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  2. SGTRock007

    Low Ping players on speed

    AHA, just reloaded the game and now operating on full Ping and the enemy movements are less erratic and slightly slower, so all good. The Ping has a lot to do with player movements.
  3. SGTRock007

    Low Ping players on speed

    Hi all in the world of H&G, I can't help noticing that when I have a low Ping during a battle the enemy players appear to dart about as though they are on speed! It's strange, they seem to move from side to side much faster and it's really hard to get a shot on target. If I have a full Ping then all seems normal, the player movements are more fluid and less erratic. Anyone have any suggestions as to why this happens? In the real world of warfare no one dances back and fourth while jumping in the air to avoid bullets, it looks stupid in H&G, it's a Fornite thing. And last question, what do you think if RETO allowed us to paste text into the chat during a game, we could translate from English into other languages...just a thought. Yours truly, SGT Rock, PS Tip of the day: If you see enemy BOTS coming from the same direction towards the Cap location, it's guaranteed there's a spawn vehicle...SO GO GET IT and press that E key!
  4. WaterD162

    Hope everyone help me, please

    I got an error that when I was looking for a match until I was about to enter the game, it crashed on the desktop, please help me
  5. Можно попросить через техподдержку, но лучше оставлять их для кача.
  6. Foxhound9000

    Бесят фугасы, бесят танкхантеры

    Попроси разрабов сделать откат всех обнов на 2 года назад.

    Game Update and New Feature

    Do heroes and generals will make big update for new pacific/asia ww2 war theme map and japanese faction also naval battle feature?
  8. Foxhound9000

    Captured FG42 (GE) Infantry

    >no other faction can have it >im able to grind and to buy it on my US inf ?????????
  9. KKND2

    More Fun in H&G

    great mind think alike :P i just make my own fun if the game doesn't entertain me enough lol recently i've been playing a tank theif infantry and just goof around enemy tank spawns. i just spawn an apc at the start of the game and drive to their spawn at the end of the map with 1hk BA, wrench and tank theif gold badge xD its been hilarious
  10. OC_Ludwig

    The Team Player

  11. N_E_TheSpanishInquisition

    Lack of weapons in the deposit

    As others said weapons that don't belong toyour faction (captured ) go to the correspondent one. If there is a particular bug on your account and you already wrote to support please wait for their response it may take several weeks. Please don't reply to your already sended ticket or it will reset back to the last place in the review queue.
  12. GaiusBaltar

    Team Vote Kick

    This is an old problem, I suggested Reto make mines such that it is impossible to explode them, but they said "oh but that will make mines overpowered". And with the current prices to use mines and the drain on your credits....I find this reasoning no longer valid.
  13. GaiusBaltar

    I found a way to make the game fun for myself again

    Try going general and launching attacks with foot infantry then go in them and watch all the tryhard clans boat and complain about lack of jeeps and equipment. I always found that entertaining.
  14. GaiusBaltar

    More Fun in H&G

    Dude this is similar to what I did when more active in the game, only I was shooting for being worst player in the game. This got me in some trouble with Reto since they say "I should be playing to win." But that's totally possible - but only if people played worse than me hahahah.
  15. Yesterday
  16. GaiusBaltar

    The salty welcome back I was looking for.

    I'm having trouble sticking with the game though, trouble is I have just been too busy and plenty of other old single player games I play are really fun. Since I see there is a new Immersion update maybe I'll try again. Reto I have to warn you about going to hard core immersion. I tried to warn Star Citizen about that and it turned into a multi-million dollar cluster frak and the game still is not even out in beta. Of course they banned me from forums as well, but since you didn't perma ban me from your site there may still be hope for your game.
  17. [ORB]Mobster01

    EU server is just pure trash

    stop whining... lmao liberals. m ove to eu then...
  18. CrustAttack

    CrustAttack Vids

    Old vid. Edited after few months.
  19. vengeice

    EU server is just pure trash

    It's not always the speed messing it up, the server has been giving me both packet delay and packet loss. Makes me wonder if their server host is just having issues right now. I haven't bothered recording any match to show but here's the closest thing I have from last year when I was having the same issue but not from the server but my ISP My speeds never dropped from stable 300 down, and it was just comcast hitting me with packet loss but most of the time it was just packet delay.
  20. spykitty358

