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  1. ChucrutzSPBR

    1.15 - THE WAR UPDATE

    Meanwhile not even a message from reto team that they are working to fix those insane bugs and malfunctions. Hope that they will try to find way to compensate players
  2. ChucrutzSPBR

    How Germany has won last war?

    Nope. Germany won since yesterday but somehow it has bugged. RETO just made what was right to do. Stop complaining and enjoy a war played by battles not from AR crap
  3. ChucrutzSPBR

    M4A3E8 skin bug?

    I had the same issue. Before starting a battle i had to unmark and mark again the camouflage, that Works. Need to do it every time.
  4. ChucrutzSPBR


    Just disable the AR. Simple as that
  5. That i what we have been discussing at Strategic Game talk. I would advice you to move or copy paste your considerations into there. Btw, i have stopped deploying and agree. RETO shall do something and Turn off the AR, at least.
  6. ChucrutzSPBR

    Please put out the Auto Resolve

    Why deploy with AR running?
  7. So your nerfed MP40 / STG and BUFFED again M1919. Would mind to check your statitics for the use of M1919 on the last few days? Why magically lots of players are using it?
  8. ChucrutzSPBR

    Petition to turn AR off again

    turn off the AR. Why should i spend a penny deploying troops with gold? I do not have plenty of time to manage it with this AR on and then get my troops encircle cause i did not play/move a day. With AR off at least we might have a chance to get our troops played in a battle then being AutoResolved. Wondering when a new game will come up. Hell let loose is coming. Be prepared for a massive disband. And it does not have RTS. I will mention again: RTS is the core of this game. Do something or you gonna loose players.
  9. ChucrutzSPBR

    Tanks are ultimately bad for the game.

    PLay war and get out from staged battles. There is the real fun. And btw when into a warbattle, use your best soldier. Use only staged for leveling it up. Cheers have fun with tanks, planes, recon, soldier and paratrooper. If you wanna play only as soldeir, play encounter or in the other hand go for other games as Counter strike for kids.
  10. ChucrutzSPBR

    Petition to turn AR off again

    +1 turn this s.... off!
  11. ChucrutzSPBR

    auto resolve

    Just disable this s....t OFF!
  12. ChucrutzSPBR

    M2A2 is OP

    When reto will take na action about this issue? M2A2 armor does not take any damage! Fix it!
  13. ChucrutzSPBR

    M2A2 is OP

    Being destroyed by a M2A2 easily. I tried everything. Shot at barrel, gun, every "weak" spot and for my surprise, he destroyed me. Btw i was on a Panther. Sounds good?
  14. ChucrutzSPBR

    Here are some additional data for you.

    Once again: RETO, TURN THE AR OFF!