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  1. Yeah youre right, cant wait for Reto to introduce 75mm KwK HE Gehwehr 43 and minengeschoss mp40...not to mention MiG29 for SU and AT-AT for the US....will compliment the jetpack update real nice....
  2. Absolutely agree I usually play a HSG, non-ninja para and still drop into hot zones unhit 90% of the time, sure you have to do a bit of sky-dancing but its not that hard and most of the time you get to drop near/behind unsuspecting enemies. Paras shouldnt be able to ninja on one hand on the other should get insta-spawn on para planes, because spawning just after the plane has passed the zone or when it just started burning is bs, just as much as ninja dropping 5 cm from the ground
  3. Ive trained a few people that have played the game a bit previously, these are some of the the things they didnt know: -Losing a line loses resources on that line. The idea that lines have different spawns on them for starters is by large unknown to new players -The fact that you can see remaining spawns within match and plan accordingly -How lines work at all, some people didnt know why losing O2 in for.airfl. meant automatically losing church in some configurations. Some people didnt know losing A2 stops cap of A3 -Why dont the defenders win after their bar has filled up (they arent holding all O points) -Why using grenades is the worst thing you can do to your earnings (tbh this is very unclear, when i first started off i was basically a walking suicide bomber, using nade badge to pack up more nades on my body AND using 2 diff nade types in 2 slots (whats that 10 or 12 nades?) and being pissed off for earning no credits at all, all because auto-repair was on and noone told me how much nades cost...) Then we have the PlayersHelpEN visitors favourite question: how to play/how play/how/match not starting, because noone tells you that when youre low lvl you can only play Depot and you have to wait for other low lvl players (and dont get me started on finer points of modding) And many many more that frustrate or confuse new players into leaving. A good tutorial IS needed, as long as its good and clear and tells people to not get angry if they lose to OP germany because Germany is op and too easy to play
  4. Its called "tinnitus" you can google whatever you need from there Mawp mawp mawp
  5. Its definitely not legit, no matter how good you are, if you are attacking points you will die, even with the best of aim, a lucky headshot, bomb, tank shell, something will find you...Ive seen such k/ds with scoped weapons from people hiding in bushes, and that i can understand happening, but what you described seems to me a pretty clear case, especially since theres a widely available and very publicly advertised aimbot+radarhack mix, though i wont say more about it as to not advertise it, Reto support page says openly they know about it (and theyre doing their best to stop it). Its the reality of staged, you get cheaters, one weekend there was a headshot cheat ad i saw several people running around with pistols scoring 50 headshots in 53 kills and things like that, thankfully Reto stopped that one after just 3 days, afaik. Just report them and move on
  6. Ethnic cleansing is a world apart from genocide. Those are two distinctly different war crimes. One can be boiled down to forceful removal of a certain group from a certain area, while genocide requires an intention to kill all members of a certain group or at least a big number of those members. As you can see ethnic cleansing does not involve killing nor large-scale atrocities. All sides in the Yugo conflict performed ethnic cleansing to a degree, non performed genocide, as per the ITCY verdict. Also all sides claimed they were reacting to the atrocities by the others. I never said they shouldnt be analyzed together as a bigger picture, i was talking about the cause of both wars separately, because both were caused by different events, and neither can be blamed on Serbia. Even if you hold to the outdated ideas that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the sole cause of ww1, which is well refuted by actual historians and historical facts in the video ive attached, proposing that Kingdom of Yugoslavia, let alone Serbia had anything to do with the start of ww2 is beyond laughable. I wrote 100% to avoid explaining the grading system of my country, since even the simplest of readers can understand that 100% means top score. That being said its rather ignorant, and funny, that you say that Universities that use % systems for grading are a laughing stock, considering how that system is used to various extent in many of Europes oldest and best universities. Your opinion on this is subjective therefore void. There was one shooting in the parliament with several dead. A quick search on the other thing you mentioned yielded no results (. Except for Ante Pavelic, the leader of fascism in Croatia that colaborated with nazis, opened concentration camps, supported awful atrocities, and certainly deserved to be assassinated. Searching for Einstein denouncing Serbia yielded one, very interesting result, it seems Einsteins first wife was a Serbian woman. Having two children with her he certainly seems to have embraced the Serbs :D: An absolutely wrong stance. Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by one young man in Bosnia, not by one nation and if you take the time to watch teh youtube link ive provided, so i dont have to retype all what that historian said, you'll see how far from guilty the Kingdom of Serbia was in ww1. Was there a conflict of interest over Bosnia with Austro-Hungary? Yes. Was Austro-Hungary hell bent on starting a war? Yes. check point proven. Only Germany was interested in circumventing the Treaty of Versailles (Britain was interested to let them, for economic reasons) and it did, well before ww2 stated, but it kept pushing further until ww2 started, lead by Hitler. The fact that Hitler succeeded in making the Treaty of Versailles in effect null, well before ww2, is an important argument when tackling the idea that teh Treaty was the cause off ww2. It wasn't (if it were, ww2 wouldnt have happened as the Treaty wasnt respected by Germany for some while, when ww2 happened). Hitlers expansionist politics was. Either way, all this has nothing to do with Serbia, so yeah, your idea of it being responsible for ww2 by extension is, to put it mildly, laughable. Do you have one single shred of evidence to support this claim? Because no atrocities happened in the interregnum, Kingdom of Yugoslavia had its political problems, that were being resolved by Croatia being given more and more autonomy. Even during ww1 Kingdom of Serbia provided incredible levels of cooperation with international institutions and organizations, and a great respect for human rights, and the proof of this can be found in Charles Vopickas memoirs "Secret of the Balkans" that i stumbled upon while preparing my paper. Vopicka was a US diplomat that came to investigate the conditions of POW in Serbia during ww1 on the request of Austria and Germany. He was heading an international commission that found an admirable degree of humanity in the treatement of these POWs in Serbia, and you can read about it here for free in chapter VI, page 51. Hopefully him being an official of your country lends him some credibility in your eyes. I answered your post about Ustasa (Croatian fascists) not about Waffen-SS, however talking about the Waffen-SS you say that " the organization itself wasn't implicated and had no history" which reveals that you have no idea that after the war the SS organisation as a whole was held to be a criminal organization by the post-war German government, as well as in the Nuremberg trials. And the "few incidents" that you mention seem to downplay things like human experimentation for which some members of the Waffen-SS were convicted of during the Doctors Trials or several massacres like the Ochota massacre that saw 10 000 dead, or Maille, Le Paradis, Tulle etc etc. Not to mention organizing and conducting the rounding up and transportation of Jews. 99.9% pure military record? Yeah idk how badly the quality of education at West point has deteriorated (if you even went there) for you to have these ideas, but i implore you to educate yourself furthere. Blurting out such unbased opinions that can be refuted by a quick google search and presenting such lax standards for one of the worst organizations in human history just serves to paint you as a nazi sympathizer at best, which is a very very bad light.
  7. Misguided thought stated as if it were a fact. Ethnic cleansing between the two world wars in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. You wot m8? I see how knowledgable in history you are. Do you even know what ethnic cleansing is? By political assassination i assume you mean the one that happened in their parliament? How is this one shooting justifying Croatia siding with the nazis and performing atrocities beyond what even the nazis though extreme? (as previously mentioned Edmund Glaise-Horstenau noted about Croatia in ww2) Your reading skills need more work, i clearly said i did a paper for Uni = University, what it was was a diplomatic analysis of the Yugoslav conflicts. I scored a 100% on it, passed Diplomacy as a subject with flying colours thanks in part to that paper. For one to make a complete diplo analysis of an issue, one must find roots of the situation, in this case reading up on the history, past the Ottoman conquest of the Serbian Empire (Croatia being a part of Hungary then for some time) but more precisely of the 19th and 20th century. Now i dont claim to be an expert by any length, and certainly all 3 (or 4 if you include ethnic Albanians) sides in the conflict had nationalistic motivations and there is no clear side from a moral standpoint. However to ignore the fact (and tensions that it sprang later on) that the Croatians in ww1 and ww2, but especially in ww2 as an independent state, committed serious crimes against humanity against serbian, jewish and roma population, the scope of which had not been received by them from those groups before and to completely diminish Croatian crimes against humanity in the Yugoslav civil war, while no side is clear of guilt, tells me you are either very uninformed on the subject or non-objective, be it that you are Croatian or for some other reason harbour negative emotions towards Serbs. The way you put it in the other topic, proposing that " Basically the Croats rebelled against the Serbs who started WWI (and by extension perhaps WWII) and in their wisdom the allies granted Serbia a bloated state as a reward " is laughable, as well as very misguided. Serbia started ww2 by extension? Did they put Hitler in power? Invade Poland? It wasnt even in the war at the time when France fell. As someone who supposedly studied history, you should be well aware that historians should remain objective, saying that Serbia (for all its later faults) started even ww1 reveals an outdated, Austro-Hungarain propagandist view of the war. Maybe this, excellent series, but in particular this episode might shed some light on the issue for you: You may add Mary Queen of the Scots to the list for all i care, from your comments its clear to me that IF you really did major in European history your knowledge is severely lacking in the areas we've touched here My my what do we have here? A big 'ol scoop of hypocrisy. At least in my previous posts i offered all the arguments pertaining to the gameplay, none of which you even tried to challenge, but instead chose to talk about me trough the whole post. See how you did the very thing you accused me of? What you did is the very definition of ad hominem. Must be tough being dismissed by someone with "weak logical and rhetorical skills"...
