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  2. flex18

    video settings update 1.15

    same here edit: just put the overall quality to low and it kept all as low, dunno if that helps you but i am fine with low graphics ^^
  3. I dont get why almost noone understands that @VenstreDjevel just has a very different playstyle than normal vets which is more about using tactic to win instead of skill/better weaponry. It might seem less fun but apparently it isnt for him. This playstyle is benefitted by the new deploy system as it almost completely removes any waiting time. But indeed there are problems especially in clan vs clan matches which @Jmj191 and others have pointed out and which I believe were also mentioned by @Reto.Hades even before the update came out. In these matches a snowball effect can happen in which one team loses some fights after each other and then they cannot recover due to the restriction of the deploy timer which makes them underpowered in terms of weaponry. @VenstreDjevel will now probably say that this only happens because this team just played worse. But this doesnt apply to all cases. Attackers are generally disadvantaged and this snowball effect can happen even though both teams have the same skill for example. To remove the timer again would not be a good solution in my eyes as it also brought a lot of good things. Maybe we need a clan server without it or just a readjustment of the costs. But then again it would maybe make high-tier weapons with a lot of mods spammable again, which shouldnt be the case imo.
  4. Maybe try to find a clan, play with some friends or just generally send friend requests to players in your team who are playing good or who you like to play with and then make squads with these players, it could help your problem. Being coordinated with a group of good players is often the key to have a chance to win hard matches even against our lovely sealclubber Germans. But I can only advise you to either keep playing US/SU or quitting the game as joining Germany in staged wont help the game at all but only increase the problem. If you are completely annoyed with the situation and want to switch factions then rather play GE war.
  5. Same here. One of the big mysteries of this game. Its graphics were looking better when it first came out than how they are now. I mean, they definitely improved some things, but the WW2 atmosphere completely got lost. But it's with many games like this. DayZ Mod still has much more survival feeling than DayZ Standalone due to darker lighting and less sunny weather for example. It seems to me that developers rather hear to the players who want better playability and visibilty in exchange for atmosphere produced by graphics and lighting.
  6. flex18

    Win all wars - Lose all FPS battles

    Me too. But now there is much more tank spam than before. Maybe tank vs tank maps will solve it but who knows maybe we need to wait another year for this as it's on hold afaik.
  7. Where does it say that encounter maps need to have only one capture point? Why not try something new?
  8. flex18

    Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    I have a slight feeling that nothing is going to change as I think most of the cheat accusations were anyway false, but who knows its definitely a good change
  9. flex18

    Prototype feedback

  10. flex18

    What do you think about flanking?

    I think this kind of limitation in attacking options is also good on some lines as it creates more interesting battles between the capture points where otherwise people would just rush with their vehicle to a capture point by using a flanking route 100% of the time. I am not saying that this doesnt happen at all in the current system, but at least it doesnt happen as often. Of course there are also some lines which can be really cancerous due to the spawns (f. ex. when attacking O2 on C line Mountain Town the O2 defender spawn can be really annoying, or the E4 and D4 defender spawn on the town map can make an attack on E4 impossible when there are also tanks & recons watching the water crossings). But often there are still enough flanking routes allowing for less frustration as attacker, depending on the attack lines but also on the defender's skill.
  11. flex18

    Neues Fahrzeughandling

    Also auf Straßen sind die schon noch ziemlich schnell. Und in den Kurven bricht der Wagen nicht mehr so oft aus, also scharfe Kurven zu schneiden geht meiner Ansicht nach sogar besser als in der aktuellen Version.
  12. Exactly. I am not the opinion that overpopulation is a strength, although it might sound like that. Read my post here for details:
  13. The thing is just that the reason for this overstack can be their underpopulation. US has a big stockpile which GE has not, therefore you should find more American troops at the frontline as the active players all have access to their ATs, while the active German players sit in queue. Now what that XP bonus should do is attract more players to the underpopulated factions, which could lead to them also having no big stockpile anymore. This would (imo) actually be negative for them, as the active players cant play with their ATs at any time they want, but then also need to wait for them to come out of queue. So this bonus is rather negative for the underpopulated factions in the long run, but positive for the overpopulated faction (GE). Also, you didnt answer my question. Why should the XP bonus give you any kind of advantage in the RTS? It would only be unfair if it's advantage had a big impact on the RTS (like what the warfund bonus used to be), but that's just not the case for the XP bonus. I get what you want, and that is a bonus for GE so they have a chance at winning the war. But then taking away a different bonus which is tied to a completely different problem just doesnt make any sense.
  14. It is already named like that I think.