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  1. What's with all the kitten meaows! and puppies barks that started being heard with this latest update at every 20 or so seconds? Some people I've asked say it's ricochets or bullets flying by your ear, only they don't sound like that. I have a theory (it has to do with activity) but first, I'd like to hear what you think on this subject
  2. EneCtin

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    Aaa, but the 3 guys are not tied to that tank and do nothing else.Take in the greater picture. After the 3 guys, a bit singed from the tank's attentions, have blown it to hell, they get to continue doing and earning stuff. The tanker must wait to respawn at the other end of the map, than come back all the way(all of this time earning nothing). Sure, once in position, he'll start earning again something, right in time for the fun trio to come have another run. All in all, fair. Not fair if one guy can be a "one man army" just because he's royally ticked. next, paying HE shells in warfunds will deterr many from using them, either due to that fee or per shell basis. I mean, credits are no problem, WF's are rare for the warmap thing. If this ideea will diminish HE spam in war, it may attract other players to war (since in staged the tanks will be as toxic as ever). Ballance Last, that russian LMG contraption is exactly what I would use instead of the 3 US options (the first is ok but LOUD as hell, the second limits view and is a bit all over the place while the third almost blocks seeing the area). Plus, that would allow RU to use other LMG than DP, and imagine the confusion hearing nearby a weapon of your faction, ignoring it, and discovering shortly after it was the enemy
  3. EneCtin

    How to adjust the aim of our weapon

    Since i use space for aiming (and can't for the life of me play competitively otherwise), i never use it. just fire a bit high on longer ranges
  4. EneCtin

    Can't use AAA truck

    AA trucks and APCs can be spawned at the initial spawns not at the intermediate spawn you decided you need to spawn one. So on the aerial screen, try spawning at the original spawn, assuming the resource is available. As a side note AA trucks are near useless for medium planes and up and for recon planes jeep mounted MG is sufficient and much less conspicuous from the air. Also, an APC will get you tons of money if positioned correctly, hiddennot to close but closer than the usual spawns...
  5. EneCtin

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    it was called armored mounted knight on his quest to pillage yet another village... Seriously, making antitank warfare asymmetrical is ok by me though it will make my infantry tank busting guy's life more difficult, as long as they restrict one man army types to having 2 badges simultaneously (as the outermost extreme). Axis had that technological advantage. Our forefathers met that on the field, we should be able to meet that in an armchair. Encourage teamwork, so any 2-3 guys with some antitank secondary load out can take any tank. Nerf buff tweak costs to encourage that. But also make expended HE shells 10 times more expensive and paid in warfunds so as to detract from spamming them to when it really matters. Oh, almost forgot, if cross faction H3's are to remain available, then that would be from captured equipment so they would be rare and they will cost prestige (warfunds) to make available (use). Meaning that, ok, you can have them, but it will cost you much more than using your faction's stuff. Something like this: to equip H3 to my US guy after having unlocked it, I'll have to acknowledge a 200WF / match cost. WF reminder on the chosen load out so that cost keep nagging me to change to regular weapons. Damn! would be nice to play US with some of the other LMGs :D. THAT I WOULD PAY FOR
  6. EneCtin

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    And then what? 90% of people have them and the rest don't. Can you imagine the level of whine that'll generate? Fair's fair and this ain't. I, for one, do not mind loosing the H3's though I primarily use them. A new balance is almost a new game. Hm, what will the jeep AT crate contain? Stickies or a one shot bazooka ??
  7. EneCtin

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    man, if the tank had a hole in its armor, the crew was most likely dead already....
  8. EneCtin

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    Nice "Meaow! Of all, the pirate gun seems most fun, can take a Stuart in about 4 shots and can be a sort of grenade launcher/mortar for intermediate ranges due to the quite large explosion range. - I'd make it aimable just in crouched or prone. or, alternatively, receive a wound from recoil if firing standing up. - in some assaults it'll be a must The new Bazooka, is ok, upgraded version of the previous The Buchse is more an APC hunter and 1hk rifle all in one,a bit of a risky choice (10 shots and a pistol) If H3's and the schrecks will become german speciality, their AT capability is already considerable and the rifle is interesting to fondle while loosing the match (imho) RU got a nice piece of hardware. Might be interesting seeing a mortar team, spotter and loader, firing without line of sight, depends how cheap those grenades will be. US gets something that penetrates about anything but frontal armor, a bit overkill considering aiming aids provided To limit this new hardware to anti-armor roles, maneuvering it should be delayed and slowed. No instant aim, instant turn etc. Or maybe instant everything but instant max fatigue. Especially for the buchse. Oh, and no reloading while evading or running The new vehicle damage indicators are not inline with the WW2 era. Too technological and not clear enough (you loose time to look to that thin line, no one wants to count the percentages of capability left to each subsystem). Previous iteration was better. This one does not transmit to you the severity of the damage. Oh, and 1 bazooka takes out about half of an APC's hitpoints. About time!
  9. EneCtin

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    Oh, i don't mind using those rifles prone grass level but PLEASE make the weeds wave continuously and.... not.... like... this...
  10. EneCtin

    Game Dying

    if the game is dying, it must be damn near immortal as for 2 years this syncopated state of affairs has been the norm. Fear not, its many-sided free to play WW2 setting will continue to attract players. Fortify yourself with patience, your feasting at its funeral is long way away.
  11. EneCtin

    Prototype test 15/1/19 feedback

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rVtMP9X1ya44QdFC4BtWup6UjjFMAzRk Prototype version won't even start. "Server not responding, please try again later. Anti-cheat enabled. Fetching your profile..." ad infinitum (see link) Anyone had this issue? Fresh prototype install. Normal HG starts just fine.
  12. EneCtin

    Did I get this right?

