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  1. ChucrutzSPBR

    M2A2 is OP

    Being destroyed by a M2A2 easily. I tried everything. Shot at barrel, gun, every "weak" spot and for my surprise, he destroyed me. Btw i was on a Panther. Sounds good?
  2. ChucrutzSPBR

    Here are some additional data for you.

    Once again: RETO, TURN THE AR OFF!
  3. ChucrutzSPBR

    What's With The New Point Capture Time?

    Just come back the way it was, geez! Why mess with this now. It was working just fine. RETO gives a step foward on the armor 2.0 and two steps back with capture timer.
  4. ChucrutzSPBR

    FIX for the RTS

    Just start disabling the AR s...t! TURN IT OFF FOR GOD SAKE!
  5. ChucrutzSPBR

    Get H&G back on Track

    Just turn off the AR s.......t! It kills the RTS
  6. ChucrutzSPBR

    Help crush a bug and win!

    Gentleman, I have played 3 battles. 1) I had the rejoin bug on prototype server follow: /M 8353172742150671080 /P 2336313477827118245 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 8474379412653713719 /V 151617 /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=8474379412653713719::MuUyoMzpQ740Oynqo75lAWgB45c" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=0" /R "render.enable_pbr=0" While driving that was what happened: Vehicle: Type 166 2) Works fine 3) While capturing a message appeared like already described on a post by another member of this forum. Overall keep doing the great job. My personal opinion is that no changes is required for tanks and planes. Now requires more strategic and not just going around blowing up tanks like water balloons. And planes are just fine too. Now the infantry and tanks has a chance to fight it back.
  7. ChucrutzSPBR

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Reto team, congratulation. There are many bugs to fix yet, but overall, i am enjoying the new mechanics and others stuff. Keep going. These has changed the gameplay and now more strategic is required just not driving around to blowing up things with simple shoots or grenades. Need a team play. In war tanks now real DOES the diference even with planes on the other side.
  8. ChucrutzSPBR


    Now the fun is over. Back to AR....
  9. ChucrutzSPBR

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Handling - Round 2

    MAP: Mountain Town Faction: United States Class: Tanker Model: Chafee 1) I was under the railtrack trying to shoot a tank on the other side of the river (see Picture A and B - the tank was not there anymore - destroyed by another). When i have shot, the bullet go straigth then suddendly went up like shown on picutes C and D. Picture A Picture B Picture C Picture D
  10. ChucrutzSPBR

    Test Release Candidate 2 of update 1.12 NOW and win prizes!

    After a few maps played, quick brief: 1) Map: Foward airfield a) Multiple sound issues (ex.: sound low or muffled); b) Civilian truck when hit by a car or tank looks like a rubber - keeps kicking and rolling (thats fun); c) Other truck as American ones has the same reaction as described on item b) d) I saw a Messerschimit crashes directly to a flaming tank and did nothing. Only when the plane hit the groud it has explosed. And the pilot has survived (!!); e) Wrench (minor bug) - When you start repairing the bar stick's comes up and down until is full 2) Map: Airfield a) Russian tank BT-7 when shoot and hit your tank, the sound looks like a sniper were shooting at you or even a pTRD. When you realize your armor is almost done; b) Multiple sound issues (ex.: sound low or muffled) c) Wrench (minor bug) - When you start repairing the bar stick's comes up and down until is full And it is very fast the SdKfz Kettenkrad HK101 - Hell fast! - I like it. Overall - VERY APPROVED the new armor and respawn (deploy) system. Congratulations. Hope that will bring more players back and new ones.
  11. ChucrutzSPBR

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    Congratulations RETO, anxiously to see it working fully. If people criticizes is that they want the better. And keep with AR system OFF on WAR!
  12. If you put AR on Skirmish and encounter it will return the SU mode play. No battles, only AR. What the games need is more players on WAR battles. A part of them are playing staged. Reto needs to find a way to make these people play more war battles. Clarify better the benefits of it. Some marketing on that.
  13. Gentleman, Have you noticed that a single parachute AT is blocking a city for more than 1 hour? Any comments? When it will be fixed? RTS is already broken and now this bug. Just take a look on the map. Ex.: City: Gournay-en-Bray - Battle duration: +7 hours - One single AT blocking more than 9.7k troops City: Paris - Battle duration: +4 hours and so on and on Ps.: I have not found any topic related to this issue here and on Strategy game & lobby talk
  14. ChucrutzSPBR

    War is too short

    RTS is broken Headshot system is broken Rambos x Tanks are broken Is reto broken?