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  2. This forum is filled with pathetic ppl that's all I got to say.
  3. here is a print screen . The battle is still going and going on .
  4. How to grind a soviet soldier

    i do but i have to press F1 for report the guy who try to destroy the tank with bazooka
  5. i just left, cba playing a game where the developers doesnt seem to understand that each faction should have a fair chance to win. (something i thought all game developers would know since its loving BASICS of creating a god damn game) also some friends linked me this thread cause they told me that there was complete retardation going on here. + the new ninja nerfs on germany (the pz1 nerf now) there ALWAYS gotta be a ninja nerf on germany somewhere. ikr lmao, imo thats reto's fault they could of just have added the m1919a6 (infantry version) instead of being lazy fucks and add the exact same one as on the jeeps. (it even has the car mount on it if you go up near a wall you can see it)
  6. Plot armor?

    So, its finally over after something like 8th battle for Minsk with Soviet Victory.
  7. Разговоры о железе

    Кому нужен разгон RYZEN, сюда:
  8. 1-Year Launch Anniversary

    Stop moaning about the underdog bonus already, if so many people didn't keep picking the German faction in every single war and instead played for the U.S. and/or Soviets a bit more often then there wouldn't have been any need to keep the underdog bonus going for quite so long... But every war it's the same exact thing, the German faction ends up comparatively hugely overpopulated and then starts bellyaching that the Americans and Soviets always get their underdog bonus... Well of course they both get a bonus, they have significantly smaller factions and have to actually work to get a win while Germany just runs down to Rome every time and then tries to push out from there, so the sooner you, and the rest of the regular German faction members, stop crying about the bonus and realise there's actually a very simple solution to make the bonus go away quicker, the better the game will be for everyone. Happy anniversary.
  9. War is not winnable

    ^^^ They fought brave for nothing. May they rest in peace. I wanna see Reto bring the message to all the relatives. Haha.... What is left of them brave boys in Minsk keep fighting, win after win.
  10. I have alerted IT to investigate. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. War is not winnable

    RETO say that after new patch, WARs can lasts a little longer. So that it is I believe
  12. Reto.Varish

    Экспертный Эксперт тебе говорит... слушай и вникай(Кстати ну уж куда по экспертнее тебя буду во многих вопросах) дибилизмом ты обществу не поможешь, тем более само общество здесь сидячее, уже тебе написало что возьми и напиши репорт. Если ты такой общественный деятель(как гордо для тебя звучит деятель, языкочесалкин ты мастер, не более)
  13. War is not winnable

    Don't Forget the 1.7k US paras that died in Warsaw by the end of it.
  14. That isn't a bug. Its a feature they implemented with the last patch. So now if you wanna win the war you must take 3 cities simultaneous.
  15. Вопросы по игре

    Кстати, заметил что траектория полета снаряда птрд теперь более реалистична. Т.е теперь реально нужно юзать дальность прицела.
  16. Вопросы по игре

    На здоровье.
  17. Амеры только что потеряли из-за бага ГК
  18. Can you shoot down planes with AT?

    It's something we plan to adjust. Current plan is to also look at some plane statistics to see how they perform, and while we potentially prepare some balance adjustments, the insane experience gain from pilots will also be reviewed and reduced.
  19. R75 suggestions

    Would require basically some re-modelling and possibly just having two different models. To be honest, I like the idea of being able to choose for this, but I don't see it happening anytime soon (as in, currently not necessarily a priority to look at).
  20. Новости и слухи

    Я почитываю периодически, чтобы быть в курсе, что тут да как
  21. Вопросы по игре

    Внезапно превратился. Спасибо за совет!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ППШ СНОВА ГНЕТ!!!
  22. Yes, I am well aware of this issue, in particular when active on the War map. This doesn't take away that the re-factoring needs to move forward so we can work on performance
  23. 1-Year Launch Anniversary

    And you have every right to still be concerned, but development stands separate from the community / marketing team (as in, we can said up these events without the involvement of a lot of resources from development). We felt that, despite the current issues in the game there's reason to celebrate that we launched a year ago
  24. War is not winnable

    With one town left to win the war, we (US) took Warzaw 2 times, and Minsk 2 times, still war didn't end. What is up with that? (Can't give you game ID since game crashed (ofc) after last Warzaw match I was in.) Edit: Another player in the match gave me the match ID: M 7363354220667860533 P 2397542064753840945
  25. First of all, sorry for any english mistake it is not my native language. So here we go. At the moment, the war can't be over! US faction just has to have 1 more capital city for winning. They win multiples cities and the war isn't over yet. The enemy cities can't be captured. Most important of all, units are used for every factions. And they can't retreat or whatever. They are locked into the battle running forever and forever. And it seems AT's don't win xp or warfunds for the battle. So everyone is loosing warfunds and xp because of this bug: the war can't be over. This is the first time I see this kind of bug, and obviously it is annoying for everyone and gamebreaking. Because yes the game is broken at the moment lol. + For the moment, I think this bug existed for around one hour. (Beginning around 9 AM - Paris Time UTC +2).
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