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  1. Try full-real controls, not realistic. It will open a lot of new options, and i think they will enable you to customize controls to your liking. Also by enabling F-R controls you can set "view in battle" by x and y axis, im not sure, but i think this is what you're looking for in terms of camera, though i haven't fiddled with it. If i understood you correctly, you want your camera fixed at all times? That being said, if youre playing realistic battles (im assuming youre not playing SIM, cause it restricts the camera to cockpit only) id advise you to get used to standard WT camera modes, because having a fixed camera will make it much harder to keep your eye on the enemy during several vital defensive and offensive manoeuvres , notably the scissors and hammerhead, and when baiting a stall from the enemy. I mean you do you...but in full honesty, coming from WT to HnG the HG controls felt severely lacking to me, then again, if it works for you, all the better
  2. Hey, im a WT vet, maybe i can help you. Have you tried the simulator controls? Just go into the control options and switch to the "full controls" setup, then go into a test flight to check it out. It will disable the instructor in RB and severely limit it in AB. It will also emulate a joystick on your mouse, and ofc give you ele and rudder control with the mouse (however, using the keyboard for maximum values, especially on the elevator is much quicker, but you can set your sensitivity within the control circle to match it with just he mouse)
  3. Shovel needs a buff.

    Uh, no. German knife (seitagehwehr) needs a nerf, its too OP. Shovels on the other hand need a buff. On a unrelated note, SU shovel could be remodeled as a hammer and knife as a sickle. So they would be more iconic.
  4. Shovel needs a buff.

    Its not, why would it be a joke? Can you think of any counter-arguments? Like seriously, what would even be joke material in that post you quoted?
  5. Shovel needs a buff.

    Im not gonna pull your leg anymore mate, but you really should read what was written before your post, its a really important thing in foruming: I was thinking about photoshoping a ushanka on an weirdly long armed ARK character (as an example of a game that lets players chose size) but you seem alright, and i dont wanna waste too much time on this
  6. the truth GE players wont say

    Ty vm This is the only f2p ww2 semi-realistic, big map shooter with combined arms, especially infa. This means its filling a pretty big niche and thats whats keeping it alive, not war. As someone pointed out, staged is a mixed bag of old players grinding or just playing, and new. The game doesnt have such a large influx of new players that staged is just farming unsuspecting kids, especially if you play the big maps only (the name escapes me atm). Also the amount of people playing war is relatively low, thats why it can have quite long queue times, and why auto-resolve has such a big impact. Those queue times are precisely the thing keeping me and 4 other people i know irl that play with me from time to time, from playing war a lot. We have fixed schedules, and when given a choice to spend our hour or two waiting in queue to get one unbalanced battle or getting quickly into relatively balanced, and more importantly filled matches, and getting to play a few of them too, guess which one we choose. I play war from time to time, usually on weekends...when i even chose to play HG... Staged also has its fair share of paying players, but again i cant even guess anything as i dont have Reto's numbers. Either way, while i agree that people leaving War only perpetuates the problem of less players playing war and instead staying in staged, balance again works across the board, and here Reto has to be mindful of the majority. AFAIK from reading around the forum, the biggest impact on GER losing is made by Auto Resolve, not weapon balance, and if i understood correctly, this problem is created by players from OTHER factions not playing in high enough numbers to create matches, and it falls down to AR...
  7. Shovel needs a buff.

    Definitely, i mean you can see the resources are already there, in the gamefiles, like on the maps you can see haystacks. So i think that mechanic is definitely coming in a future update. Maybe even next one, i think the devs were hinting on it.. Maybe we can get a sowing mechanic also or a minigame, like farmville, especially for war. Remember how farmville was popular? Imagine how it could help HG get new players!
  8. Shovel needs a buff.

