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  1. Well there werent any infa as the two tanks were far behind battle lines, but it doesnt matter. Ive seen tanks ragequit due to planes, heck just today me and another pilot caused Ghostdivision guys to leave after a few tank kills (ended up with 17 tank kills and 4k points) I see flying a p38 more of a credit grind, but Me410s and Pe3s CAN stop you, they're just disadvantaged in it. Also AAA can stop you (easier than med fighters beacuse youre big) and a lucky tank shot. But ive said why i brought up HE before, it serves a different purpose than to shame... Though i should add that while the Me and Pe are at a disadvantage, its nothing compared to what some tanks face. Having to fight in my PzIII vs T-34-85s reinforced this opinion in me.
  2. *checks trunk for HE with a flashlight* Alright citizen *hands back playstyle id and tank licence* stay safe now.
  3. We'll to do something "again" would mean you did it once already, but you didnt. You just went back and edited in loads of new text (which is kinda cheap, because thats not the post im replying to anymore), some that changes your posts, but even then you havent addressed the points i made look just what you added here: Thats just acknowledging two of the things i mentioned. Yeah it can pen tanks, but it also cant pen APCs (and these can be even more important than tanks for a match if placed right), IFVs (same), trucks, mobile AAA and even motorcycles and jeeps/kubel on most of the shots. 20mm has no problem penning any of these And you just brush over the fact that if youre fighting a semi competent enemy, you can take as much time to shoot him down as it takes for your previous victim to respawn and come after you, essentially putting you in a perpetual 2v1 or more (if there are more enemies and allies) Dont jump to conclusions, ive clearly stated that Me and Pe stall quicker (or as ive put it the p38 can outstall them), they all turn the same, those two just lose energy faster. You wanna know how real difference in turn times looks? Take the P38 in War Thunder RB vs a friend in a me410 or pe3 bis, and get into a turning match, you'll do 1.5 turns in the time they do 1, after the first 2 you'll do 2 and they'll stall (coming from someone who actually has a very good score, a k/d of 4 or 5 with the me410), the differences in turn times that we have in HG are negligible. Also its a strange presumption that you made, i said all 3 heavy fighters have about the same firepower, and the p38 beats them in flight characteristics and thus its easier to fly, and you concluded that i think firepower is of bigger importance? How? First of all we arent talking just about dogfighting, second of all, 4th and 5th generation jet fighters are multirole fighters (the term "strike" is a ww2 term similar to interceptor) with just a few fitting the air superiority role, while theres a general consensus that one of teh characteristics of teh 5th gen jet fighters will be that they are multirole. So yeah, as a response to you saying "attack airplanes would be the most deployed ones nowadays" my point still stands, they are, the vast majority are, theyre jsut called different. Could have been a king tiger and panther, idk, i dont remember things that well. But either way it wasnt meant to be a personal attack on you, just my way of reinforcing a counter-argument to what Afonso said, so it doesnt matter...
  4. @[email protected]@GermanSoldier Heh i see ive rustled some jimmies, however you all missed the point of my attacks on Afonso's person. I dont know which one of you is with him frequently, sorry, i only memorized his name thanks to the QQ (still not clear on this, did you add QQ on purpose to indicate crying or...?) @AfonsoQQ, the purpose of me calling you out for HE wasnt to police your style, by all means play what you want (i even upvoted the playstyle police thing, it gave me a chuckle) it was to reinforce my point that your opinion on the matter of P40 is biased due to the role you play ie. HE spammer that breaks his left click from overuse. Jk, i know the rhetoric was a bit on the rough side, the point was just to prod you a bit. However my original point still stands (that you have a personal interest that the p40 doesnt get a buff so you have one less airplane type bothering you and your tank). Also, am i wrong to assume you dont even fly the p40? On the side note, i know you guys can spam that HE because ive seen it, as the profile says i play all nations in all roles, ive killed you in a p38 and as infa, not as tanker though as my tanker is german. Ive also played with you on the team, as german para. @Fegaris Might not have been you, might not have been a rage quit, all i know is we cornered two german heavies, one manned by Afonso, on Town, they hid in the forest behind A2 trying to shoot back, we picked them apart they left. First time i saw Afonso leave a match, so i put 2 and 2 together. Maybe im wrong. Then again Afonso says he has a right to quit anything he wants (and thats 100% true) and German backs him up in this. So idk what to think. @GermanSoldier youre right, and im not "throwing stones" at anyone who plays staged. I use this game to unwind, War doesnt suit me for that, the queue times are too long, and you usually cant go into the battle you want (as they havent yet started or theyre full). The 3 war matches ive played recently all went well scorewise (even though we lost two) however they werent as fun as i had to be mindful of peoples resources, they also werent the battles i wanted to fight, and they havent left me with a feeling of accomplishment. To get that last one i fear i'd have to invest much more time than i have (though the last few months i had put in several times more playtime that i did in the 2 years i had it installed prior, thanks to a change in schedule) however even if i had it, the thought that auto-resolve nullifies whatever effort you put in (even if youre on the winning side, not like its your campaign that you brought to a close trough personal effort) really puts me off. Another factor that i really mind about war is that its nigh impossible to get a pilot match and thats the role i definitely do the best. In contrast staged lets you unwind, and change classes however you like, i might play a plane match, then switch to my joke infa for knife kills or a para or smg inf or tanker or whatever, and still have quick queue times and be free to waste resources to my hearts content. I think WAR can be improved in several ways, but thats a topic for another thread. Fighting planes from the ground isnt fun, i can see that, same goes for fighting tanks as infa when they spawncamp you from across the river, and you or 90% of the team have no AT equipment. At leat now planes can offset that tank advantage.
