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  2. just for the reference then g33/40 sights (which are actually about the same as the regular 98) k98. If you desire i can also go ahead and take a few pictures of my own mauser, with and without sight hood
  3. Ohh I see. I don't have 10 chars on every faction. But I own all the high tier stuff on the factions and so I believe I can bring my arguements and you can tell me yours and is you gonna tell me the STG is fine, I can only say: You live in another dimension.
  5. 1HK SA rifles? That would be GG for me. If camping is bad now, that would cause camping to become insane (and it would mean every American player would be using M1 Garand instead of M1919/Johnson).
  6. I do'nt own the m2, but every now and then i pick one up. Is it 4hk hsg? With tight grip, that thing is a bloody railgun.
  7. BA rifle is basically a predecesseor of SA rifle. Since it's just Bolt-action it's not suitable for CQC,but only Camping,trench warfare or some hiding in a building.Since in WW2 they becomes more of obsolete and gets replaced by SA rifles their main purpose is Sniping (In the US army) and other countries also wanted to replace BA rifles by SA rifles,but they were not able to do that during the war and so their main Infantry rifles were still BA rifles. I have been also thinking about some changes to SA rifles. Like they would be 1HK too.But they would get quite a big recoil so the barrel of the gun would go up and it would be harder to shoot 2 targets in a row very fast(maybe add some smoke after the shot).Also the Rate of Fire would get reduced.
  8. On question 2 you put as option "Yes" and "yes" so is there a mistake?
  9. Yeah I know it will I'd stop deploying cause not only would it be whales deploying but, you would probably have every battle on the front overstacked. Roughly around 6-8k like it is now in other areas but even worse.
  10. With all due fairness and respect, this is probably why your maps look so dead and the placement of Houses etc literally forced. Maybe you should try taking some satmaps and aerial recon pictures of an area that looks neat/ could be interesting for a game, overlay your visual design thingy and then make some minor changes to fit the map according to it. The majority of ww2 battlegrounds and period fitting locations make for excellent maps, even if you take the liberty to change it around somewhat to make it more fun/ pleasant for certain classes. However the great upside of orientating on real world things is that you get a much more realistic feeling, as atm even the ghost city erected by the German army for training purpose has a more life like look to it than the maps
  11. Why cant we get the 35 round mags anyway? They were at least as used as the 71 round mags.
  12. Please fill in what you think would be an improvement to the game!
  13. Sure, if ppl get out of staged and start playing. alt popping is not so bad - so long as alts actually play the battle someone is getting WF and XP. Indeed clans should be allowed to play against themselves on the war map while being in the same room. Too bad Reto is so playstyle police about it. So just random solo MM in war for my alts then.
  14. ah, i thought you meant like more than 71 rounds per mag.
  15. That is my point. And to emphasise it, SAs should have accuracy at range decreased. Therefore, close range sniping should be done with SA rifles, long range sniping should be done with BA rifles. "Only 2 shoots", the difference is damage and accuracy AT RANGE. SA rifles should nerfed only be able to 2 shoot up to about 150m, beyond which sniping should be done with BA rifles. So, in sum total, BA and SA rifles should have roughly the same damage, however, BA rifles have the damage and accuracy AT LONG RANGE, in exchange for lower ROF. Thus, sniping would be changed to be pure 2 Shots: SA rifles if you are at ranges of less than 150m, and BA rifles if you are at ranges of more than 150m. I honestly think that would make for good play, and you would no longer be one-shotted by some recon 300m away. Also, it is very easy to camp at close range. Infantry scopes honestly don't make much difference to my K:D ratio when I do sniping. If I do not have a scope, I just go in a bit closer. The OHK ability is WAY more important than some silly scope, and the 2 shoots damage on SA rifles is WAY more important than a scope. Scope is just a perk which allows you to camp from a bit further away, but it doesn't increase your ability to camp, by any means.
  16. 1. Auto resolves do not award exp or wf 2. Victories give more exp and war funds 3. Losses give less exp and war funds 4. If the units in your at do not get used you won't get war funds or exp 5. If they do get used you will get war funds and exp based off of how much they were used and how well they did
  17. Further proof that this gun still needs nerf
  18. Battle didn't even last for 5 minutes, this was a completely random battle with random players with even amount soldiers on each side within the same rank range. I just wanted to remind everyone that the n00bola is still going strong and is still continuing to plague this faction to this day, that is a fact.
