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  1. Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    I have a slight feeling that nothing is going to change as I think most of the cheat accusations were anyway false, but who knows its definitely a good change
  2. Prototype feedback

  3. What do you think about flanking?

    I think this kind of limitation in attacking options is also good on some lines as it creates more interesting battles between the capture points where otherwise people would just rush with their vehicle to a capture point by using a flanking route 100% of the time. I am not saying that this doesnt happen at all in the current system, but at least it doesnt happen as often. Of course there are also some lines which can be really cancerous due to the spawns (f. ex. when attacking O2 on C line Mountain Town the O2 defender spawn can be really annoying, or the E4 and D4 defender spawn on the town map can make an attack on E4 impossible when there are also tanks & recons watching the water crossings). But often there are still enough flanking routes allowing for less frustration as attacker, depending on the attack lines but also on the defender's skill.
  4. Neues Fahrzeughandling

    Also auf Straßen sind die schon noch ziemlich schnell. Und in den Kurven bricht der Wagen nicht mehr so oft aus, also scharfe Kurven zu schneiden geht meiner Ansicht nach sogar besser als in der aktuellen Version.
  5. Exactly. I am not the opinion that overpopulation is a strength, although it might sound like that. Read my post here for details:
  6. The thing is just that the reason for this overstack can be their underpopulation. US has a big stockpile which GE has not, therefore you should find more American troops at the frontline as the active players all have access to their ATs, while the active German players sit in queue. Now what that XP bonus should do is attract more players to the underpopulated factions, which could lead to them also having no big stockpile anymore. This would (imo) actually be negative for them, as the active players cant play with their ATs at any time they want, but then also need to wait for them to come out of queue. So this bonus is rather negative for the underpopulated factions in the long run, but positive for the overpopulated faction (GE). Also, you didnt answer my question. Why should the XP bonus give you any kind of advantage in the RTS? It would only be unfair if it's advantage had a big impact on the RTS (like what the warfund bonus used to be), but that's just not the case for the XP bonus. I get what you want, and that is a bonus for GE so they have a chance at winning the war. But then taking away a different bonus which is tied to a completely different problem just doesnt make any sense.
  7. It is already named like that I think.
  8. But what kind of 'unfair' advantage do the factions with the underpopulation bonus get?
  9. Can't connect to Prototype

    Same here @Reto.Robotron3000

    Play war and you will (almost) never have problems with planes again.
  11. Happy hour stockpile

    Yes, of course. As I already said, I also dont really like this solution. It might bring balance to the war wins, but it wouldnt really balance all the other aspects of the war.
  12. MP40 mods

    I prefer sights, field trigger and lightened bolt. The DMW Fuchs ammo feels better than the stock ammo due to the accuracy increase, but I just cant get over the 5hk HSG & 2hk Headshot on HSG with the DMW Fuchs so I use the stock ammo.
  13. Happy hour stockpile

    Let me correct this: It would bring imbalance to the RTS which favours Germany but which could also make the game balanced again because it might even out the current imbalance which favours US & SU. Not saying it would be a good change, but claiming it would unbalance the game even more isnt really true.
  14. Kill Assit Broken?

    I think you need to at least deal a certain damage to get an assist.