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  1. Game economy

    Problem is that the ammo mods are the most powerful ones in most cases and because of that also nearly the most expensive ones (only scopes are more powerful and expensive I think), so Reto had the wonderful idea of lowering the amount of use of them by making them expensive. Its really annoying, especially with high rpm guns like the MG42 because you waste more bullets overall and also use more when you for example want to suppress the enemy. I can only suggest you to leave the ammo out, all other MG42 builds without bullets are extremely cheap and still very powerful.
  2. There you go, you have a solution for your problem
  3. A good changelog for HnG *imo*

    If you include MG42, haha nice 3hk 1000 rpm no sway 50 bullet mag nice sights buzzsaw lazerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  4. Let me guess... You got spawncamped to hell and were so salty that you decided to put all your anger in a forum post?
  5. I was already expecting that the answer wouldnt be that easy, but as OP said I thought he might not know it (and then this solution would work at least temporarily). But you are right, such a function would be really nice to have.
  6. Conclusion after first day playing new MG42

    THIS is exactly the point! Axis only weapon they saw as competitive back then was the MG42, now they cried for over half a year for a new competitive weapon and after the buff its the same as before. Thats no wonder as none of the other German weapons got changed. If you dont want to have full clans of any weapon ROFLstomping everyone you have to make every weapon competitive in their own way by either buffing the underperforming ones or nerfing the overperforming ones. Both will lead to more diversity in the weapons, as then weapons are chosen by playstyle. You said the MG42 now gets more annoying than any other weapon, so we can of course say it would be better to nerf all LMGs to the prebuff MG42 to better the situation, like you suggested earlier. But I dont think we should do that, as the problem is the weapon diversity. Of course LMGs are in some way overperforming SMGs, but well, it apparently works for US and SU better than GE to keep the weapon diversity alive. So we also need more weapon diversity on the Axis side, which we could achieve by easy buffs like StG damage buff or similar ones. I would happily take the StG over the MG42 because of the faster ADS and stamina regeneration, if there wouldnt be such a slow TTK. And I believe there would be more people taking the StG if it was competitive. To make it more clear, the MG42 ROFLstomping is not because it is overperforming, but because there is no other weapon that is performing that well for Axis. On the US and SU side it is the case, which is why have more weapon diversity here. To fix the MG42 problem we can easily make more Axis weapons competitive by buffing them SLIGHTLY. But before that we should wait if after some weeks the situation is still as bad as in the last few days.
  7. Many GE clans in Staged today

    Thats totally normal, they felt neglected by Reto so they left the war and "have fun" in staged now.
  8. There are key binds for the equipment slots. If you put the med kit in the third slot for example just press "3" (default setting) to get to the slot directly. This works also for the other slots (if main weapon in first slot press "1").
  9. 42 buff not enough

    I want that game on the picture, how is it called again? The graphics look so good!
  10. STG Mods

    #1, but if you care about credits the only trigger build is also super cheap and reliable. The second setup doesnt really need the Jägerpatrone, as it is rather a "CQC" setup (it still works at range, but not as effective with max rpm). I would suggest you to remove the Jägerpatrone and optionally exchange it with the sights, if you want to play #2. The StG just with the scope is also worth trying, its a really good headshot machine.
  11. Deploy token System [Stream Feedback]

    Yup something like this would look a lot more fitting already. But I would rather want that they give us multiple options, as I believe the standard design we have right now is the most easy-to-use-and-understand-design for new players.
  12. Deploy token System [Stream Feedback]

    I think it doesnt look bad, it just doesnt look as fitting to the game. The old UI was way more fitting to WW2, but the new one lost that WW2 feeling. It would be nice to at least have an optional dark colour scheme for the current UI. @Reto.Odin
  13. Deploy token System [Stream Feedback]

    I know, that was in my early H&G days. But anyway, they want to remove aux seats.