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  1. EneCtin

    Medic helmet

    Because you will have a pistol or something, a bayonette if nothing else, and when the enemy ignores you as noncombatant, I doubt you'll not take advantage and shoot/stick him in the back. Hm, sure, there could be a big penalty, like 50 points, for someone killing a medic or for a medic killing someone. Complicated. Don't quite see it working in HG
  2. EneCtin

    Medic helmet

    Simple. The object of the game is to kill the enemy team that tries to capture objectives and not to exclusively heal your wounded teammates and do mothing else. As the medic sign is visible on your team's screen, the helmet would serve only as deceit (hey, I'm harmless, I don't even have a pistol"). So, no., at least not in the current state of the medic subgame...With the < 3 mental state of many of our players, playing medic will just get you killed and frustrated.
  3. EneCtin

    Medic helmet

    In HG that medic helmet would only serve as deceit, if that. Would you play medic (no weapons, not even a sideram, just healing people)? No, I thought not. So you aim at participating offensively, so you are a combatant, not a medic. etc etc
  4. That is not whining. It's about fair and /or reasonable, and this ain't either of them. Myself am just wondering what it takes to deploy this aircraft unit. Not to mention I loathe playing that vaunted faction, so I play the next underdog one so , yeah, I am actually helping the game as much as my preconceptions allow. Solution could be simple: assume at one time there are 3 guys ordering deployment for 50 units, and 15 guys ordering the deployment of their few ATs. Make that a queue containing unit types and numbers ordered and start deploying 1 unit per player per production cycle, up to production limit. Next cycle, continue deploying from that index on, so that as many people as possible have something on the war map. if end of queue is reached before productin limit is reached that cycke, again np, start from the start of the queue again and continue deploying until prod ction limit is reached. After 3-4 cycles (in the exemple above and assuming zero stockpile), the 15 casuals have deployed as much as the 3 whales and left the queue, leaving the deployment to cycle amongst the 3 whales. This way everybody gets to action sooner, if not in force. Some other casuals add later to the end of the queue, sure, np, in 2-3 cycles they are deployed and again the whales get their full share. This does not impact the number of ATs on the map or the balance of forces or deny deployment of bought ATs. It just means everybody gets the same chance at deploying. Argue against that, people!
  5. War has ended before having had the chance to deploy my new unit. I kind of wonder "Why is it an option if it cannot be played?!?" Re-entered the queue, 413th for plane pilots, that would mean in 3 days MAYBE I will have that deployed, unless the war ends, again.. LOVE it when my predictions come true!!...and when I waste time to earn those 60k WF only to waste them this way. GJ, R!
  6. If you wish to attract people to your WAR strategic game, Reto, you might want to consider prioritizing or at least offering equal priority to small unit deployments over large deployments. Meaning people with 1-2 units (the vast majority of players, by my guess) get priority to deploy their units over people having tens or more units. Imagine a queue with all deploy orders. You might allow deployment for 1 unit per production tick from each player, up to production limit. Next turn you continue from that index on. Next turn you might get to the start of the queue again and start deploying the second unit for those that have them. After the initial influx of requests, things will settle down to deploying amongst a small number of requests You want to make your product accessible and engaging to the biggest number of players. Think only of the benefit of people having paid for an aircraft AT and having to wait about 4 (FOUR) days to deploy it. PS. My guess is you are maintaining balance by strangling pilot supply (20 pilots per 10 minutes) whereas you should do so by limiting the heavier planes production that indeed can severely impact a match. The recon planes are more of a help to the enemy team than a threat. So, again, what's the thinkin' ?
  7. Decided last night to buy and deploy a scout aircraft AT (the queue looked reasonable-ish). So, spent the dollop, queued in at about 580sh place for plane pilots last night, only to find now the place is 513thout of 588. That is after about 9 hours of pilot training. Assuming 20 pilots = 1 squadron per 10 minutes, that's 6 squadrons per hour. In the 9 hours since my unit entered queue, that would mean production of about 50 squadrons, which is about the difference between the queue starting index and the index now. Why is the pilot production so low?? 26 pilots per 10 minutes means about 140 squadrons per 24 hours real time. Translated, my 510th place in queue would mean 3.5 days waiting to play that unit (by Monday I might play my hard earned unit) Oh, WAIT, in 3.5 days the war will have already ended, and since I'll not be around when the new one starts, I'll again queue my unit at 600th place and again likely not get to play it until that next war ends. In effect, if this line of deduction is correct, planes in war are unplayable except for some whales and 24/7 guys. Argue me wrong, people!
  8. EneCtin