  8. Nah mate, youre just salty because i called you out on your lack of knowledge on the locked NKVD thread. Even a slight browse through my previous posts will reveal that if im guilty of anything its making walls of text detailing the reasoning behind my opinions. Besides the OP wasnt complaining about weapons systems, US tanks or US LMGs but about pilots scoring a lot of kills. Taking that into account i think i answered reasonably, yeah pilots get a lot of kills and XP when they dont face opposition, but they are not too useful for winning the match Btw, one might argue that US heavy planes are superior, but light ones? Not so much. Ah you are right i didnt pay attention to spawns counter. But it still doesnt change the fact that the Ger side is winning, with 75 inf to go. From what ive seen tank number imbalance can influence a match far more than plane number imbalance. That being said, im against any kind of imbalance (except in War) so...
  9. Interesting how you fail to mention that "basically the Croats rebelled against the Serbs" were in fact performing atrocities even worse than the nazis in their concentration camps and in general against all "untermensch" but especially Serbs, to a point where the nazi plenipotentiary Edmund Glaise-Horstenau reported that "We should not forget that the inventors of concentrations camps were the British during the Boer War. However, these camps have reached the height of hideousness here in Croatia, under the Poglavnik [Ustasha leader] installed by us. The greatest of all evils must be Jasenovac, which no ordinary mortal can glimpse". Now if a nazi official is basically saying that the atrocites there are Hell on Earth, you know things are bad. There are more detailed testimonials available but im not gonna pollute the forum with stories that are available even on wiki for more curious people You also seem to not know that Austro-Hungarian empire to the encouragement of Germany was the one who started ww1... or that Kingdom of Yugo came to be when the short-lived state of Slovenes Croats and Serbs asked to join Kingdom of Serbia, or how Croatia within Kingdom of Serbia had immense liberties including an offer of independence that the Croatian representative turned down Finally, talking about ethnic cleansing, while many decisions are still being awaited from the ICTY, it is generally accepted (within international criminal law community) that the Operation Storm conducted by Croatian forces in Croatia angainst the Serbian minority, constitutes one of the greatest ethnic cleansing operation in Europe after ww2, and it was considered such in many of the ICTYs trials. Bosnian Serbs, just like Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Muslims, did conduct ethnic cleansing in their parts of Bosnia in the Bosnian civil war, however the part that was ethnically cleansed by Bosnian Serbs is today still part of Bosnian Federation and not Serbia... Sooo maybe read some books sometimes before forming such ignorant opinions? The sad thing is, i only looked into these matters while doing a paper for Uni, about the civil wars in Yugo in the '90s so, one might say my knowledge on the subject is quite basic, im sure someone from those countries could offer even more information, yet even i know better than what you wrote in the quote up there...
  10. Apart from not understanding most of the post, it seems to me youre complaining about the US being OP while providing a screenie of them having 9 troops on the ground to fight your...18? and out of those 9 the last 4 are having 0 contribution to the match, so in effect you have to cap against 5 people.... Yeah their planes have 0 deaths, as planes tend to when there are no enemy planes around but if you lost that match that would be an incredible feat of incompetence, and the point of the game is to win, not to not-die. Not like anyone can see your k/d anyways...
  11. Tbh ive quit playing alltogether for now, i can get games, but fps drops, microstutters, crashes....its just not enjoyable...
  12. @RZ2000 is the best method airfield town O3? If you go up couple of windows and land on a jeep, you are on roughly 1 bar of healthier and you can heal yourself or some friends!
  14. phrasing
  15. objective, argumented and literate, 10/10 quality response.