  5. Ive only seen you in staged, and you definitely weren't hunting "just rambos" And i didnt mean you fly recon planes, you sit in the corner of the map trying to shoot them down in the tank. But when we got you cornered with p38s at Town, after cowering in the forest behind A2 for 2 deaths, you and the other tanker that you frequently take with you promptly quit the match, something i wouldnt imagine you'd do if you had space to HE shell infa spawn points. (btw i only remembered your name for the QQ, thats the usual chat sign for crying, are you aware of that or is it just a coincidence?) Introducing something that can shoot back to a P40. Me410 can pen both fighter planes and tanks so idk what youre on about... Id rather have a 250kg (~500lb for US planes) that cant kill a tank in one hit alone (but with if you shoot it before with something that can pen tanks *hint hint*, it sure can and it doesnt have to be a direct hit even) than a 6x50 that "can" kill just light tanks, provided a. theyre all direct hits b. the tank doesnt move (good luck with that) at least teh 500lb one can destroy tanks of all types, plus it has a bigger blas radius meaning you can destroy moving targets with it also.
  6. Ah you chose to ignore the rest of my reply, well thats an interesting approach to discussing, why are you on the forums at all then? You saying it makes no sense without anything to back up that claim (as in proper replies countering my argumentation) has no worth. Its not a reply its on a level of a pouting child. Where did i say firepower is more important that manoeuvrability? I said the P40 CANT pen things other two fighters can, this is a HUGE dis-balance. I also said P38 is better in terms of stall speed than Me and Pe BUT at least they can do everything P38 can. (either way its not like teh p40 has this amazing sedge in agility to compensate for its weaker armaments) Btw, on the topic of "attack airplanes would be the most deployed ones nowadays", they are. Modern "jet fighters" are "strike" planes with significant ground attack capabilities. They're a hybrid closer in terms of role to a P47 (attack fighter) than to pure-breed fighters of ww2 .
  7. Where exactly? The rl ammo talk i gave is 100% facts, as for in game, .50 cal cant penetrate anything tougher than a jeep (and a jeep will tank most of its hits), other two nations can pen everything including tanks. Or is it about US pilots not queuing up, because let me tell you, 90% of the squads i was in with my US pilot, the squad lead had medium fighter queue ticked off. Even in 3 way matches other nations are aware that the p40 is much weaker, and ive even seen several times that GER and SU pilots mostly ignore eachother and gang up on p40s first as some weird silent agreement, knowing the p40s will have a hard time fighting back
  8. Nope, because realistic penetration wouldn't allow 20mm cannons (btw APCR for aircraft...doesnt go hand in had with reality) to penetrate tanks (except the lightest tanks in the game), unless if you shoot them in the engine (and on some tanks with an open engine hatch) even 30mm HighVelocityArmorPiercing (high velocity being key here) ammo couldnt pen heavy tanks unless at crazy angles nearing or at 90degs, shooting for the engine etc. Hell 37mm struggles with heavy tanks all the same. Since we have this imagination pen in game, p40 must be allowed to perform the same as the other two, ie. have the same pen as their 20s (or give us p400 with 20s). As it is now one nation cant do something the other two can, disbalance against the p40 is much more sever that against Pe and Me. It not sudden, p40 is next to unplayable, P38 has it easy, US are underdogs in one category and top dog in the other, thats asymmetrical balance. If by "deceptioned" you mean equipped (?) i dont see why are things much "much worse" because the US have heavy fighters, what more people play them? Most US pilots i know dont even queue with p40s, so either way you'd get more people playing them. what about the rest of my reply to you? Are you just gonna ignore the points made there? Because thats essentially you absolutely agreeing with them, that or you have no idea how to respond, which is imho worse...
