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  1. puppepongo

    Newspaper for Allied Armed forces

    Hell yeah! Nice to see some allies newspaper again!
  2. puppepongo

    Suggestion for battle queueing.

    You wrote US, shouldnt it be GE? ^^
  3. puppepongo

    Next round of weapon balancing

    So basiclly you´re gonna r*pe the lmg´s again like update 1.18.2?
  4. puppepongo

    We always lose.

    Yeah @OdinThor321, stop be so bitter! ^^
  5. puppepongo

    We always lose.

    Thats probably because you are a pleb ^^
  6. puppepongo

    We always lose.

    Its funny that i saw the exact same thing when they released MG13, but that dosent count? I play GE this war, and i have no problem at all facing M1M2 cbq with MG42 for example.... Yeah, the random headshot is BS at the moment. But what i want to say is that you still can counter it.
  7. puppepongo

    We always lose.

    Its funny that is allways the guns that make a stronger faction. From what i see is the lack of active players on the German side. But now ive seen groups like Polaris and 1st Jägers with decent numbers, even some russian groups playing GE. Thats whats winning the war when the playerbase is like this, is the faction with most active vets thats gonna win. Its takes a trashplayer to notice one?
  8. puppepongo

    How to bring all the vets back (in my opinion)

    Roll back the updates to before Armor 2.0 and alot of old players would probably come back to the game.... Thats not gonna happen, but still.
  9. puppepongo

    US is the new german plane spam

    You think so? Worst? I think LA7 is the worst of the tier 3 mediums.
  10. puppepongo

    US is the new german plane spam

    I did and i agree. P51 is strong right now, no doubt. But FW190 is still a competetive plane. So are all tier 3 mediums imo due to the fact that all planes has its strenghts and weeknesses.
  11. puppepongo

    US is the new german plane spam

    Soviets writing post about strikes and Adrian about US equipment.... This is the Forum i remember ^^
  12. puppepongo

    why do they want to screw us?

    Mabey i read your post wrong, thought you meant that they nerfed AVS now... Sorry
  13. puppepongo

    why do they want to screw us?

    I really hope that you are trolling with that post!
  14. This is a rare moment, but i agree with Adrian.... lul
  15. That´s is imo the only good thing with the new deploysystem. Everyone has a chance to get their toys out. Like GE´s when GeneralDecker deploys his 400 medium fighter at´s. But we forget one thing. Big whales that are active on the rtsmap needs to wait longer for their full deploy. So basiclly you are punished if you have a large army. And i need to agree with khadmon. The glitching sh*t when you trying to manage your at-queue is BS.