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  1. Nah mate, youre just salty because i called you out on your lack of knowledge on the locked NKVD thread. Even a slight browse through my previous posts will reveal that if im guilty of anything its making walls of text detailing the reasoning behind my opinions. Besides the OP wasnt complaining about weapons systems, US tanks or US LMGs but about pilots scoring a lot of kills. Taking that into account i think i answered reasonably, yeah pilots get a lot of kills and XP when they dont face opposition, but they are not too useful for winning the match Btw, one might argue that US heavy planes are superior, but light ones? Not so much. Ah you are right i didnt pay attention to spawns counter. But it still doesnt change the fact that the Ger side is winning, with 75 inf to go. From what ive seen tank number imbalance can influence a match far more than plane number imbalance. That being said, im against any kind of imbalance (except in War) so...
  2. Interesting how you fail to mention that "basically the Croats rebelled against the Serbs" were in fact performing atrocities even worse than the nazis in their concentration camps and in general against all "untermensch" but especially Serbs, to a point where the nazi plenipotentiary Edmund Glaise-Horstenau reported that "We should not forget that the inventors of concentrations camps were the British during the Boer War. However, these camps have reached the height of hideousness here in Croatia, under the Poglavnik [Ustasha leader] installed by us. The greatest of all evils must be Jasenovac, which no ordinary mortal can glimpse". Now if a nazi official is basically saying that the atrocites there are Hell on Earth, you know things are bad. There are more detailed testimonials available but im not gonna pollute the forum with stories that are available even on wiki for more curious people You also seem to not know that Austro-Hungarian empire to the encouragement of Germany was the one who started ww1... or that Kingdom of Yugo came to be when the short-lived state of Slovenes Croats and Serbs asked to join Kingdom of Serbia, or how Croatia within Kingdom of Serbia had immense liberties including an offer of independence that the Croatian representative turned down Finally, talking about ethnic cleansing, while many decisions are still being awaited from the ICTY, it is generally accepted (within international criminal law community) that the Operation Storm conducted by Croatian forces in Croatia angainst the Serbian minority, constitutes one of the greatest ethnic cleansing operation in Europe after ww2, and it was considered such in many of the ICTYs trials. Bosnian Serbs, just like Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Muslims, did conduct ethnic cleansing in their parts of Bosnia in the Bosnian civil war, however the part that was ethnically cleansed by Bosnian Serbs is today still part of Bosnian Federation and not Serbia... Sooo maybe read some books sometimes before forming such ignorant opinions? The sad thing is, i only looked into these matters while doing a paper for Uni, about the civil wars in Yugo in the '90s so, one might say my knowledge on the subject is quite basic, im sure someone from those countries could offer even more information, yet even i know better than what you wrote in the quote up there...
  3. Apart from not understanding most of the post, it seems to me youre complaining about the US being OP while providing a screenie of them having 9 troops on the ground to fight your...18? and out of those 9 the last 4 are having 0 contribution to the match, so in effect you have to cap against 5 people.... Yeah their planes have 0 deaths, as planes tend to when there are no enemy planes around but if you lost that match that would be an incredible feat of incompetence, and the point of the game is to win, not to not-die. Not like anyone can see your k/d anyways...
  4. DONT move along. These things slip by so easy, like in War Thunder where Gaijin has introduced a reduced gain for ever next kill you score to a point where scoring anything over 5 kills was a waste of time, because the 6th kill yielded almost 0XP and SL (currency of the game). People found out, groveled a bit on the forums, it blew over and? Today WT suffers from one of the worst grindfests in online gaming, thanks to people "moving along" dont be a passive submissive sheep even if you have a stash of creds (like i do)
  5. Tbh ive quit playing alltogether for now, i can get games, but fps drops, microstutters, crashes....its just not enjoyable...
  6. @RZ2000 is the best method airfield town O3? If you go up couple of windows and land on a jeep, you are on roughly 1 bar of healthier and you can heal yourself or some friends!
  8. phrasing
  9. objective, argumented and literate, 10/10 quality response.
  10. PM me the secret then Oh completely missed the joke huh? Sorry for the interruption the rest of you serious posters, you can continue your opinion laden and ultimately unproductive discussion now
  11. So you even quoted me when i said scoped Gerbil43 +smg. Key word here being scoped, because unscoped, all SAs are about the same, m1 Gayrandy has better ironsights and SwedishVirginTrampler40 is a bit more silent than the other two, but thats about it (except i feel like Genital43 has a better hip fire, but that just might be me, since i didnt use it a lot as a hip fire gun). Its the geezer43s scope that gives it an amazing range of attack from relatively close to sniper-like complemented with a smg that makes it an amazing combination, coupled with Gentry43s good rate of fire it becomes a real easy combination to use. your scopes solution is fine by me
  12. Wasnt bait, go back and reread, im trying to do a Yahtzee (Crosshaw)-esque twisting... And i clearly said the combination of scoped Groundhog43 and smg is OP so.. this serves as a reply to @gameguru09 too. Yeah g43 alone isnt op. Nothing, im talking about Gehwehr 43
  13. Please mind your writing, this isnt a thread for intelligent conversation!
  14. @RZ2000 and yeah yeah i didnt phrase it well, i meant it has 100% accuracy ON the T of the T-post, no matter if you rapidly fire the gun, something thats lacking in say assault rifles. With the G you always hit where you point the T. (by other scoped things i didnt inclued BAs, just to be clear, as they obviously are 100% precise when you use the scope) For scoped SA it is, so...and if you can hit once at that range you can hit 2 and 3, Much harder with lower magnification scopes I am, but can i be more blunt? As ive said it wouldnt be such an OP combination if you couldnt bring a smg along with the Gremlin43, but you can and what you get is a loadout where you have one gun covering long, medium and up to a degree close, range, with 2HK and very nice ROF + a cqc weapon with good ROF if someone creeps close to you. With this combination you can cover ranges from 0-300-400m effectively, with good movement and placement, you can rake up kills easily No i am truly glad people noticed i twisted Geronimo43s name