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  1. Yep. I come to this realization after every war and I still come back here and there. How long has reto known that rts is broken and done nothing but make matters worse and a different faction dominate? Watching the war map for hours to have maybe 20% of your time actually making it into a game only to repeatedly lose resources and participate in one sided battles is insanity. It is time to stop banging our heads against the wall. I won't be deploying this war. Until GE and SU have even a 10% chance cumulatively of winning a war I will play another game. This is just pointless.
  2. parameters of autoresolve

    Who in gods name thought that 1 hour was an appropriate time to an autoresolve. Are we really that hard up for players that we have to trap 90% of the ATs in endless lines resulting in no benefits to the player beyond a measly 20 experience or whatever. This is really getting to be a depressing game. Especially since the war victor can be predicted about 98% in the last 2 months (USA).
  3. Movement Options After A Battle.

    Agreed with OP. No one has time to watch map for sometimes 2-3 hours for an chance to withdraw thanks to para block spam and the like.
  4. Don't worry

    Haven't played more than 5 games in the last about 2 months. Don't think anyone but the Muricans have won a war since then. Every time I sign in it is to a message showing the last US war win. Zzzzz Now I know why tons of the vet Nazis quit playing and don't really miss it. Someone wake me up when reto fixes rts. Even playing staged fps it is always 8 vets and some scrubs vs 2 vets and some scrubs and total domination. Not fun even on the winning side.
  5. GE and SU queue

    Reto has been pretty clear that it is working as intended but for a different reason. They feel that AT inflation is resulting in over stacked battles and too many battles for the number of fps players. So they feel like increasing production would result in more overstacking and more autoresolves. The Nazis complained about Autoresolves and under-dog bonus' but then wonder why there aren't enough newbs running around in fps to be their content. They are getting exactly what they asked for. The only thing that could save rts at this point is to do a massive redesign screwing either the established players or the new players. Or bringing in large numbers of committed new players to enjoy the game enough to progress to playing an enjoying fps war games. Fat chance, the 1st is only realistic possibility.
  6. I know it isn't the central topic but it needs to be said. I will provide my caveat that yes the rts is broken in so many ways including balance. With that said, to whine about the underdog bonus while US and SU win all the wars is dumb. The point of the underdog bonus is to bring in more players to the less populated factions. Mostly to shut you cry babies up about auto-resolves. Complaining about auto-resolves while playing exclusively with the most populated faction (GE), and complaining about incentives to play the other factions is simple minded at best. I will back you guys up when you aren't trying to have your cake and eat it too.
  7. Mobile app dont work!

    Then remove the damn thing from the app store. Cmon
  8. Been deleting the same one from reto for months. It is some kind of bug. Then they wonder why community sucks when you can't even tell if someone is trying to talk to you.
  9. Update 1.06 - Basic Training

    Didn't read all of the posts but just wanted to voice my support for the tutorial and experience from doing it. I would have let people have the option of using to level 3 but that is minor. New players have it so tough, I like to see any changes in an effort to help them. We need new blood so badly in this game. Anything you can do to bring that in I support 100%.
  10. Goodbye Scandinavia

    Humm, I thought I mentioned I only have a few attack teams... Is like 4-600 units over-stacking? I never send a unit anywhere with the intent to autoresolve. It gets you no warfunds and I am already bleeding warfunds as it is. This has always been true which is why I wonder why there is so much complaining about auto-resolves. There aren't enough players to have every battle played. Just the facts of life on this game. Are you talking about me? I am actually a significantly above average fps player. I just got into rts more recently, so yes I suck there. But I am almost all foot soldiers and avoid using expensive units whenever possible. I also field tanks despite them being a total warfunds wildfire trying to be a team player. They are useful to have the option to use when a tank is pinning whole team down. You know... I tried to get on the teamspeak servers and it seemed the actual game play ones are pw protected? The open ones were mostly not english speakers so I had no idea what to do. Anywho, thanks for everyone's help. Got some good tips. Hoping as I build up some more infantry command points I can use more strategery. It is just god aweful boring trying to level infantryman manually without getting out my credit card. In the meantime I am over Scandinavia.
  11. I just lost my entire army twice already this war being encircled in Scandinavia. This is partially my fault, putting all of my attack teams in same town. I do it because I only have enough command points to have about 4-600 units allowing me to only muster a push 1 town at a time. Anywho, the guys queuing for fps war matches in Scandi seem to be over 50% inexperienced randoms. I know you clanners had to be involved in getting it in the first place. Where have you all gone? I guess my question is where are we putting scandinavia on our priority list? I was under the impression is was priority 1. We should decide to either spend resources there and get it and keep it or allocate resources elsewhere. Grabbing it and losing it 2 wars in a row seems like a mistake. Does this have something to do with the clanners hating the 1 hour waits to get the US to queue? Are they choosing to only fight against axis?
  12. I have been playing this game for nearly a year. I am consistently in the top 10-20% of the leaderboards and I have only ever gotten 1 invite. I wandered around in the teamspeak but couldn't figure out how to use it. Seemed you needed a password or something. The only rooms that didn't seem to need pws were speaking another language. So if anyone decides to make a clan and would like to have an English speaking member hit me up. I would need a crash course on how to use teamspeak correctly though. Thanks!
  13. Awesome point. Too many vets act like this even in the in game chat to comrades. I don't play a ton of shooters, but this game is by far the nastiest and least friendly community I have been a part of. Honestly don't enjoy the actual game that much either, I am just an addict. As for the original topic, yes the ppd is the worst subgun in the game. I still didn't mind it as a newb because I mostly used it in depot at close range, and managed to get enough kills to level up. I personally found it much easier to get the occasional kill than with the semi auto. Took me forever to get infantry assault leveled on my first character for that reason. Lets be honest... this game is just a much harder fps than most, especially for new players.
  14. Russian Strike

    Id be down with letting them win one if they would quit crying for a week or 2. Oh and Kunal, I look forward to crapping all over you and ihaxy next time I see you guys in game. Ben strikes again!
  15. Yah, I don't have a problem with using my ATs without playing. But honestly that sort of makes me more of the problem. I run ATs but don't play much fps. Having my ATs in game is a bit more motivating. I agree that statistically you prob won't have any affect on your WF gains by playing your own AT as infantry (beyond the fps WFs). I think tanks and planes can have a little more impact because of the various classes, and lower population. Honestly, I don't know why I play the rts anyways. I can't remember the last time I looked at the map and said "wow that was fun" or "wow that was a great thing I just did", but I do find myself angry and frustrated often, usually from the many ways to bleed warfunds. I find that a lot in this game. Very few of us are enjoying it but we can't help playing it... Sad really...