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  1. I want to play but it gets stuck at Anti-cheat enabled.... I opened the debugwindow and this is what I found: [ Exceptions ] 2016-12-27 14:21:33.221 HeroesAndGeneralsDesktop. Uncaught exception: [ Exceptions ] 2016-12-27 14:21:33.221 Buffer overflow while reading from shared byte array Error: Buffer overflow while reading from shared byte array at com.google.protobuf::SharedByteArray$/readOverflowError() at com.google.protobuf::SharedByteArray$/newFromSharedByteArray() at dk.reto.heroesandgenerals.service::Chunk$/parseData() at dk.reto.heroesandgenerals.service::Chunk$/parseData() at dk.reto.heroesandgenerals.service::Chunk$/parseData() at dk.reto.heroesandgenerals.service::Chunk$/parseDataRaw() at dk.reto.heroesandgenerals.controller::HandleDownloadDataCommand/downloadTableCallback() at dk.reto.heroesandgenerals.service.helper::XMLService/dataReceived() at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent() at flash.net::URLLoader/onComplete() I hope someone understands this. If yes, please tell me how can I fix this. :c ( The problem occurs in both Steam and Stand-alone version ) ( And sorry for my English )
  2. I don't know if anybody did anything but on update to the game came on steam, and after the update i can play again. Thank you everyone.
  3. Okay, so im not sure if your or my english is bad but i don't exactly understand what you are trying to say. But if i get it right than there are a few problems. 1 I never had the problem 'server down for maintance'. My problem is that the loading bar gets stuck at anti-cheat enabled. 2 What update should i download on steam when the game is up to date??
  4. What does pms mean? Sorry for this stupid question Xo Btw, thank you for all of your effort, i appreciate your help
  5. Wait, so should it work for everyone now? 'cause i still can't play :I
  6. I did what you said but I still have the same issue.
  7. Good for you, I still have the same problem. I hope they will be able to fix it soon.
  8. No problem, at least i know they are working on it. I will wait
  9. I did the exact same thing but nothing. :c
  10. I did it but it didn't work.
  11. Yes, I have already tried that. I also tried restarting the router, trying both versions of the game and reinstalling it ( I verified the files after reinstalling it aswell ).
  12. I have the same problem, somebody help please :c