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  1. or this one, a whole area rendered unpassable to anything but on foot, pretty flat otherwise Factory, near A1 Factory, B1 south approach Factory, near C2 Mountain town, near O2 A3 spawn Not to mention the hovering sandbags near O2, those anyone with eyes has seen already (the ones you can shoot underneath them)
  2. It does, offering more diverse gameplay, a different set of choices, benefits and penalties. A LMG is at the limit of what a man can carry (not to say use on the run), so it should play different than a SMG, different than a semiauto etc. It's not for CQB. You equip one, you mean to play supporting your squad. I find the LMG's are near useless now, I actually prefer waltzing around with a reasonable pistol than using them, and that's a shame, I have very nice memories of "before"
  3. Nah, it won't be anywhere near that bad. Your best anti sniper defense is continuous movement while in the open and actually using sound(as bugged as it is) to locate buggers before they see you. I'm playing a lot of infantry these days, enemy snipers cause less deaths than infantry or tanks. And they stay put somewhere and, while interdicting some lanes, would not move their asses into the capture points. Let there be 10 snipers in the enemy team, that war match will be over in 3 minutes, about as fast as you can drive, capture, drive, capture, game over, thanks. While we get the girls, they get the 1-2k per match.
  4. LMGs are not weapons you can aim like a rifle while standing, the weight and recoil are too heavy. Sure you can hipfire (not instantly) but remove aimed LMG fire unless on bipod, in which case the weapon needs to be pretty stable, like in those shameless nice videos
  5. EneCtin

    Goal: Attracting new players

    "Loan" new players a Jeep and a SMG with all improvements, so they get fast and furious in the middle of the fray. And access to all maps, those big maps allow diverse gameplay. This loan is for 2 weeks, by which time the player will have enough funds to buy himself the same hardware and continue. Plus, this loan can be a reason to send emails to that player, with whatever message, real message being come play some more. Imho, forcing new players through the small maps and no equipment grinder is counterproductive. And yes, bonuses for doing tasks is really good incentive to get new players involved. Just don't be money pinching your fake gold currency, reto, that currency is only as good as the number of players you have. Loan the necessary hardware for like 5 matches, after undertaking some challenge.
  6. Oh, two more things: - the title should have been FIGHTING TO DIMINISH QUEUE TIME - this way the wales keep their monopoly but everybody can keep on the map one or two units and feel they participate in war, at least with infantry
  7. Part of the troops and vehicles you capture could be used towards the resupply of your ATs. For example, those 36inf 12bikes. I'm seeing 20-40 captured troops per match. If 10% of those (2-4 troops per match) would count towards my AT resupply, in about 10 matches I'd have enough troops for deploying that poor man's unit without waiting one day minimum. Concerning bikes, idk, maybe capture enemy vehicles, perhaps? PS. tried now to deploy one of those basic units, I'm the gazillionth in queue. Screw it!!!
  8. When a recon shot you, you're dead. Big deal. Though i have HSG on most my characters, i never use it and don't feel handicapped in any way. Much more important for me is to deliver consistent damage, whatever the weapon in my hand. HS complicates weapon damage balancing to infernal levels: how to adjust so many weapons just so HSG. HSS remain meaningfull? It is a development dead end and a crutch. It is also candy for vet membership but, as I said already, you can do without just fine. Sign me up, scotty,
  9. EneCtin

    link to latest dev talk

    It's a few days now since this latest talk but i can't find a dratted link for it that'll work. Is it on youtube already? Twitch won't run on my tablet
  10. Push came to shove on our end, boyz! Or, the gauntlet has been thrown to our face. Whichever suits you. Don't shrink from work, take those screenshots and post the links. Someone needs just break the ice. Others will start piping in with their contributions shortly after that. PS. I'd have done just that already, were I anywhere near my PC those days.. (some time later) Just a few examples, some worse than the others, none good Mountain Town map -near B2 spawn img1, img2 -between B2- B1, on open ground, infantry trap, cannot get out of that one, movement loop img3 - near C1 spawn C1a, C1b I won't refer to holes in obviously rocky places (those are natural, to some extent) but the examples above are in open ground, localized, not resembling the terrain in that zone. Usually they are near roads, as a mean to force movement along the roads. They appeared, afaik, after the speed of the vehicles was increased from those ridiculous values just after the vehicles update. In my opinion, they are a probability based delaying tactic, vehicle speed being up again, you cannot but loose time in one of those holes, so the transit time is the same.
  11. I really can't decide if he's trolling or just new and hopeful... reto will probably get apoplectic just considering to implement the least 2 work-intensive items on that list. But good luck! I like the kick idea, if 70% of the team votes that way during one match, without a set timer for your input. You see some guy doing stupid things with special vehicles, give him a kickvote and move on. If others vote against him later on, his downvotes will eventually pass the threshold and he'll get kicked. And there are enough metrics to coroborate some guy yelling Kick that guy!!!! As for having 3:4 tank players on a line, that is actually preferable to having a 4th that does not play his tank conservatively, do some damage, pull back, repair wind and repeat.
  12. EneCtin

    GE = Spam based faction (Air combat)

    I said no such thing. I said if the matchmaker puts you in a absurdly unbalanced game (4 enemy planes against you alone for example) , then the enemy team won't be allowed to respawn until just 2 enemy guys remain (the "+1 what the enemy has" rule). You can do a few kamikaze runs and bring them back to 2 vs 1 easily. If no one in your team comes to help you, well, you'll have to suck it up). Only if your team would have deployed too many planes you would not be allowed to spawn another plane and be put in a waiting queue for pilot while you play whatever else is available (infantry, sniper, para, tanks whatever). When the slot becomes available you'd be notified and allowed to switch if you desire. Read again my post, I cannot be any clearer than that.
  13. EneCtin

    GE = Spam based faction (Air combat)

    I'd say progressive balancing, allow just one more special class than the enemy has at any one point. If the enemy has deployed 5 whatever, then your team can deploy 6 tops, so as to keep things fair. The reverse is, if your team spams 5 whatever against the enemy 2, no more respawns until that unballance is gone. The beauty of this is that both teams can ramp up if they wish, 4:5, 6:5,7:8 etc. or let things slide back down. A nice message when trying to spawn would solve things "Commander (....) sector to all combatants: for force conservation reasons, only x (vehicle) are allowed to be fielded at this time. Please switch class. Assistance is required in (..) capture point" The only downside to this would be that diehards that only wanna play whatever special class will effectively bar access to anyone else, if they're allowed. Maybe a spawn priority system that favours players with fewer spawns against players with more spawns. When a slot became available after having switched class, you get a message "Fighter spawn available, accept/reject" on a 5 seconds timer. Imho, it's not a matter of that plane turning better, it is a matter of not having 3planes in close pursuit, in which case you're pretty much toast. In the air this unbalance in numbers is felt much more acutely, as only planes pose a danger to you, in contradiction to anyone being able to engage you on the ground.
  14. I see no planes, APC's, tanks to compensate those lost in battle and unavailable for the next day(s) due to 50% production. Even infantry does not break even, it seems. Now, people that put effort in RTS cannot play their units even half as much as before. Also, am not sure if GOLD will enable you to play when your units are stuck in queue. What a nice nail for this man shaped box
  15. EneCtin

    Muzzle flash in tanks

    Indeed, was about to write about the Luchs cannon flash, that is blinding!