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  1. Factory Map Update Incoming

  2. Camo only works if you are not moving, just like real life. What a waist of time and resources. In the mean time matchmaking is totally useless. Says 27 games starting 0 in progress but I see 10 or 15 in progress with only 12 to 15 players each team. Says 145 players looking close and 400 world wide. Why then must I sit for 15 / 20 mins or longer to get into a battle? (all modes checked) I guess skins make $ not matchmaking. Right ?
  3. FPS Boosting with some Console Commands

    WHY is this thread even still up ? this does not work
  4. matchmaking is taking forever

    Is there any information on how the matchmaker actually picks the matches and/or the players? I have searched the wiki, nothing there. I have searched the forums and all I find is a whine. Also information on how the game in game timer works, same thing, no info on wiki
  5. The real reason people play for Germany

    Vet GE players that "should be playing war, not staged", are playing staged to play the game. Not to "seal club",with the over population of the GE faction it is very difficult to get into a war battle. You wonder why GE is overpopulated? Most people really do not like USA or Russia. So why would we want to fight for them? That will happen in real life, very soon if Trump and Putin have their way.
  6. Server Issue update - September

    Well here we go again. 28 day server? Once again the server is going down . twice yesterday and twice today. I have ATs that need to be moved but the server is down. Sad
  7. UNDERDOG BONUS is flawed

    At this moment . Right now . GE has 1585 players online. GE has 85 players actually playing in a war battle, US has over 150 player actually playing a war battle and SU has about the same amount. BUT !!!!!! US is getting a 45% UDB and SU is getting a 65% UDB. how does this even calculate? you make no sence at all. the warfunds are not spread around, they are only made when you, buy some random chance, get to play in a war battle
  8. The underdog bonus is flawed. First off, I would like to find out how it is actually calculated. I have searched the forums and I can not find any explanation. I can see giving an underdog bonus to attract others to the "less populated" faction. We must remember that there are three factions. Lets call them faction A,B, and C. One faction (no matter how many players online) can only play an actual battle with the same number of players from either of the other two factions. So just because faction A has twice the players as faction B online. This does not mean that twice the amount of players are playing. If faction A has more players that faction B, faction A can still only have as many players playing as half of faction B players. Because Faction B is also playing against faction C. As it stands now, factions C and B are getting up to/over twice the amount of war funds as faction A. BUT, faction A can only have the same amount of players actually playing as half of factions B and C combined. On the last Q&A it was stated by redbjaron that the faction with the most players online was deploying the least attack teams, The main reason is because that faction makes less than half of the war funds as either of the other two factions. BUT they only have half of the amount of players (of either of the other factions) that are actually gaining war funds. Many times I see faction B gaining 45% and faction C gaining 85%. That is a total of 130%, how is this possible? ( and they are fighting each other in the same battle) Also , there are many faction A members that don't deploy any ATs, All they are doing is taking up a spot in the war battles, so that give even less opportunity's for RTS players in faction A to gain warfunds My suggestion: - UDB be calculated on attack teams deployed rather than players online. Because players online is not a reflection of the potential of any given faction. -( over 50% of faction A are not playing war battles because there are no war battles to play, we don't want to sit in queue for hrs on end so we queue up for staged) -Or, being as Faction A is only fighting with half of faction B or C, do the UDB calculations the same way and then divide that number in half. ALSO the UDB for each battle MUST be calculated for that battle not for the entire map. There is no way that two factions playing each other should both be getting a UDB (sometimes adding up to 130% or more) Better yet , SCRAP THE UDB! Thank you in advance for your prompt responce.
  9. Server Issue update - September

    AGAIN !!!!!!! WTF . Server is offline. Mid game the sever shuts down.
  10. so the poor spawn killing tanker is upset that infantry can fight back? REALLY!!!! You spawn kill infantry from across the map , then you are upset when they hunt you down? You say that everyone agrres that AT is broken. Who is everyone ? My crew and I don't think its broken at all.
  11. Server Issue update - September

    I get that servers can have issues, but twice or three times / week ? That tells me you need a better/bigger server. There goes the executive bonuses. (not)
  12. Server Issue update - September

    really !!! 8 hrs ago they said they had it fixed. UNACCEPTABLE. I give a rats A$$ about ribbon resets, I want to play when I have time. On my schedule not yours
  13. Server Issue update - September

    FFS !!!!! "We are experiencing unusual high log in requests. You are now in que.1064" half hour later I am still not in. You guys got an Atari 64bit for your server ?
  14. MY AT BUGS

    So, how does the war end when no-one could move their Ats. I waited 9 hrs yesterday and last night, I could not move my ATs. I log on 12 hrs later ( after a nap and a day at work) and the war is won by US. How can that happen? Now I will have to redeploy my ATs, but I couldn't even use them in the last war. Is RETO going to refund my WF for the ATs that I couldn't use ? ALSO , I have scoured the forums, there is no mention from RETO as to the unmovable AT bug of yesterday/last night. Can we have an explanation please?
  15. Cant move (Germany) At's

    so the war is pretty much dead then ? has there been any information from reto ?