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  1. Para plane makes unnecessary stop

    Or at least one turn towards the first waypoint before the first P38 can put 5 shots into it, and down goes the transport. 10 or 15 seconds in the plane, going towards a target, would be nice. Better yet, give us a tail gun. I can see it now. "Press C to enter tail gun" Now lets see how easy it is to shoot down a transport.
  2. no aux seats

    update, I played 3 games with no seats, 4th game i go into , I have my seats and squad name back.
  3. no aux seats

    I just logged in, I have no aux seats and no squad names. I had them earlier today.
  4. Support

    <snip> I could not update from last nights sever update. so I deleted the game and reloaded. I downloaded the game and hit install. it starts the install and then I get an error. "can not open files" I have sent in TWO support tickets to no avail. Obviously the support staff is on a holiday. THIS IS <snip>, GIVE Me MY <snip> MONEY BACK RETO
  5. After this last update today, I can't update, "Download error UNABLE TO UPDATE , Administrator rights needed" I have updated many times before. So, I right click on my desktop icon, and click on Run as Administrator, the game launches and then I get the same notice.
  6. Looking to play again, but...

    LOL. HSG is not used by everyone and OHK is not used by everyone. If OHK is the reason you are not playing , then maybe you need to change up your play style. I have been playing fps games since we had stick men to play with, a rock was a square box, a tree was one vertical line, we could not enter buildings, and a vehicle was unheard of. I can say, I have played them all, IMO this is by far the best FPS I have played. So all I can suggest to Hobbit is, don't go away mad, just go away.
  7. Of this entire thread. This is the one thing that I can not find anything against. I tend to look at both sides of the story. I will not go into all the other issues. I type very badly, and it would take me all my playing time. All infantry should only have iron sights, that will stop the camping. As well, all recon should only have 4x scope, that will stop the cross map spawn killing. But I do realize that that wouldn't make much coin for reto. And we all know what happens if the developers don't make coin, we have seen it in many a game over the last 20 years. ( the game folds)
  8. Maintenance Costs

    No page found? Is there a place we can go to find out what the maintenance costs are ?
  9. Game kill is it skill or assistance

    First off, let me say that in 25 years of playing FPS, this is one of the best. In game play and balance. Its a tough game , it will take some time to master it. I realize that there are many good players in the game and that some will get vey good K/D, I remember many games that I have been called a hacker in the past. But there was hacks. And if/when the game dev's did not/could not police the hacks, the game died. Lets face it, a 135 kill game is not necessarily a hacker but 135/5 , hmmm.........hack I see players stating on the chat about different hacks. So I searched, " Heros and generals Hacks" I got a bunch of sites, I also got utube videos of players using them. With comments from 2 days ago saying" still works!" Is there no way that the dev's can get these hacks and make a fix for them ? Is the only way to detect them to "see something out of the ordinary" ? Which seems very archaic to be, reminds me of the rogue spear days.
  10. What I am saying is, if all your going to do is sit in the trees, why do you need support? Get into the game where the rest of us are playing. I will make sure no one stiky bombs you. Other wise, I don't have time to sit in the trees and play cards with you.
  11. FPS Boosting with some Console Commands

    page unavalable ?
  12. LOL whiny tankers that sit in the trees and hide from the game. first off. When a tank can shoot me from 2km away, then I will chase it down and blow it up. Otherwise I leave it to our tanks. Who are usually hiding in the hills someplace. second, You want infantry support, but we need infantry to cap bases, When you are hiding in the hills 1 or 2 km away from the objectives, that's a waist of infantry. When you get into the game play. I will start supporting you. Maybe your crew can get off their lazy butts and kill the AT guys? Most of the time, I see two players off in the hills, in a tank. What is the second guy doing anyway? Tell me that the MG can shoot over 1km. Thirdly. I am an AT player. I kill tanks, I kill multiple tanks. I don't jihade. I find ammo and go get another. If you don't like it get out of your tank, stop being useless, help your team cap the objectives.

    Ok, I found them. Turned them all on. I don't get "unable to ping server". But I do get the colored screen of death, then I have to go to task manager and close down the program.

    Josh this is windows 10 ? I go ,,,,, run/ services.msc it brings up a list of services but nothing like what you said
  15. action client crashes

    I see there has been no replies to this post from anyone with any fixes! does anyone even read these? My game also freezesup. Mid game some times. I get a multi colored screen and then everything is frozen, including my comp. I have no control over my mouse so I can't even X out of the game. All my other games run just fine. I have to go to task manager to close out the game and then restart. I might add that this started after the last update.