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  1. p 40 different version of p 40 early version. The us supported China in the second world war. that doesn't necessarily mean they are useless.
  2. u never heard of the flying tigers? wow they did use the grease gun, british sten gun, the bren lmg, kar 98 german bolt action, c96 pistol. the m4 Sherman would be there
  3. in one of the devstreams they had a british fighter, Japanese fighter, and Italian fighter. that was lightly shaded on top of all the other aircrafts. so u guys already have what u want already
  4. just a helpful reminder this should be in general development feedback since smgs are already in the game
  5. soviets were china's ally if u didn't know that
  6. they could combine them as one faction of jiang kai sheks forces with mao ze dongs for one. Or they can divide them up into 2 factions
  7. Their war against japan in the second world war was the bloodiest. Especially since the Japanese attacked China. So putting them as a faction is really necessary to not forget about them. Your opinions and comments on this matters. Voting is optional it is up to you guys Voting is not mandatory
  8. Well how about the ability to heal your teammates while ur inside the tank and another teammate is injured inside the tank. You want to be able to heal him, but you can't cause of reto
  9. Will certain weapons be restricted under medic personel? Under the Geneva Convention in real life they were only allowed to use rifles, lightweight rifles, and pistols along with a knife. This was real life. Some were never even armed and went into combat treating wounded without a weapon to defend themselves. And they were allowed to use these weapons only if they get shot or are defending the person they are healing. example for Americans, m1 grand, m1 carbine, along with our famously known m1911. and a knife. And second I want to know if they will get arm bands. Because what I read is if you shoot a medic wearing an armband in ww2 that had the red cross. You could be tried for war crimes under the Geneva Convention.
  10. You can watch these on your free time. They are free by the way so I made it easier to post it here.
  11. u sure about that? if you bought the weapon in the game you own it if you didn't know that. According to the in game mechanics you are the owner of that weapon you bought in the market. Another thing you have claims to the soldiers you buy in the game also.
  12. doesn't fix the fact that the enemy has the weapon that you bought with your own money. and now they own it unfairly since they did not buy that weapon from the store.
  13. right says the one that does not know anything about this you own the gun its permanent in your shop so you own it means whoever takes your gun in combat is stealing it. You bought it with your own money so you own the gun not the enemy. The enemy did not buy the gun so they do not deserve to own your gun that you payed for it. and they get it for free. Unfair play and unfair cheating that's not how it works. You bought something means you own it not the enemy. and sadly to tell you enough you never learned in real life did you stealing is illegal?. so since someone is taking what you own and using it against you that is called stealing and unfair cheating and needs to be addressed.
  14. doesn't matter you the amount of no s u put does not count so the poll has been reset. because honestly you jumped to conclusions too fast without even looking at the comment. so basically you guys didn't even read carefully. I guarantee u that 99% of the people that voted no just voted without looking at the comment.
  15. results don't matter because you guys put hatred that's why u voted no. You didn't look at the entire situation you just jumped to conclusions too early. so all those no's do not count