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  2. You actually need to fix anti tanking

    AHahah one in a milion It was captured on a camera you can watch it on youtube .... If ti was rear it is not so easy to find it...Well you can destroy more then 21 tanks in a battle in H & G at the moment Just use a bazooka + H3 and play vs GE. They have like 6 or 7 tankers every game here more WW 2 videos : After watching this video tell me the diffrence between heroes and generals and reallity Tanks in H & G get stuck by the smallest stone.... So as you can see it was really common tactic simply few people here im not gonna say names spread this rumor that tank cant shoot on the move but they never been in the army. Dont know what cordination can do and soviets where doing this without a radio even can you imagine just by claping person on the showder depends on witch side the driver was tacking commands from the commander. Facts are facts we cant change them....

    ow ye, i want my flank to be covered
  4. Sous-effectifs.

    Ça va mieux depuis aujourd'hui. Les Ricains et les Coco vont perdre mais résistent bien. Fin de la grêve ? R
  5. You actually need to fix anti tanking

    Meh, as said. If it happened once in million times I dont see any reason it to reflect the actual game as in the actual game you can already fire while moving nothing stops you. If we go down that path that things get buffed accordinly to 1 in million situations, then I dont see any reason why every each single soldier could not destroy 21 tanks on one spawn since Günther Viezenz did so, or rather less known winnish soldier Ola Olin who took out 31 tanks so in these terms if these 2 guys rekt such havoc with only one spawn I think we should buff antitanks rather more so ppl could be realisticly effective as these 2 guys. Or add aimbot for everyone because Simo Häyhä took out ~500 soviets with rifle using only iron sights. Sounds fairly logical.
  6. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    You know ,some people don't know Sh t and talk about how game should be played.INF has a role, planes have a role. every one has a role to play. And just because you can't play them all just GIT GUD. and stop crying about other people.
  7. Bughunter Deutschland- Sammelthread

    Ist es normal, dass Matches, die man verlässt, keine Belohnungen ausspucken ? Ansonsten ein neuer Bug. Btw. friert das Spiel öfters ein, weshalb ich oft das Spiel neu starten muss und manchmal auch das MM-Menü rumbuggt.
  8. You actually need to fix anti tanking

    Well its world war 2 not Vietnam war people where not running with a camera exactly but there is many scored kills by tanks moving and shooting specially by aces with eye witnesses. And there is people that support this there is even regular kills on the move in the pacific teater against the Japanese by Shermans. You have it I given you only videos if you wish I can give you books ? Shooting on the move is more common then you can imagine. It was not the best thing you can do but sometimes it was done specially when you have to assult. It was done by Germans,British.USA,Soviets,French and Japanese tanekrs.
  9. GaiusBaltar won the game

    Gaius is the leader, no matter what you say. We follow @GaiusBaltar
  10. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    well you should support this then But RETO need to Fix the (if the line closes you get no FW's problem) first
  11. we got every soldier in the field equiped with at least one scoped rifle, still it is not like reto cares, so I guess salty tears doesn't really mean anything to reto
  12. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    Well lucky you, most of the time I dont even get mine deployed.
  13. entire game is one huge issue, how ever thats pretty much only thing that annoys on ptrd. Other than that for all I care it can be fired while bunny hopping.
  14. Infantry 2.0?

    Updated class suggestions Any hero could equip only: - max 1 Primary weapon [PW] - max 1 Secondary weapon [SW] - max 1 special equipment for class [SE] - max 3 small equipment items [EQ] - max 1 Badge - max 1 Veteran badge and drive max 1 Vehicle [V] Hero classes with Equipment: 1. Assult Infantry - min 35% of Infantry troop in game. 2. Support Infantry - max 25% of Infantry troop in game 3. Combat Medic - max 15% of Infantry troop in game 4. Recon / Cavalry Scout - max 15% of Infantry troop in game 5. Sniper - max 10% of Infantry troop in game 6. Paratrooper - max 20% of Infantry troop in game Examples:
  15. Weapon recoil pattern

    Apparently it's not necessary in Battlefield 5. Is it necessary with the new anti-cheat? Or is it necessary so that really mediocre players can compete with really good players . . . i.e. the RNG headshot helps the noob and the confire hurts the pro? Not trying to be snarky. Just don't understand why Battlefield 5 dev feels the bullet should go where you aim, and HnG devs believe in conefire.
  16. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    I lvl'ed my planes from recon to heavy's in 6 weeks . I don't think it needs to be faster or other wise every one will have top tier AT's in no time
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  18. any vehicle blow up for no good reason when it gets disable in this game so it is not a PTRD issue, but a vehicle issue
  19. good point. but there will be a ocean of salty tears if you make rocket launcher flashback kill anyone within 10 feet behind the launcher. Might be fun to watch the forum blow up, though.
  20. Mouse locked for a few seconds

    I got something like that with my old steelseries rival mouse, from time to time it stopped responding for a second or two, enough for me to smash that crap and buy different. Problem solved.
  21. Письмо от СЕО #3

    мда поставил на карабин кучней бодрей - ток успевай перезаряжать. вот только бред от бедра точно в прицел адский разброс ))
  22. Meh, the only thing that annoys in ptrd and indeed is effective the fact it can blowup soft vehicles by 1 hit. That you can fire it while standing hardly is breaking the game in anyform, is it realistic or not is completely irrelevant.
  23. grenades are very prone to troll abuse, should we remove them too?
  24. You guys forget that H&G is arcade game not a simulator
  25. Sous-effectifs.

    C'est plutôt ça...
  26. I mentioned this before and someone from Reto (can't remember who) said that the M1919 should be the A6 variant, which is the variant that has a buttstock . . . even though that is not what is pictured in the game. LOL, yes. A couple days ago, I was killed by a faust from a bout 3 feet. I guess the blast kills just the target. During the same match, I was standing just behind someone who fired a faust, which should have killed me. While I agree that rocket launchers (fausts, schrecks and zookas) should cause damage to those behind the firer, it may be too prone to troll abuse.
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