    M4A3E8 Sherman

    Much like i said in other posts before, It's likely that Reto made US tanks with the intention of it being uses in numbers. But obviously that's never really the case, the E8 is my best tank in the game however it's armor can be a joke. But if you wanna damage panthers frontal armour just hit the under armour. For most part an experienced Easy 8 tanker can handle a Panther fairly well but tends to struggle with Tigers when facing them head on, but not impossible. Once you start spending time in your E8 with other tanks and get proper protection (which is a bit tricky for teammates to do sometimes) you would start to see where this tank shines. But i do feel like it's under performing because sometimes i take M4A1 over E8 because of maintenance. Only reason i use E8 is for the better gun and that's about it, that and E8 is my favourite tank in the war besides the Pershing.
  21. Steingoar


    Tell me pls how to apply to add a community (clan) to the list of clans?
  22. Steingoar

    The Damned

    The Damned is a small gaming community created to bring together people with common interests Prime-Time: 19:00-23:00 (UTC+3) Languages: English, Russian (main) Discord: Rules 1. Don't use extremely dirty language often 2. Do not use explicit insults 3. Perversions, pornography, hentai, etc. things are prohibited 4. Any propaganda against our policy is prohibited 5. Absolutely no spam Requirements • Age: 16+ • Your active desire • Good microphone and connection To join our community contact me or connect to our Discord The Damned - небольшое игровое сообщество, созданное ветеранами 2015 года данной игры для объединения людей с общими интересами. Играем преимущественно за США, одним отрядом. Мы не клан и не гильдия, поэтому у нас нет строгих правил и требований по отношению к вашей игре Прайм-Тайм: 19:00-23:00 (UTC + 3) Языки: английский, русский Discord: Правила 1. Не используйте очень часто грязные выражения (мат) 2. Не используйте явные оскорбления по отношению к участникам сообщества 3. Порнография, хентай, и т.п. вещи запрещены 4. Любая пропаганда против нашей политики запрещена 5. Абсолютно никакого спама Требования • Возраст: 16+ • Ваше активное желание • Хороший микрофон и отличная связь Чтобы присоединиться к нашему сообществу, свяжитесь со мной или подключитесь к нашему серверу Discord Steingoar (aka Devil_Ramadi) & Mordecai
  23. Krzysiek5657

    Suggestion for improvement (API)

    well indeed it was great idea, baddly implemented. battery consumption was really high, it was even more laggy than PC version troop movement was not optimized for touchscreen, and it missed most basic feature to me... notifications (your trops won/lost battle in x town, war is over, your morales are fully recovered, all your AT are fielded)
  24. [ORB]Mobster01

    The Team Player

    30. He protecc 31. He attacc 32. But most of all, he always got Mobstah's bacc
  25. Surely a General can move your AT's now anyway, otherwise what's the point of having them?
  26. VIEF_Cheesecake

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    "Good pilots" pilots that actually matter dislike AT rifles so much you can "avoid them", in dogfights I will take altitude to bait enemy pilots to the edge of the map, but upon doing so is very frustrating as plebs always fly near the center or run back to the center. When HE clicking (rarely do I ever) you run the risk of getting killed each pass while not dishing out much, as someone who has a give and receive experience with AT rifles, they're very cancer to deal with and easy to use. Two ptrs guys is all you need as far as I've seen. Keep in mind that planes arent that common in war and that their effectiveness increases or decreases depending on the line, map or weather. Not to mention that planes have to kill at least 7 players or 1 plane to make back profit for whom ever sent them. But that being said, take AT rifles away and you dont really have a super effective counter against planes considering the US/SU AA arent very good, and that SPAAs literally use APC resources while dying fairly easily. Dont think AT rifles need to be the answer though, not everyone has a ptrs on each faction. Maybe if there was more AA around maps, or being in AA was actually survivable it would be better. It's a very hard topic to discuss but even the slightest nerf wouldnt be a problem No the germans have the most overpowered plane, not the best. The fw 190 relies on its stats therefore to use it properly you abuse it as a skill less crutch. It takes 3x more effort to kill a fw 190 than any other plane in the game. This is why most vet pilots rarely fly the fw 190 if it's not for war
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