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  1. Visc

    US TeamSpeak/Discord

    throwback to pre-2020 when there was USA teamspeak.
  2. Visc

    will RETO ever do something about traitors in war?

    Traitors? bro its a game..
  3. Visc

    EU server is just pure trash

    Euro trash be like
  4. Visc

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    Ur the game changer. !
  5. Visc

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    most of those players can’t even obtain a 1.5 K/D feels like a sleeper match... I want Vengeice and Flakpanzer
  6. It’s not one “genius” it’s multiple.... called “game developers”
  7. Visc

    Captured Mods

    I can’t wait for captured vehicles. I can’t wait to flip other Tiger IIs with my own !!! Great Job Devs!!!!
  8. Visc

    Optimized??? Or not??

    I think optimization should’ve been a priority for 2017-2020 but clearly it hasn’t been and it won’t be done for a while
  9. Visc

    Time to say goodbay

    Game has been terrible for like 2 years.
  10. Visc

    The salty welcome back I was looking for.

    Hoops the Humble Salt Miner 😧
  11. Visc

    Hades Hyped Me

    I think that photo was meant for next Christmas, don’t expect a update like that for a long while. Expect more camo’s
  12. Visc

    hackers, a lot of them

    Macros have been common for a while, pretty sure the Anti-Cheat Reto has in place is really not good at catching Macros.
  13. Visc

    Any plans to fix the rocks?

    They have talked about people reporting them to bug hunters/ reporting them
  14. Visc

    Snowy maps.

    I think implementing the snowy maps last year was a great decision and it really fit the aesthetic it was going for.