP OP StG's and MP40's and what we want is more OP weapons, go get some glasses and f*ck off. Yes because you will lose all your vets when we have equal war outcomes, oh yes you are so right so logical that makes so much sense, f*ck off. And yes I also said in every post that making the game better with new maps etc. would be such a bad idea and would break the game yes you have read it right congratulations, f*ck off. Seriously, you are the first 100% biased and 100% stupid person I have seen in H&G.