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  1. especially annoying skirmishes
  2. Hello, Before this update selected maps on advanced filters were saved. Now i have to deselect all maps i dont want to play after every game.
  3. Semaphor

    Update 1.07 - Care Package

    why dont u add weapon changes to changelog
  4. Hello i just want to let you know forum posts in firefox 53 arent displayed correctly. Regards Semaphor
  5. Semaphor

    More information at your fingertips

    did u try double click the greande to put it in a slot?
  6. Semaphor

    1.06.1 UI Feedback Thread

    it is common sense that u get banned in a chat when spamming or insulting hehe
  7. Semaphor

    1.06.1 UI Feedback Thread

    1. War Map Battle Infos: I think its really a step back that you have to go through 3 tabs to see all important info (player queued, ressources, which lines are open). When u are a general and go through the open battles you have to click on every city and through every tab to get a good overview whats going on. Thats really bad imo! The colors and stuff looks pretty nice comparing to the oldschool stylish old one but the usability is just bad. So maybe better rework the old one in the new style and add weatrher info in a small window or sth instead of staying with this new one. EDIT: When hovering line entry points you dont see the ressources on it. 2. Matchmaker Infos: This is pretty nice EXCEPT that if u are in qeue for a battle and click on a city to look whose Assault teams are in the qeue window overlaps with the assault team window. 3. Chat: Very nice now the german army chat is populated! Only thing to consider is putting the chat and friends icon on top of each other instead of next to each other. So the chat window would be more on the left side of the screen. EDIT2: The channels and players in the channel should be on the left side.
  8. Semaphor

    More information at your fingertips

    well it looks kinda nice but the problem is that when i search for cities to queue with my clan and see where ressources are needed AND where russian clans are waiting in a town i have to click 3 tabs instead of seeing it all in one window thats no UI improvement at all... the old city overview was so much better you couldve just make the window larger and add some infos about weather IMO. Hope you take it as constructive critics kindly regards
  9. will this be purchasable with credits?
  10. Hello, when i change my ammo on the recon plane it works just fine (the checkbox and stuff) but in game i always end up having the factory ammo equipped. Neither HE ammo nor SMK Hart works. Accountname Semaphor Regards
  11. Regarding gameplay fixxes... why arent weapon nerfs and other stuff not mentioned in the changelog. Credit income based on exp eg was never mentioned and is a huge change. @Reto.Circinus Its those things vetereans are interested in not new plane skins
  12. Hi, I see there are so many Badges in the game like lowering the recoil, longer sprint or better hipfire accuracy. Like 90% of the players use the Heavy armor set or the Camo Badge. To bring other Badges to a good use i would rethink if u let players have only one badge (except vets.). My suggestion is to categorize the Badges (or make use of existing categorization) and: 1. let players have one badge of each category. (max. eg 3) or 2. design it as a kind of skill tree and let players only have badges of one category. This allows a more diversity in "builds". Maybe seek the veteran advantage somewhere else or maybe let them have still one badge more. I really liked the system of Battlefield Play 4 Free you can see it here: Different classes had different possibilities in the skilltree. With a level up you got a point to spend on this. You surely could adapt some of the features An example for a build would be vehicle specialist or infantery spec. Regards