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  1. Khutor crash log

    crash twice in mountain town, same battle. In a war battle
  2. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    Can't see the issue, I make WF every war. Always have.
  3. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    SO, we are not going to get this fixed any time soon ? THATS BS. RETO ! You guys knew about this at least by Sept 24 2017 ( buy the time stamp on previous post). You have had plenty of time to fix it. Time for some heads to roll ? I suggest you put EVERYONE on it before you lose the rest of the players base. Fix the bug, deal with the compensation later. I would think if this issue lasts two or three more days, the game is dead. (I guess your working the weekend, RIGHT ?) To the players (generals, whales), you can't all expect to make 3million WF every War. If your 150 ATs don't do shid, you get shid on. If everyone makes WF every game , what is the point? When you get your ATs caught in a pocket you are going to lose your ATs, you are not making any WF that war. When you spawn nothing but tank AT or plane AT, you can't expect to make a shid ton of WF. Toys cost $. Infantry ATs are made to generate WF not Toy ATs. You might have to grind for war funds just like the little players ( regulars as the fat cats say).
  4. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    that is essentially the same as giving free deploy
  5. US Army AT Boycott?

    You are miss quoting me in this post. What I actually said was GE has the same amount of players actually playing in war battles. Being as how we can't play a war battle if there is no opp to join the war battle. Therefore every clan has the same opportunity to wake WF. But now the US and SU do not know how to play with limited WF ( after the WF bonus). The stock piles of WFs are depleted, and here comes the whine.
  6. This is how every game is lost

    I read of the posters. 2 say that they have quit the game. But yet they are here posting their opinions. If the game is so bad, why are you here? Don't go away mad, just go away. See Ya ! As far as the whine about players camping in the hills. It happens in every faction. So all is equal.
  7. Questions that need answer's

    LOL Don't you know that anyone that shoots him is cheating ? My experience from 20+ years of FPS games, 99% of cheaters are poor players and are generally mid to bottom of the in game points. They also don't last long when they are cheating and still getting stomped on. Hades is right, I have heard Reto say that there are cheaters, but it is not a huge issue. I agree, in my many years I have seen a lot more cheating that I have seen in this game. Instead of the whine, just get better and shoot the "cheaters" they will soon leave.
  8. You actually need to fix anti tanking

    So we should just leave the poor tankers to kill from across the map ? As far as a "rambo" spawn killing tanks, they can not kill you untill you shoot. So if they are hiding behind a rock, get out and kill them before the can even see you. Your argument is therefore INVALID.
  9. Queue for war battles?

    What dictates who gets to join a war battle? I queued for a battle that had my own ATs. I sat there for 20 mins with two others. The battle started and did not join me in, WTF ?
  10. Fair Play– Update 1.10.2 is here

    So now the idots that randomly place mine in the stupidest places get a pat on the back. FFS reto! We don't go around randomly shooting mines, but there are many times that idiots block the path so we must shoot them. Just another way that RETO caters to the whiny little punks without any thought as to why or what it will do. What a waist of resources.
  11. Final Assault Team optimization test on prototype

    the prototype server will not launch, it downloads and installs just fine but when I click on launch ,,, nothing happens. I open it and click run as admin,,, still nothing. any hints ?
  12. ? where is the feedback supposed to be ? I looked for half hour. On the add for the proto type it says "give feed back at the link below" but that does nothing. Can you put a link to the actual forum topic please?
  13. You actually need to fix anti tanking

    Tankers are still whining about AT solders? If you want a tanks only game, there is one developed for you. Other wise deal with this game the way it is designed. I hear that reto is going to make it harder to kill tanks, I hope they will also make it harder for the whiners(tankers) to kill from across the map as well. Tankers sit in the hills and rain down shots on infantry, or shoot para planes out of the air, then they whine when I find them and put a sticky on them, poor thing. I would much rather be capping points than running after tankers, but if they continue to hide in the hills and kill from afar, I will continue to hunt them down. As far as the guy that sits in the spawn, that is easy to kill, they cant see you until you fire, So go find them before you fire. In conclusion. Go play WOT if you want a tank only game.
  14. You actually need to fix anti tanking

    Tankers are the biggest whiners in the game. Tankers kill infantry from across the map. Tankers shoot down the para plane from anywhere on the map. Tankers whine about AT players and they get a special map developed for them. If tankers want a tank only game, there is one already developed for the whiners. I say it should be easier to kill the whiny little spawn killers.
  15. Factory Map Update Incoming