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  2. Captain-Sebekel

    Why Reto denies removing scopes on Infantrymen

    Im starting to think that inf scopes are a infection since many (WW2) games where players are able to mass spam them became camper festivals and unpopular.
  3. youyouopop

    I can´t buy t34 85with gold

    我不能买黄金t34 85
  4. _Finnish_Gamemaster_


    I bet the next sale is going to get you guys some money, but think about adding unique gold only skins, weapons (not OP so not p2w), vehicles, etc. People would certainly get gold to buy them.
  5. I've heard they are removed -partly, anyhow ?
  6. Is he still on vacation? When will something be done about this please?
  7. Trollfaktor

    Top 10 most Toxic players. (confessions only)

    still not permabanned XD, like i said not toxic enough. XD 1. yes wannabes are players what not permabanned. 2. your screenshot is banned as trollaccount. read the topic of gaius . he talk about toxic players, not troll players. tss tsss tssss
  8. Trollfaktor

    Is the game dead?

    after squad 2.0 i would call the RTS part = the endgame was dead/brocken. underpopulated factionplayers wouldnt agree here because they hadnt the problems´to start battles and bring in the important battles the veterans in. but the endgame was dead in 2016 after squad 2.0 and that would agree most older players crossover the factions from that time what had a clue what happens on the RTS map. i agree that some using it, but you will read in this forum that other people mean that are soooooooooo many do it. reto had a short time, a total player online counter in the top left window on the mainscreen. i guess it was after they left autumn 2016 from the beta. many new players joined that time (do not forget H&G was the most FREE TO PLAY downloaded game on STEAM in 2016) and the game was overrun. the game crashed constanly if the player counter was on 10k same time loged in users. so the players left the game because it was unplayable and the counter got removed from reto, because it look just not good if everyone can see that the playernumbers going down. if you play for example the game over years and have contacts to other faction players and know what happens on the rts, you can see your and other faction numbers what loged in same time and over years you just realize the dfifferant of the numbers and how many battles starting. you can not see how many stagebattles got played, but i can tell you that new players coming over steam and not over the onlineside in this game. +bad maps +bad spawns +uneven clanfights, what not exist since a long time. + brocken sounds + but one big thing. playing on crap servers noone wanted. main example = the moskow server. that was a reason many players left back in that time you had to play 9/10 battles on that crapserver. (and still today you forced playing on that crap) reto´s playerbase changed geographically more to a russian playerbase because of that crapserver. and it wasnt like that before. see it from that side if you a EU, NA, SA and so on player , for what reson you should invest realmoney in a game what force you playing on moskow server.
  9. Jonas010

    Prototype test: Armor plating

    No clue, but with wise movement I've killed a lot and had fun. In war and staged.
  10. Manron

    About tank

    tanks have changed quite a bit, you need to re-learn how to use them. right now they perform a little underwhelming vs other tanks. you dont see many tanks because the production has been halved across the board. there is a new 'capture ressources' mechanic in place, look at the popup you see after a battle, but when there are no tanks/vehicles in a battle there is nothing you could capture. see one of the numerous threads on this topic.
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  12. thiensonepu

    About tank

    I comeback after almost 2-years off. After I use IS-2 on stage match, i feel HEAT ammo is better than past. Did reto increase its velocity or im wrong? And, when i play war match as SU infantry, I rarely see medium tank or heavy tank, almost was light tank, medium TD or heavy TD. Do we have any reason?
  13. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    Samrée Depot The railway is under the ground
  14. robii404-HUN

    bugs on maps

    Town Terrain bug
  15. starkdog


    reto this german is still in que to get his joyride
  16. Valérian


    Thanks for the next sale!
  17. Manron

    AT Movement preferences

    wirdex, you really need to start using punctation, i honestly cant figure out what you are trying to say.
  18. Wirdex

    AT Movement preferences

    6) 2days Avoid undeploying of ATs when surrounded by all sides remove all the morale of the AT when undeployed for inactivity
  19. SplodyTortoise

    Prototype test: Armor plating

    The problem here is that the time it takes to switch to your sidearm is usualy more than enough for your enemy to kill you , even if you fire your first shot with the BA and instantly switch to your pistol the enemy will usualy kill you faster , given its the rare scenario where both people fire at each other at the same time but the delay of switching is already enough to get you killed , especialy on the terrible europe server SA rifles will usualy kill you in 150 ms and automatic weapons in arround 200 to 300 ms ... or well ... faster with headshots ... that is pretty much faster than any human can possibly react
  20. Wirdex

    GE Fighters. Enough already spamming...

    Has been balanced both yak and bf109 were almost same as good now they nerfed the yak9 because idk just reto, then 1.12 update sucking wings and elevator broken then the FW to broke more the game SU heavy can't turn since it loses all his speed The la7 is a brick is copy paste of the mig3 but with 3 cannons no mg still the FW has the same speed or more and has mg, 500pund bomb more apcr ammo more turn rate is broken on all the things and both planes are the same la7 have to be like the FW
  21. Soldiers! Nice weather for a Joyride? This week your sale consists of: 50% OFF All Vehicles 50% OFF All Supply Crates Sale is Gold only. Get the ride of your dreams now!* Enjoy! RETO MOTO * Excludes new Recon Vehicles, Sale ends Thursday, July 25th 2019 @ 10AM CEST Original post:
  22. Wirdex

    This is disgusting how it hasn't been added yet

    Still we didn't talked about adding a scope into a showel
  23. Wirdex


    You only ask for that nothing about the game UI chat not working or processing for awhile or the lag on the servers or how they broke after the war or how annoyingly difficult is to drive with a bike... You are asking too little for the big issue is about
  24. Wirdex

    Qué tal está el juego

    Lo único que decía que Alemania lo tiene todo mejor a excepción del ptrs porque no balancean el juego
  25. Bcuz they would ahve to remove bushes too
  26. Ultimate SU player tutorial
  27. If only there was some way to make the fw190 less appealing. If only there was some way to restrict access to classes under the oversight of a squad leader. Don't worry aircraft only maps will solve it.
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