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  2. I have a pilot with the American Faction named Donald Winter (my gamer tag is EnragedMeek), and I have the recon plane, the Curtis Owl, but I cant use it. I have it equipped like how you would equip any weapon or vehicle, but under vehicles it wont let me use it. I am given a message saying "Soldier must have item equipped here - drag another into slot to replace." even though as I said, the game displays it as already being equipped. Thus I cant use my plane. Please help, thanks!
  3. US Navy ship accident awarness

    In the case of Japan, there a difference between tried and tested and obsolete. I say it more like, it so much easier to stroll over the enemy after we bomb them to Oblivion. I will give that much. But America had a weird thing about just in case. And kinda hard to predict how a war will turn out. The bazookas was damn good weapon... But it didn't have the range of the AT gun. If something happens to your tanks, or your units gets separate from them, or just not sent any, better to have a plan B. At guns were relatively speaking, dirt cheap. Finally Paras troops would need to relied on things that can be airdrop. Don't want your elite light infantry troops wiped out because their reinforcement were delayed and they don't have AT guns.
  4. difference is that SU/US mostly ramboing when they have no tanks, during that GE rambo's are fighting with their OP tiger and OP panther who'll end up with killing more tanks.
  5. Ticket response time #2

    i think 14 days is atleast for RETO response, so be patient
  6. Russia winning the war too fast

    well, something is wrong here.... lonely German TANKER?
  7. Russia winning the war too fast

    I think i played a bit in 2012, maybe only a few hours since my intrest for the game back then was little to none
  8. Not only that but the G variants were the most produced ones
  9. Russia winning the war too fast

    ive here since 2012 boi so sit down
  10. Не позволяет то, что за обычными игроками, которых наделили полномочиями, тоже надо следить.
  11. Offtopowe pogawędki

    Jak ktoś ma wolną chwile czasu, polecam obejrzeć parę filmików, które w wyjątkowo lacedemońskiej formie, acz jednocześnie w stopniu dość wyczerpującym, obalają popularne mity drugowojenne.
  12. The real reason people play for Germany

    Oh so Germany that did all that baseball 2 times and still come out as one of strongest countries in the world economically is a loss for Germany?
  13. I'm like this whenever Exile posts: unfortunately because of the nature of his posts he gets suspended a lot, or I assume he does. Forum gold though. hard restrictions replaced with much softer restrictions. it's actually a middle ground if you think about it. And they have took in feedback from the community about punishing new players already and it is going to be considered and tied-into the new system--that's the plan anyway. Lots of things need to happen to make it work fair of course, so ball is in their court on that. Don't automatically assume the worse though
  14. Russia winning the war too fast

    You dont tell me what to do, im here since 2013 and i saw Germany winning alot of wars
  15. Russia winning the war too fast

    el songo dont have me youtube
  16. Oh yeah the Aux system being replaced with the new restrictive system that punishes bad players and noobs, cant wait for it.
  17. Ticket response time #2

    Hello, I put in a ticket on the 11th of November and still have not heard anything. Today is the 20th of November. This is the 2nd time I have submitted a ticket and have waited 10+ days to get a response with this game. If anyone from Reto reads this could you please check my ticket? It is #UFT-386-74115. Thank you

    Well.... if that is the cas... they screwed the pooch there as well. Majority of players cant even get there AT's out to earn warfunds....
  19. Yah, they acknowledged the naming flaw already on the streams. Obviously, it's one of those things that needed to be played out for a long time to properly see if it effected the population imbalance. Doesn't look like it did! So they'll probably be ditching it. Overall the opinions from the Devs circled around the theme of not railroading everyone into doing stuff, but wanting to influence decisions, which is why they're going to ditch the Aux system with all it's problems. Similarly they wouldn't slap a cap on joining certain factions as that would turn away players.
  20. Russia winning the war too fast

    you can have that right when GE wins a war
  21. Немецкие проблемы

    Посмотри количество ресурсов в ближайших городах к Риму. В предыдущей войне и позапрошлой по меньшей мере в четырех стояло около 40 тысяч пехоты, которые никуда не двигались с самого момента своей высадки. В большинстве игр у немцев и американцев встречается не более тысячи пехоты, почти нет танков и самолетов, из разнообразия только разведчики; ближайшие к фронту столицы набирают пару тысяч, в то время как со стороны СССР идёт полный набор. Из-за этого многим немецким командам проще воевать с американцами, ведь у них ситуация абсолютно идентичная, а в это время советы спокойно съедают крайние столицы и тех, и других, такие как Копенгаген, Станбул, Белград, Будапешт и Роттердам — на этом четыре, если не больше, последние войны и кончались.
  22. The real reason people play for Germany

    Because you said GE has the strongest economy in the whole world and you think that comes out as a "win" for GE from WWII. That's just wrong and insane.
  23. Naming the Bonus "Underdog" bonus, doesnt sound very wise, i told back in 2015 this was gonna fail and it did. You just cant control what faction people join, to do that they would need to put a limit on players per faction No matter how passionate they are, the UDB came in 2015, its 2017, 2 years later and things only became worse.
  24. US Navy ship accident awarness

    So were the Japanese,didnt really work out for them though. In other words "we dont have any clue of how to properly fight battles so we will just keep spamming explosives and hope to god that it does the job because if we face anything that can actually oppose us we are f*cked". Which was almost never the case seeing as the US was either constantly on the offensive or was occasionally being pushed back,it never seriously had a situation where those guns provided any more utility than the infantry AT units or air support or tanks would. The existence of the Bazooka renders that whole method utterly pointless. The jeeps part makes no sense since any US formation with jeeps also had tanks to call upon as well. Not to mention AT guns are horribly cumbersome weapons that leave their crew exposed unless they are seriously dug in with well developed defensive lines,which is something the US airborne formations never were. But its fun. :3
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