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  2. We should not even mention MP40. Most of german faction players thinks that even PPS is better than MP40 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Look at all this alts!
  4. oh look i found another alt. Negative stats, how dare you? And that against some randoms on GE side. Shame on you
  5. @z1gzakПаранойя
  6. Everone is alts tavarisch! Better call NKVD!
  7. Delicous, those soviet tears crying about alt accounting
  8. so much alts. so mush
  9. LOL Soviets the biggest alt users ever complaining about alts cuz theyr getting crushed.
  10. thanks for the (mostly) warm welcomes! we feel right at home. I haven't got the chance to team up with you though, hope we will before the end.
  11. This is not constructive feedback. Besides that, your tone against other players is not really appropriate. Locking the topic. If you wish to discuss the conefire or headshot multiplier, there's plenty of topics about them.
  12. well thats nothing new kek
  13. so much salt in one place..... im in heaven
  14. I really hate all this random left right recoil and weapons dancing around the target at point blank range BS. It completely removes skill.
  15. I just hope it will not be a gun balance 2.0, we all know how the 2.0 things ends...
  16. Powiem wam, że ten magazyn jest teraz jeszcze gorszy. Teraz można z bliska kampić na spawnie...
  17. Hold on a moment here, I don't want to create any false beliefs. I've said that I have made your (read: Community) point well known at the right Developers. I also know that the gun balancing has a high priority. But IF , WHEN and HOW the conefire system will be changed is something I don't yet know. In the end, the community feedback is most definitely taken into account, but the Developers have the final choice here in which direction they want to go. So as much as I may want to tell you that this and that will change, I can't. I will try to figure out how the meetings about this are developing.
  18. I think Reto cares. I just think it's an inability to develop and support this game. I believe that the original split that occurred during the Alpha meant that the folks who really understood how the game engine worked left the company along with the finances to create the game. This left a small bunch of modders who don't really understand how things work and are put together. It's the feeling that I get and would love to be proved wrong. The lack of new content i.e. maps and the strange implementation of random concepts lead me to my conclusions. Not to mention a game director who believes it's in his best interest not to play the game.
  19. AVS

    She touched the AVS, got punished
  20. AVS

    Still the best way to go! (also a great bait to derail the topic, yay!)
  21. may be u explain, why the f*k battle started on rts when b*tch bonus Su 100%+
  22. It's simple, you all joined the one faction. Each game has a team of very experienced players on one team playing against new players on the other team. You win in 5 seconds flat, and completely destroy the moral of the enemy team. The new players leave H&G, reducing the Australia player-base (that's why there's never 18vs 18 matches in our region anymore). Enjoy the Asian ping future you have built.
  23. AVS

    You're wrong there: dies of orgasm
  24. Yes Yes, All Soviets bush-wankers, bear vodka balalaika. A complete set of stereotypes. Nice try continue in the same spirit to kill the game.
  25. potato screenshots..and proving nothing as always... tbh thats kinda common positions on town map...more like for russians..who are just bush-wankers in most cases
  26. So this is the new way of stealing money from us?
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