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  1. Why not? Just give it a new bullet which adds 6 damage and reduces accuracy, stability and maybe range. With this build we would trade off mid-range for better close range capabilities. What StG lacks are modding options to allow for more different (competitive) builds like for example the AVS has.
  2. New vehicle paint jobs in 1.10

    No dude These two tanks already got their camos in the last update, so they shouldnt be mentioned here.
  3. New vehicle paint jobs in 1.10

    I think this is wrong
  4. This is just plain legit bias

    Sorry, but you cant just say that. Compare the stats, not the result of your skill and the enemy skill. You can say that it is a great gun by saying this, but not if it is competitive. I guess you are also talking about average matches, where you play against randoms. Without proof containing competition you cant even come close to the conclusion that a weapon is competitive. And dont come up with git gud please, I am not talking from a perspective that needs a buff. I am talking from a perspective that wants plain balance.
  5. This is just plain legit bias

    Yes, of course. General balance is important. But that is not a hard task and we already have general balance established (in my opinion). But where full balance is needed is in those special cases, because there is a lot more competition than amongst randoms. And when we balance something here it can only benefit general balance. To the StG buff - the only thing it might need as buff is the capability of reaching 38-40 damage. This wont hurt staged in any way because there people have no Heavy Set anyway.
  6. This is just plain legit bias

    We shouldnt count the stupid ez mode defense battles when comparing assault weapons. Problem is maybe that Axis has very good defend weapons, perhaps the 4.2x scope zoom removal might help a bit. Also, 'Compete' means that you play against equally skilled people. We cant really say we should buff/nerf weapon xy because a faction wins/loses a lot of battles. I mean, you can do that, but it wont change the skill level of normal losing faction players that much if they have better weapons. In normal matches skill level is most important and not weapon balance. Against normal people ofc StG rocks, because they are not as skilled as other vets. Weapon balance matters most, if it even matters that much, when equally skilled players play against each other/in vets vs vets or clan vs clan matches. And here saying that StG cant compete is justified in my opinion, because the 4hk combined with rather slow rpm lets you lose against skilled Johnson/AVS users. About MG42, well its another story, because I personally find it to be competitive.
  7. New Weather Settings in Update 1.10

    Night Overcast looks a bit like old H&G
  8. Guess whos back?

    His name is 'Markusstolethegoose'...
  9. Why, Reto?

    These are the ones you should ignore on the forums if you are smart. @geschlittert (<- I cant f*cking remove that thing on my phone ) I would have stopped playing this game long ago without the war mode. And war mode FPS is fun as long as there are a lot of matches that give you a challenge. I am currently playing with a clan and of course we often just have noobs as enemies, but whatever its war and also these matches have to be won. The best matches are against vets/clans and they are often a lot of fun to play (for me). But these matches also wouldnt keep me playing, what really keeps me playing is the war map RTS part combined with FPS, where you can make pushes or defend front lines, which is a lot of fun when playing with a clan. Doing such small pushes is indeed fun, but what is the point of it when you have lost all progress anyway next morning? This is a big problem for Axis. We can make pushes and they take a lot of effort and time, but well in the end it just gets ARed over night or some clan in another time zone caps it all back. This works for some time, but then our ressources slowly deplete and we cant push back again. Then queues, UDB and a lot of other stuff comes into play, but I dont want to go into detail here. Exactly I also stopped watching it because 1. People are 'stupid' and upvote questions like 'When can we have plane xy in the game?' and RB obviously answers 'soon' 2. The important questions often are answered properly by RB, but it takes them a lot of time to actually do what they are saying there
  10. Maybe the enemy capped the CP belonging to that deploy zone or you spawned at the edge of a deploy zone and the enemy pushed you out of it.
  11. About Rocket launchers and APC's

    If you nerf Panzerschreck/Bazooka then clans are gonna be much harder to win against as a random team, so I dont think this is a good idea. When I play lonewolf against clans I am 99% of the time the only one spawned with a Schreck waiting for apcs and if I miss one we lost the CP. If you nerf this even more clans will have a much easier time. For clan vs clan, maybe here such a change could be improving gameplay, because there not only one enemy is waiting for the apc. But I would rather see other map-related advantages for the attacker than nerfing the only good counter against clans as a random team.
  12. mg42 builds, which do you use and why

    mg42 without mods mg42 with sights and stainless steel barrel Video quality is not that great, but I think its good enough. The sway when controlled looks similar, but the change in accuracy of the bullets with both mods equipped is definitely visible here. Without controlling recoil the modded mg42 also wins. Of course its mainly RNG and to give a more clear statement there need to be more samples, but for our occasion I think this is enough to say that those two mods definitely have an impact on the gun´s performance.
  13. mg42 builds, which do you use and why

    Exactly @RZ2000, if I have time I will try to give you some proof (or show that you are right)
  14. Grafikkarte kann nich initialisiert werden

    Spielst du auf einem Laptop? (Dann wird evtl die falsche Grafikkarte für H&G ausgewählt) Wenn ja, dann geh mal in die 3D-Einstellungen der Nvidia Systemsteuerung. Dort auf den Reiter Programmeinstellungen und aus der Liste H&G auswählen. Dann kannst du oben die Grafikkarte auswählen. (Wenn unter Globale Einstellungen auch die falsche Grafikkarte ausgewählt ist dann würde ich dir empfehlen die auch zu ändern, sonst wird in jedem Spiel die falsche verwendet)
  15. Gemischter Trupp - Hilfe benötigt

    Öffne im Spiel mit TAB das Scoreboard und schau in der obersten Leiste, welche Ressourcen ihr habt. Ich glaube wenn du mit dem Mauszeiger darüber gehst dann wird dir angezeigt von welcher Art die Ressource ist. Um einen Panzer spawnen zu können brauchst du Panzerfahrer Ressourcen und Ressourcen des Panzertyps, den du spawnen möchtest (wenn du noch den Anfangspanzer Panzer 1 hast dann wären das leichte Panzer Ressourcen). Leider darf man nicht mehr weiterspielen wenn die Trupp-Ressourcen alle sind, also wenn dann alle Panzerressourcen verbraucht sind kann man auch nicht mehr auf einen Infanteriesoldaten wechseln.