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  1. Derpy_Dog

    Deploy System Feedback Topic

    I don't think this system will stop 10 players from waiting for a few minutes and all spawining in tigers at once when they have the required amount of points. There will still be tank spawn, it will only take a few minutes before it happens. While 10 playes are waiting for thier tigers the match will also have less players deployed which might lead to underpopulated battles.
  2. Derpy_Dog

    Meet the Players – Derpy_Dog

    Thank you!
  3. Derpy_Dog

    Meet the Players – Derpy_Dog

    You have now
  4. Derpy_Dog

    Tank Support Gunners

    +1 right now i get claustrofobic when in the support gunner seat of tanks that don't allow me to look outside.
  5. Derpy_Dog

    Individualism vs Teamworking

    Making vehicles less availible on the battlefield would create some real battle lines where you really have to fight to get to the objective. Right now you can just drive past everything and whish not to get shot on your way there.
  6. Yeah that is annoying, maybe that should be fixed too!
  7. Derpy_Dog

    Time given to set aux teams

    yeah if the squadleader could change aux seats during startup timer you will also have more time to ask the squad leader to give auxillery seats if he does not have any.
  8. Exactly, many tankers will think there is an AT rambo near if you whistle and will drive away hoping to save thier tank.
  9. With a notification of a player getting healed added, there should also be a notification if a vehicle you are driving is getting repaired. To many times i have tried repairing a tank and the tanker just drives away not knowing someone is helping him.
  10. Derpy_Dog

    Realistic reloading.

    If a gun is not empty and the player chooses to reload some guns should have one extra bullet that remained in the chamber.
  11. Derpy_Dog

    Realistic reloading.

    They could add a mechanic where if you have a bullet in the chamber you dont have to pull the bolt/slide back
  12. Derpy_Dog

    Wrench quality of life updates

    That feel when you are repairing a tank, the tank fires and it stops repairing it due to the recoil
  13. Derpy_Dog

    Me410 Analysis

    You always seem to be the only pilot on your team whilst flying this plane, The enemy's always have more pilots, this is becouse lots of americans still have the p-38 and use it whilst some german pilots still have to save for it.
  14. Derpy_Dog

    Timer counter - Assault

    Would be fine as long as it does not block the veiw, maybe it should be displayed on the scoreboard