  19. That was just the single most stupid thing I read today. The fact that this kind of playstyle is hated by many doesn't mean it is illegal/unethical. As for the BA nerf: *Semi-autos* -2HK -lot less sway -~300 max RPM -scopable as well If you kill BAs, people will just go back to SAs, camping with those instead: they'll have a potencial of 150 kills/minute instead of 40. BAs are camping weapons: it's their purose. Even WW1 Mausers were fitted with iron sights that were way overshooting from one trench to the other. The problem is not the quality of the 1HK BAs but their avaliability. I myself too think that infantry scopes are to blame. I also support the hold-breath-system.
  20. Please select what you think is a good improvement to the game.
  21. 1. Expensive I'd guess 500k range 2. Repair biyll would be massive 3. It would be super slow to accelerate 4. It would be rather underpowered 5. Very fragile 6. Super long respawn timer 7. Would need a new Assault team 8. The other factions would want their own jets 9. It would go way too fast for the size of maps in the game.
  22. Why do you feel the need of repeating the same sentence I previously intentionally ignored? I have a different opinion and approach on the topic so I should just STFU and play another game? A proper handling model is not a nerf, its the proper way how to balance weapons through their handling and not by adjusting its TTK. You have a fair point and thats why I support for a long time the idea for a new GE battle rifle the MG30 or MG26. Both are fairly similar to the Johnson/BAR/AVS, and it could be the placeholder top competitive weapon till reto finds the correct solution. It would have the same 20 round mag, similar DMG and ROF and it would be a nice new addition to the German weaponry. Once they find a correct handling model for the LMGs this weapon would be adjusted with the rest of the LMGs. The STG has very few disadvantages and the major one is the lower DMG output. Also buffing now the STG and nerfing it later wouldnt be the smartest move from reto, it would just make even more GE players angry.
  23. Before Everhart build, the PPD-40 came with 5 spare magazines per pouch, and the PPSh-41 came with 3 extra. Even upping the amount of magazines per pouch to 2 instead of the current 1 would make things more bearable. Ideally, both the PPD and the PPSh would both get handling like the other SMG's as well as their ammunition increased, which wpuld make them usable and viable across the board, and put the PPSh back as the King of SMG's.
  24. Nie jestem tego pewien. "Rozrzut pocisków - zjawisko polegające na tym, że pociski wystrzelone z tej samej broni, przy tych samych nastawach (celowaniu w jeden punkt) nie uderzają w ten sam punkt." ~ Wikipedia Nie jestem pewien jak z polską terminologią wojskową, wiem, że tak ogólnie uznaje się, że celność dotyczy głównie pierwszego wystrzelonego pocisku, reszta pocisków to precyzja (i "precyzja" jest czasami przemiennie używana z "rozrzutem"), czyli powtórzenie tego pierwszego strzału, a na precyzję wpływa właśnie rozrzut i celność, bo rozrzut spowoduje utratę celności (co sprawia, że kolejny pocisk uderzy w inny punkt), a jeśli broń ogólnie jest niecelna to też niemożliwe będzie powtórzenie strzału. I jeszcze tak dokładniej Celność to ogólnie to, że pierwszy pocisk (lub pocisk po danym odstępie czasowym "uspokojenia broni") nie trafia w miejsce, w które skierowany jest celownik. Bez różnicy czy w górę, czy dół, czy na boki. Zwyczajnie, pocisk przy idealnych warunkach leci nie tam, gdzie celujesz, mimo, że celujesz idealnie. Cały podrzut, rozrzut i wszystko. W H&G stabilność to to, jak daleko broń odskoczy, nie tylko w formie podrzutu, ale w przypadku takich cudów techniki jak MG42, odwróconego podrzutu, bo taki odrzut potrafi pokierować lufę nawet w dół. Zauważ, że te pociski trafiające po bokach celu z M2 Carbine nie są spowodowane tym, że pocisk nie wyleciał prosto z lufy (celność), tylko dlatego, że broń skacze na prawo i na lewo po każdym strzale. Ma niekontrolowany odrzut w różnych kierunkach.
  25. Glad to hear it (seriously, not sarcastically, since there are so many cancerous players who only do camping, with a ridiculously insane focus on K:D Ratio). But I ask again: If BAs aren't Camper weapons now, what are they?
  26. Removing AR completely will make the rest stop deploying. Only whales will play RTS.
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