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  2. they could be interesting modifications of the bullets for the Carcano rifle you can choose to use the Carcano in the long-middle distance or turn it into a bolt action shotgun for the short distance, depending on the player's playing style
  3. SU war losses

    pffff, how about AR the whole 4000-6000 Russian troops, in the war map, with 15000 US and GE troops which have 4x more troops in the war map, that seems to had drain dry all SU generals, after 5 or 6 wars
  4. That second one is effectively a shotgun round.
  5. Reto's Middle Finger Towards SU

    Yeah, no, my in person impressions and results from direct Q&A about it, Reto is not biased towards any of the factions and they definitely gave SU good unique stuff to play with. When I asked each Dev (guy who actually codes the game) to say what faction they play for the most when they play the game most of them actually said SU. If there is a hidden agenda to bias US they have really hidden it. After the weekend at their studio, the only area where I think there might be some biased conspiracy is related to the FG42 not going to infantry and equipment point allocations. I think there's more of a problem that Reto doesn't know how adjust the balance for higher skill "clan/veteran" play because all except maybe a couple there are poor FPS players (they admittedly say so in a joking manner) and their experiences are probably levied towards favoring the easier to use weapons. The best FPS players in Reto's staff, that I know of are more involved in support instead of the direct hands-on development.
  6. Heroes & Generals (2012 Gameplay) by Ohmwrecker

    Thing is, H&G is improving a lot. I still have high hope in Reto to bring more content into the game like Maps, Factions, Vehicles, Weapons and Optimizations.
  7. Свободная тема

    BAR - Browning's Automatic Rifle Automatic Rifle Automatic
  8. Москва вам больше не интересна?
  9. 184% XP BONUS LMAO

    SU is so disadvantaged, grind is so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. You know im one.of those guy who dont have bias. it would have been nice to see the community being more respectfull instead of those bias and bad behavior that are from the source RETO. And seeing and acknowlodge the strenght and weakness of others instead of certain ppl that prefer comming with their stats and brag howmuch they are right. I m done, too much bullcrap from everybody devs first
  11. humorous player names and game chat

    The thing I love about GE army chat is that you have always the same people there posting for hours.
  12. Deep Dive: Weapon Configuration on Twitch

    As part of the deep dive , can you look into why some weapons have more iron sight zoom than others? Was this intended? Thanks!!
  13. did you become an enemy of reto moto?

    I had to learn the hard way that this forums is not imageboard and memes and copypastas are not welcomed. Proud to join 7 points members club but I don't want to cause more troubles, not worth it.
  14. more proof that germans are right

    Yeah my bias, typical US main. Don't you dare write something against US, othewise you are BIASED!
  15. This word censorship sucks

    Well I had one warning or ban? for circumventing word filter :DDDDDd I don't know why posting is changed to dancing though I noticed that before but whatever
  16. The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    Not bad taste.
  17. Skadowsk

    Thank you all for all the support
  18. you just described the life of a tanker. As tanker, you can't pop out without beeing sniped, no 360 view like all other classes, you hardly can hear a jeep coming. Seems you only see it from a XP farmers perspective and disregard any other comments as i also see in other threads.. So afraid to see your noob toys go ? don't be afraid.. RETO is not listening to tankers anyway. And if they do, they give the opposite that tankers ask for.
  19. Reto's Middle Finger Towards SU

    You are so right, I bet that reto did understand that too, reto wanted to underpopulate the GE faction by giving US a good gears in order to populate it, whereas the SU faction, noone cared about them so it only got a constant nerf and take off what it has, and despite all of that, too many are still playing the faction....The thing is, it is too hard to leave your clan mates or friends and play another faction apart from if you all will do....too hard to leave friends indeed....
  20. Good topic and I voted yes because I want all of that but I know it isn't possible. Anyway where did you get pics from especially that finnish one? I am collecting those releases from Osprey because of uniform drawings but hadn't seen that one before.
  21. more proof that germans are right

    I play all factions all the time in war and as an average skill player I can tell what I encountered is that in War almost all randoms are equal despite some "organized randoms" who sometimes play in squad and have few more high tier weapons in GE (but this can happen in every faction is just that GE have bigger population thus more experienced players). I also sometimes play in staged and as you said in staged is nightmare to play for SU or US, because there are also more fully modded high tier weapon users on GE side who just enjoy shredding new players. And talking about weapons, GE weapons are all really locked in the specific range: MG42, MP40 - CQC, STG - short* to medium (*short if you hit headshots), G43 medium to long, Kar - long. That's why I always take G43 while playing on GE side because in my opinion it's the weapon which shines in the widest range for GE. While playing for US I take M1919 or Johnson because it shines at CQC to medium* range (*many US players say that they hate sights, but I get used to it after 5 - 15 minutes playing with that gun) or Garand which shines at short to medium range and for SU I take AVS or DP-28 because it shines at short to medium range or SVT - 40 which can perform almost at the same range as G43. Of course all these statistics matters if teams are equal and maybe few hundred hours on all factions is not enough to compare these weapons, but at least I can give you my opinion on that.
  22. Sorry, feel free to tell me I'm wrong, but isn't this situation pretty much same over the last year that GE had always most battles won no matter who in the end won war? I think before this war, stats were a lot in favor of GE for the simple reason, that SU was starting to play again. GE was going again for quick push to east and fast war, but then it was stopped and US won the war, end stats were some like, GE had 2x more won battles than US or SU and it made sense in that context because in the beginning of war it was just push, win, push, win, etc.
  23. AT per player limits

    Easy match. Just send inf against that. Whole team will play alt classes, so it will be quick push.
  24. This word censorship sucks

    How dare you question Reto's actions! Only Reto has the right to say bad words, usually on livestreams. 10 points and a permanent ban for questioning Reto. Topic locked.
  25. Back to the old ways.

    No, the concept basically is "I like this faction so I will keep playing it like during the good 'ol days and have fun with friends." not rocket science people. I bet thats what kunalp meant. You promote having fun so we do what is fun to us.
  26. more proof that germans are right

    @WarDaemon and I were technically the two selected US main players out of the 9 insiders (2 GE, 2 SU, 2 US, 3 "all faction"). We were definitely not the most biased. If you read the notes Wardaemon addressed issues that would help every veteran in the game and I spent a lot of time vouching for GE and SU equipment tweaks. Everyone at the summit pretty much agreed the faction equipment was very close to balanced, with a few areas needing small improvement. Reto actually seemed surprised at how much we all agreed. I think this thread here is just to bait/troll against the endless complaint threads and it got the desired effect. When GE is losing on the RTS there are an immense amount of defenses being played by GE, which works very well in favor of their weapon ranges and also inflates k/d stats tremendously. Wardaemon's post is probably an example of that, so it's really not alarming to me at all. H&G is incredibly biased towards the defender in almost every aspect of the game, and GE is damn good at camping with long range scopes, so he's probably blowing off some steam from being in a meatgrinder offensive. It can be very frustrating trying to win and getting ROFLstomped over and over before you even get anywhere close to the capture point due to long range camping from all angles and not enough cover.
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