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  1. After the last few wars, let's see. Make your bet!
  2. War is now broken.

    During this time: 1) Installation of battleye made some players quit; 2) Perhaps some players abusing on their macro mouses making others players quitting the game since there is no counter-measure for such thing; 3) Another one is GE always surrounded by both factions and there are lesser quantities of cities between major cities making it easy to others factions to advance into GE area. On the other hand to go through the East and conquer major cities are more hard due the number of towns on its path. 4) Lots of GE generals quitting playing and the new players has no interest creating troops since it is very hard nowdays to farm warfunds and have greaters number of ATs etc etc etc....
  3. Since i Joined HnG on 2015, people say about this armor 2.0, it is more than a tale for me. No good expectations. Airplanes, well, there are no good AA against them but for the recon planes. Even a medium or heavy tank cannot take down fighter or heavy fighters planes that are using flak jacket. It is hard to hit a plane with tank and when you do that, you need to hope that the player are not using it. Infantry, well, what to say about these insane HS taken over and over? I am just waiting the release of others games like Hell Let loose, BF V and others to test it and then who knows, become a former HnG player. I still have some hope on HnG, but patience has it limits.
  4. The HS are insane. Killing the gameplay! Do something RETO!
  5. US Army AT Boycott?

  6. US Army AT Boycott?

    Thank US faction players. My badge of war victory appreciates!
  7. Excelente tópico!
  8. Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    Congratulations RETO for the reliable anti-cheat system. Whose complain are the ones where can not use anymore a "helping program". Minor bugs will appear when installing software. This a common thing and there is a team to fix it. I am glad to say that i will stay a little bit longer playing this game with this enhancement of the anti-cheat! Thanks RETO TEAM!
  9. Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    Congratulations RETO! Now i am very confident playing a game with reliable anti-cheat system. I have already notice that some "good" players are average ones or even did not connect yet. Thanks! Now I may spend more hours playing the game in the next upcoming months!
  10. AP Mines: Why Bother?

    Leave the way it is. If your team mate cannot see the AP, he is blind or noob. On the other hand, AT should be as expensive as AP.
  11. Tanks are getting realistic values!!!

    Yeah, it is impossible to play as tank with those Rambo AT players. Simple as that: A tank player destroy in a battle 8 tanks. In the same battle a RAMBO AT player destroys 13 or more. So a tank player who is meant to destroy tanks cannot do it, in the other hand a infantry can easily destroy as many tanks as he wants and it is just a single infantry. Well balanced and developers does not give a light about this matter. I am waiting to see infantry take down planes as easy as it does with tanks. By now infantry can easily take down a fighter recon plane with a simple machine gun. I am looking foward when infantry would take down easily fighter planes then heavy planes. Just waiting reto do this upgrades. Thanks for it.
  12. Yeah, probably people are aware of that, but how is it possible to play as paratrooper when you have planes on the same match? It can obliterate easily the transport plane in seconds. Yeah, seconds. Ok, so we need to rely on others players with pilots. Once again, how can players fight against the P38 massive pilots? We could rely on tanks to take down airplanes but again a Medium or even a heavy tank, with a 88 mm or 75 mm cannon are unable to take it down with one shot. And no, it is not easy to hit a plane with a tank. It is kind difficult to think that a plane would resist against a heavy artillery like these. Meanwhile you can not play as paratroopers because pilots are kicking the planes down. Hopefully you can only play as paratrooper if you team has the pilots upper-hand / superiority.
  13. Defend and earn more experience

    Thank you for fixing the bug, despite of all the whining.
  14. A procura de clã

    Maioria é alemã, mas tem o pessoal tem as outras também
  15. Your overall K/D

    Well i assumed that this score is a sum of all your stats and influence in the overall game (matchs, war, etc). Good question tough. Maybe a DEV could answer that more precisely.