    Your opinion can differ, you may express it objectively but keep it civil. Caustic and ironic tones work fine if punctuated by common sense (for me, at least, many times). Too much abuse from a "200+ command points" man in only a few paragraphs ("ole wives", "regurgitate", sour milk", "babies have spit up", etc). - - - I too feel the Axis vs Allies would improve the RTS and allow for removing the AR, from several perspectives and with a few tweaks: - remove AR and simply make Moskau, Leningrad and Minsk unwinnable except in very definite win situations. Those that enjoy playing soviets may fight for the rest of their motherland. If they get to otherland, like recently, so much better. - in fact, you could limit AR to the vicinity of those 3 objectives (call it Russian winter) while the rest of the map is fair and square to carve up whatever you can. This way you could leave it 3 faction, a more interesting strategy gameplay. The northern reaches are quite accessible for RU to attack UK, and I believe the germans would refrain touching that region if they're not attacked from there so that will not remove diversity of gameplay. - Allied side will open up several factions (mainly british, French, polish, partisans, others), Axis too has potential for several factions, and that should increase the replayability (play a british troop with his distinctive gear and look together with the rest of the US guys, etc) - WFs received for fighting (destroying or blocking enemy ressources) and not limited for wining towns only. Sure, winning a big town means more WFs. - WFs bonus received for fielding units in locations showcased by generals, as a way for more coordinated gameplay - Whenever 2 sides meet, if there are not enough players to start a match (those 6 vs 6) within 1 hour from contact, start having fighting losses while the players that have fielded the units receive WFs to cover up their losses. Those 2 sides are fighting, infantry dies, some snipers etc. Those losses gain momentum the longer they stay in contact and the more each type of unit is unopposed by its counterpart.. This way you keep things fluid on the map (fielded units, fought, field again, do not loose WFs, no big deal). WFs = gold = income are for those wishing to fasttrack, which is okay from Reto's perspective. Not loosing WF's, or not loosing all WFs from having your unit wiped out should entice players to RTS side of the game, hence also to the war FPS side of the game, even better from Reto's perspective. Even I may buy some gold for WFs if RTS improves. - I miss skirmish maps in war. You can pack in there every type of unit except airforce, maybe even that. The benefit would be a smaller map won't feel as unpopulated in a minimal 6 vs.6 - retreating from battle should not incur penalty unless you get below the opposing force's effectives. Say they have 40 snipers while you have 60. You should remove one unit of 20 without penalty, because the other 40 will keep the opposing 40 in check. If you want to disengage more, than you receive the usual penalty - also, this gets to the FPS side of the game, ability to kick out of the match underperforming or saboteur players (wasting resources, afk, etc). To keep it fair and random , only the highest ranking officer playing in each team can do that type of thing. There, this should cover the more salient points of this (my?) version of RTS improvement. Sadly, I have no ideea if Reto is up to even a small part from all this. Would be nice to have some input from higher up.
  13. EneCtin

    Morale BUG

    Perhaps remove the badge also and put it on backwords ?!? Maybe it works then, if not, equip shovel and go war, that'll do it. So the bug is known. Brilliant. And? Does anyone even work the small kinks out of the code?
  14. EneCtin

    Morale BUG

    I tried just now to deploy my troops and could not ("not enough morale"). Both troops are at 93% morale. Tried other town, tried the vaunted deploy all, still no. Please fix it.
  15. Why Reto hates SU ?! If RU weren't loved by Reto, how could you have received AR ? Perhaps real life politics influence player base choices. Not Reto's fault for that or for the preference of most players. And if there are not many players for RU faction, would you break a game just to have RU distinct? So: - include the RU faction and US faction in the ALLIED faction, sharing the same pool of resources, equal with AXIS resources and numbers. Once you've chosen ALLIES you'll be allowed to play both US and RU but from locations owned by each faction - make Moskau, Leningrad and Minsk unwinnable and let the RU fight for the rest of their motherland... not for otherland - ALLIED faction will open up other subfactions (the british, mainly, but also other smaller ones). On the AXIS side there is also potential for several factions (if you stretch the facts a wee bit). It's just a bit of 3D modelling weapons and muppets, but will increase the replay value, possibly even make the title more attractive despite it's flaws. Also, introduce railways between the major towns, so that the PARTISAN faction (infantry, snipers, not much else, few vehicles) can have a reason d'etre, that of disrupting operations behind enemy lines, like cut the only railway to a town and diminishing by 50% the amount of reinforcement, recovery etc in that town until railway is fixed. This last bit is pure daydreaming. The first part though, should happen.