  9. @TorakWolf Im not sure if youre talking to me but, sure ill reply to you m8. If you had spent any time in plane whining threads and i know you have b/c ive answered you personally before, you'd know im the first one advocating bringing all med and all heavy fighters to a balance (but at no condition just one of the two) oh look i did it in this very page too! What a coincidence, one might think im actually objective about this... Good on you for killing jeeps with the 7mm, strangely the game is hell bent on displaying "armor too thick" or "impact angle too high" when i shoot them with teh .50, sure every some will pen, but the 20mms always pen. And jeeps are just one small part of the problem, APCR 20s will pen tanks of any thickness, APCs, IFVs, jeeps, trucks, AAA vehicles, motorcycles etc. P-40 cant . The difference is too big, 2 nations can do something one cant, at least Pe and Me can decimate a p38 if they play carefully, it still takes them the same time, again not saying thyere even, thanks to the fact that the p38 can outstall them, BUT in terms of firepower theyre on equal footing, p40 isnt with the other medium fighters, firstly because it takes too much time to kill enemy planes in comparison with vice versa (even if you fly magnificently, enemy planes armed with cannons can plink away at you, hitting every odd shot, taking 3 or 4 bars off your health for each hit, sooner or later they get you, while it takes so much longer for you to bring them down even when hitting all) " Anyways, not expecting much from someone who tries to strafe troops with displaced guns armed with AP. Put HE on it and lets talk about strafing. " You need to work on your reading comprehension skills, when i say p40s guns and bombs are only good for trolling individual infamen, its obviously in a disapproving tone. I dont get any pleasure from griefing one poor guy running through a field. Put HE on and lets talk about strafing? No m8, id rather shoot vehicles and tanks trying to stop an enemy advance than ruin some newcomers day by harassing him while he runs through a field Almost, excpet the 109 can first soften the tank up with his 20s and finish him off with the bomb. Or drop it approximately close. Or just drop it approximately close to a jeep and pop that too. Am i to assume you absolutely agree with everything else ive said in that post since you chose to retort to that one thing?
  10. 1000 rounds that you cant do anything with. Plink at enemy fighters? Harass a single infa man? Apart from that? Cant even pen vehicles with most shots. Also 6 useless bombs that you can use again to troll single infantrymen. They cant destroy light tanks in one direct hit. Its nowhere close to its rl load out (up to 2k lbs) or a B17 thats dropping 500lbs in numbers (500lbs bomb is what a p38 is carrying, not 100% on that might be 250s im just going by size). At this point id take a single 500lb with both hands over the pathetic 6 bombs p40 is carrying now Ive never seen you play with anything other than a tank and most of the time its HE spam vs infa or maybe recon planes if available, so it makes sense you'd oppose introducing something that can shoot back. Good thing we still have the P-38 for that.
  11. I just flew a fog + night match. I was the only one with 1 single air kill and that was a unlucky para plane (that was empty). Thats just pure boredom, all around you ink black. I watched an ally tail an enemy and put 3 hits into it, but then the enemy turned at that was it... Its boring, unappealing, just remove that shirt
  12. Its not fine its the worst medium fighter (against whatever you chose, planes, tanks, vehicles...). Its only evened out by having the best heavy (p38) as long as this balance stands its a begrudging ok from me, since id rather see p40 brought on par with the other two and Me and Pe on par with p38 , but neither without the other.
  13. Id like to see this or, imho even better, heals "clicks" one by one like a mechanic repairs BUT you can only heal people up to second level of HP (for the rest they need to find a med box) as i think it would mitigate the danger of campers re-healing ad infinitum
  14. Pff amateurs yesterday i got put in a match just in time to give the score (star rating) i literally didnt have 1 second to play *****/***** would have my queue time wasted again
  15. Same, and if someone damages you or your vehicle you get the quick report option. Not like FF is allowed in the game...