    Yup, placing bipods over sandbags and other obstacles (jeep, for example) will be sexy as hell. Only hope they'll fix the grass animation when prone.
  9. I guess they fear copyright infringement on other sources on the net, but sounds can be made "in house" also, just keep the original soundfile and use a open source software so no one can argue. bullets whistling: take a thin stick and swordplay like a kid near a mic, then edit a bit and voila ricochets? go to a scrapyard, take a rod and bang things. Own a gun and do a real ricochet, even better. Or just use a tone generator and work from there. Well, the tea kettle sound I kinda like but meaows and barks?!? Now, I feel these meaows! are more frequent when I do not rush mindlessly towards a capture zone and take my time doing stuff (by no means am I camping somewhere, just don't zerg in). In most situations, it's unlikely stray bullets fly by more or less frequently without one hitting me, playing the same style as usual. So, if my hunch is true, the meows are admonitions to "get going", "stop stalling", "come on kitty, another step" kind of stuff, which, if true, would be a very poor move from whoever sprouted the idea. If they are in so dire need of sounds, there surely are players out there that know audio editing and would donate a 5 minute work on the chance that it might be accepted. It's not hard to include the source file (if any), program used and editing steps as to satisfy the most copyright freaked guy. Out of the sounds that pass the requirements, choose one and be done with!
  10. What's with all the kitten meaows! and puppies barks that started being heard with this latest update at every 20 or so seconds? Some people I've asked say it's ricochets or bullets flying by your ear, only they don't sound like that. I have a theory (it has to do with activity) but first, I'd like to hear what you think on this subject
  11. EneCtin

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    Aaa, but the 3 guys are not tied to that tank and do nothing else.Take in the greater picture. After the 3 guys, a bit singed from the tank's attentions, have blown it to hell, they get to continue doing and earning stuff. The tanker must wait to respawn at the other end of the map, than come back all the way(all of this time earning nothing). Sure, once in position, he'll start earning again something, right in time for the fun trio to come have another run. All in all, fair. Not fair if one guy can be a "one man army" just because he's royally ticked. next, paying HE shells in warfunds will deterr many from using them, either due to that fee or per shell basis. I mean, credits are no problem, WF's are rare for the warmap thing. If this ideea will diminish HE spam in war, it may attract other players to war (since in staged the tanks will be as toxic as ever). Ballance Last, that russian LMG contraption is exactly what I would use instead of the 3 US options (the first is ok but LOUD as hell, the second limits view and is a bit all over the place while the third almost blocks seeing the area). Plus, that would allow RU to use other LMG than DP, and imagine the confusion hearing nearby a weapon of your faction, ignoring it, and discovering shortly after it was the enemy
  12. EneCtin

    How to adjust the aim of our weapon

    Since i use space for aiming (and can't for the life of me play competitively otherwise), i never use it. just fire a bit high on longer ranges
  13. EneCtin

    Can't use AAA truck

    AA trucks and APCs can be spawned at the initial spawns not at the intermediate spawn you decided you need to spawn one. So on the aerial screen, try spawning at the original spawn, assuming the resource is available. As a side note AA trucks are near useless for medium planes and up and for recon planes jeep mounted MG is sufficient and much less conspicuous from the air. Also, an APC will get you tons of money if positioned correctly, hiddennot to close but closer than the usual spawns...
  14. EneCtin

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    it was called armored mounted knight on his quest to pillage yet another village... Seriously, making antitank warfare asymmetrical is ok by me though it will make my infantry tank busting guy's life more difficult, as long as they restrict one man army types to having 2 badges simultaneously (as the outermost extreme). Axis had that technological advantage. Our forefathers met that on the field, we should be able to meet that in an armchair. Encourage teamwork, so any 2-3 guys with some antitank secondary load out can take any tank. Nerf buff tweak costs to encourage that. But also make expended HE shells 10 times more expensive and paid in warfunds so as to detract from spamming them to when it really matters. Oh, almost forgot, if cross faction H3's are to remain available, then that would be from captured equipment so they would be rare and they will cost prestige (warfunds) to make available (use). Meaning that, ok, you can have them, but it will cost you much more than using your faction's stuff. Something like this: to equip H3 to my US guy after having unlocked it, I'll have to acknowledge a 200WF / match cost. WF reminder on the chosen load out so that cost keep nagging me to change to regular weapons. Damn! would be nice to play US with some of the other LMGs :D. THAT I WOULD PAY FOR