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  1. Yah, I don't have a problem with using my ATs without playing. But honestly that sort of makes me more of the problem. I run ATs but don't play much fps. Having my ATs in game is a bit more motivating. I agree that statistically you prob won't have any affect on your WF gains by playing your own AT as infantry (beyond the fps WFs). I think tanks and planes can have a little more impact because of the various classes, and lower population. Honestly, I don't know why I play the rts anyways. I can't remember the last time I looked at the map and said "wow that was fun" or "wow that was a great thing I just did", but I do find myself angry and frustrated often, usually from the many ways to bleed warfunds. I find that a lot in this game. Very few of us are enjoying it but we can't help playing it... Sad really...
  2. The fact that they do it, doesn't make it correct. Some people believe in bigfoot.
  3. Ok, but it makes playing war not fun at all. I try to play for the bonuses and warfunds, as I have dreams of having a usable army. But waiting hours to get to a point after repeated 1 hour blocks just to get into a game that never populates is agonizing. I mean I have a job, I don't want to spend my whole saturday to play 3 war games with my ATs (mostly in overstacked battles). Havign the option to return from a block without a retreat penalty would be a nice middle of the road easy fix. Not ideal, but would at least let you hit somewhere else.
  4. update- my hour and 10 mins or whatev is up, troops move down line... before hitting town... firing up fallout. So many reasons to hate this game. Do you guys spend hours waiting to play a single fps game with your ATs as well?
  5. Would you be in favor of changing the auto resolve time for encounters and skirmishes to 45 or 30 minutes? I am so sick of watching my ATs get blocked for an hour in a game that will never pop when I actually have time to play. This game is more and more being geared to people who have hours to play the game. That is not a strategy for growth.
  6. Actually it would be "end the war quickly", you need to use the adverb.
  7. Heh, I too suggested the same thing and found out that this has actually been done several times in the past in another way. By cutting down the number of units in an attack team. I think before my time infantry was like 180 units, but don't quote me on exact numbers. Honestly I wish I had a solution. I understand the established players/clanners (the guys I consider whales) paid for something, and having it cut up feels wrong. But I also understand that inflation has the same devaluing effect anyway. New players, who have maybe 5-30 total command points want to be able to actually play rts without having to buy gold. Allowing them to grow their ATs and their command point number to the point where they can take a few cities in a day. I think the most recent updates have worked in favor of those with large assault team pools and lots of time on their hands. That is fine, but we need the new players to stick around or this house of cards falls quickly.
  8. Isn't this the "problem" that the morale updates were meant to deal with. More good ways to kill off units and warfunds to chase away the smaller generals who aren't using cash. You whales don't want us anyways, so what is the problem? Just don't complain when you have to open your wallet every time you want to deploy. Tell reto to keep doing what they are doing, just harder. Make rts more and more expensive to play, and give massive experience bonuses for playing fps in war. At least then you can keep getting us losers to be your fish in a barrel content in the fps. We aren't fit to play the rts, but you sure need us to play fps for all this to work. Problem solved, close topic.
  9. I just got a pop up about a new privacy policy. I did read it, but is there any difference between the old one and this one that is worth mentioning? It is quite long, and I didn't find anything more alarming than typical privacy policies, I just thought if you bothered with a pop up there is prob something you wanted us to know. thanks!
  10. I still don't know what calvary has to do with heroes and generals. PS. This is not an endorsement of a religion or an indictment of one. It is a light hearted joke. I know posting stuff like this gets you stoned in some jurisdictions, and banned in others.
  11. Would you agree that your point about having to be on your toes watching for a chance for strategic withdrawl of forces for sometimes hours at a time could have something to do with the autoresolve "fix"? Seeing that now it autoresolves in what... an hour rather than 30 mins (I haven't really been paying attention to the specifics of that part of the hotfix". That inability to strategically withdrawl while having a life outside the game is what seems to be causing my problems with encirclement. Might just be a personal issue, but I tend to think they are related.
  12. Heh, I admire your hope. I really do. But after the last few updates/hotfixes doing nothing but find more ways to burn warfunds to try to get us to buy gold I have lost hope. I think what you think needs "fixed" is mostly "working as intended" from reto's perspective. Everything but you not direct depositing your paycheck into their account that is. Yes, the US did a very nice job in the last 2 wars. Props.
  13. Well heck, I don't feel so bad about buying gold when I hear your summary of how to earn war funds via a hard day in the skirmish map office. Tell HR you want a raise... jeeze. A 2 hour exit strategy? Ain't nobody got time fo dat. So true though, short of triggering actual retreats everywhere it is getting nearly impossible to pull from the front without watching screen 24/7 for an hour for that perfect moment. I have had 100k warfunds encircled in 2 weeks. Gets worse because I check map less and less as I hate the game more and more. Will not be deploying for a while until they get this figured out.
  14. You wanted less auto resolves. You will get it and wait in queues for days and bleed war funds until you quit. But shirt... there are less auto resolvesright now! Yay us!
  15. I am actually down for letting axis get the next one. Assuming we pound the US into rubble. I actually think there is something more going on with the US though that I prob shouldn't talk about here. But they will either have a string of good wars or trigger a ban wave.