    Mate, you know how long my arms are? Like really long, i could smack an enemy 2 meters away easily. Longer if i had a longer handle on my shovel. Im no slenderman but really, i have a serious advantage over shorter people when it comes to shovel fighting. And it would add variety, seeing soldiers with varying lengths of body parts... As for the grip, if you hold it tighter you can swing harder. But maybe youre right, maybe grip should increase RoF on the shovel, as in, your hands are sweaty but you can still make mad fast swings...
  9. the truth GE players wont say

    Not useless, its bringing up some interesting details about the forums, and its creating dialogue. A forum that locks anything remotely controversial (as long as its game related) gets nothing done, case in point War Thunder forums or even worse their Player Council aka Uselessness incarnate. People just need to get over their fear of confrontation. Heres were a lot of balance talk on the forum flops miserably. War isnt a good measure for balance, because players that play War are a minority. Most players play staged. The reality is that HG is staged, and war is just a minority sideshow for the most dedicated players. This however results in two things: A. The most dedicated players ie war players, will be the ones that are also active on the forum. B. War players will have a skewed image due to the fact that they are fighting other quite dedicated players that can overcome the failings of certain weapons thanks to experience, long term usage, maybe clan or squad coordination etc. They are also fighting players that have a lot more equipment and badges than your average players do. Thus we get a vocal minority (and a silent majority) that have their opinions based on War, which dont corelate to staged. But when balancing things, Reto has to look at the big picture, you cant just balance for war players, when balancing you have to look at the community as a whole, and as we established, the majority of that community is in staged. So when balancing, Reto will be more influenced by staged. And to give a simple example from staged: STG players will usually tear apart the enemy in staged, usually because SU and US teams are made up of low level characters that might not even have heavy set or have t equipped, let alone a second badge. Generally, STG works really well in staged, so when Reto decides on buffing it or not, those staged numbers play a big role. Sure in War it may struggle, due to the fact that people in War know how to counter it and a re probably well equiped to do so too. TLDR; HG = staged. War is a minority. Stop trying to think about balance in minority terms, as balance is game-wide Cant tag you because i dont have korean letters, but id give you a +1 for the thread, although you sometimes press hard in your answers, its interesting to see how GER-only POV differs from multiple faction players' point of view. As for all the GER only players that are hurt by this thread, id ask you to play SU or US infa in staged up to lvl 15+, from lvl 1, without taking breaks to play Germany. As you can see on the left side i play all factions, and only through being on both sides of equipment do i think you can form an objective opinion
  10. Oh boy you sure showed him, man oh man, hes really rekt, wooowie dude thats some tough y'know dominance assertion... Not unnecessarily edgy at all
  11. SU and GE players, this game needs you

    Balancing P38 must AT THE VERY LEAST go hand in hand with buffing p40, i.e. balancing it out with other mediums. Im for balance for all, but not balance for some and UP for others.
  12. phychic shoothers

    There was a thread about a new wave of cheats some time ago, that might fit into OPs problem. I used to go on sniper hunting matches just for fun, take a knife, hunt the recons maybe pick up their OHK BA and go from there, so ive become at least decent in sneaking around in bushes, certainly ive taken down a lot of high level snipers using the same methods. Come august and suddenly a few low level players from the same squad in one match have these supernatural spotting abilities. I'd put it down as just bad luck on my part for the first 2 tmes (maybe they spotted me somehow or smth like that) then on my 3rd run, i go prone on a river bank (they are above and cant hit me, they keep shooting the edge where lowering slope of the riverbank starts (cant hit me because im prone), i move to the side, still prone, their shots keep following me. Theres no way they could have spotted me moving while i was there, without coming to an angle that would allow them to shoot me. Reported.
  13. Shovel needs a buff.

    Guys, i made this thread as a joke, i mean come on modding arms, and shovel handles? Dont take it to far down the flame war path
  14. Shovel needs a buff.

    So because its niche it doesn't deserve to have modifications?? Like, what if i want to put a longer handle for more reach? Or a better grip for more damage? Why do people that would pick shovel have to be forced to be UP right from the start? @WarDaemon clearly understands, why cant shovel have mods like that? No they are not, they are up. I cant beat a guy with a ppsh in cqc with a shovel. Obviously needs a buff. And what about long range? Reto could implement a throwing mechanic. Or at least let us mod the handle, or soldiers arms, for better reach. Like i have really long arms, so obviously i would have better reach than a little person, if we were in the same war. Its not just worth it, buying shovels, when everyone can take a few steps back and just shoot you
  15. Shovel needs a buff.

    Im looking at all these, clearly objective, well thought through and well founded on information, threads about byffing STG, and AVS and this and that....but what about the shovel?? Do you know what TTK a shovel has? It cant even compete with other tier 1 weapons, be it rifles, smgs or grenades. Well RETO this has gone far enough!! Buff the shovel already!