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  2. Smiffweez

    74th Panzer Grenadier Division Clan

  3. winalden

    74th Panzer Grenadier Division Clan

    Age: 20 Country:USA(the best one) Reason for Joining: looking for a good group to play with Time-Zone: EST In-game UN: winalden Discord UN: winalden Mic?: yep Do you have Assault teams? yes If so how many and what type are they? 1 motorized inf, 1 guard, 6 motorized guard, 1 light tank, 1 pathfinder
  4. daeqolax

    Stand alone Setup installing bug

    Hi @ER56313. Even though main install window freezes, files will still be downloaded through that second window. Once download is complete (based to own experiences), installation will continue normally( window unfreezes itself). Also even if download has failed during installation, once game client has been started hngsync will verify for corrupted files and download new ones. If this is the case you may have to wait a while before download finishes on initial startup. If you still have issues afterwards, don't hesitate to contact customer support.
  5. CapriCorny

    How to bring the fun back.

    hard to build a clan when loving game crashes after every battle!!! and they also reduced the squad size do 4 since you left donni. the only way to play this game nowadays is to matchmake, not touch the map, not change soldier, not even breath. just select one soldier, and MM. then MAYBE you won;t crash
  6. daeqolax

    Has the timeout changed again?

    Ok. As you wish. /closed
  7. doramass

    How to bring the fun back.

    Serious? you were playing war as SU? and you could join a battle as Axis?
  8. LuisCyphre

    Has the timeout changed again?

    Yes it was. Can be closed, wasn't aware that this carried over.
  9. darkhell18

    Tank Battles German vs Russia or US

    It would change if more of the community would point at this Problem, and not just take it how it comes because we as the community make them their Profit for the game, instead to throw them more into their pockets, because first then it will change something and they would Listen to the community more, like it was by the Company Wargaming when they did a decision by their own and got a hell of a shirt Storm from all players. But that have some first to Figuren out, thst game developers need a Player base to get money in, or as they would wish a growing Player base
  10. daeqolax

    Has the timeout changed again?

    Hi @LuisCyphre. Are you referring to extra 5 min? (AR was set to 6 hours in Hotfix 157053 on March 7th according to the changelog.) IIRC the 5 min delay was present before, while AR was 1 hour.
  11. LuisCyphre

    FW-190 Sound Disappears

    Okay, so all I have to do to get rid of my engine sound is a close pass? Nice. Amounts to bug using of course, but hey.
  12. flakpanzer

    Match Maker is Broken

    @geezer5150 look at the timer... i waited from the beginning. i have to start making alt accounts to get battle to pop like other clans do. just pop the battle then leave the game and go back to my main account. it may not be fair to do that but then again its not fair for me to sit in que for a battle like this for 2 hrs Oh the battle lasted 10 min.
  13. HorstVII

    FW-190 Sound Disappears

    Pretty sure you already know about the bug when you vehicle, no matter if car, tank of plane, moves around the battlefield in complete silence after you spawn it. This bug i am talking about now is something similar, but it seems to be caused in a different way: Was playing the FW-190, sounds were as usual (the important part here: they were existing). But mid-combat they disappeared: you know that sound, when you get close to another plane in the air and you hear its engine sound, that loud engine roar similar to what you hear when you spawn in? Usually you just hear that loud engine sound, while it is played you hear pretty much only that and after that it goes away and sounds are normal. Now for the 190 it seems when you get close to enemy P-51s and you hear that sound the 190 becomes silent afterwards (after that enemy engine roar goes away your own engine sound is gone). Just like all other occasions when your plane becomes silent you are still able to hear cannon / MG sounds, wind noises, landing gear sounds, other planes and general battlefield sounds. Just your own engine sound is missing permanently. This happened to me multiple times in multiple missions and im pretty sure it was exclusively when i got close to P51s and not when getting close to any other plane.
  14. LuisCyphre

    Game changer

    The support ticket avalanche for server admins would kill off Reto for good I think......
  15. LuisCyphre

    Tank spawned upside down

    There was this same problem a long time ago on the old Mountain Town map - spawning an APC in one of the lane's 1 CPs (I think also C1, I have a recording somewhere) would almost invariably flip it cause it spawned on a rock. Anyone remember? X1 forever!
  16. Today
  17. VenstreDjevel

    Game changer

    Again not naming them, worse graphics is a lighter load on servers so if we go stick men we can throw as many as we want. A game with the lack of class, movement and transport restrictions that is also free to play. Lol I guess battlefield heroes came close but then pay to win and dead anyway Then don't expect anything and lol WT and WoT, grindtastic and p2w with no infantry and class restrictions. Yeah sure. Name them, WT-I have aircraft that were broken AF on release now nerfed and those practices continue. WoT-High level play requires firing money to remain competitive. Conjecture and speculation, the losses were guaranteed to occur since reto are far too generous. Free to play games you compare it to have a far greater grind to the same resources. Weekly numbers will not dictate development plans and shouldn't. They are only as meaningful as they should be and no more. If anyone burned that bridge its the players, contradicting statements abound thus rendering everything unreliable.
  18. Confirmed by today's US win. Gained thousands of WV ribbon XP with all my US soldier with ATs engaged and more so with the ones I played war battles with. Seeing as GE has no real chance to win presently, that's a real mean and biased... bug.
  19. pumbaafight

    [US] Weapon Suggestions

    New US weapon : the reising m 60 : semi auto carbine
  20. KriegsSchwein


    If you want Reto to match the sounds of the STG44 to some video of a guy shooting down range in a wooded area good luck .At the 5:00 mark there is more echo which distorts the actual sound of the STG44. The sounds in H&G are getting better "slowly" (used to be better) But i can remember when i was shooting my Gewehr 43 ,i would hear the shot, than the casing ejecting ,the the casing hitting the ground !
  21. VenstreDjevel

    4 Years Since the Last New Assault Map

    They did and then binned them since they didn't past muster or didn't mesh with the spawn system. The maps currently in game have been altered over that time in addition, all requiring work. Don't bother mentioning anything that has less complexity as superior in less time. Supporting the interaction of vehicles of all types and infantry while lacking class restrictions to a much larger degree. And how of those years have the player base forked out the money to expand? How many bought AT weapons with gold, how many will buy lmgs with gold. We get what we pay for. Adjust your expectations.
  22. What does that have to do with the terrible mechanic of tank bouncing up and down all the time, which is also extremely unrealistic?
  23. Vudu_guy

    staged matches with heavy fighters only?

    I dont think so, heavy planes got merged with mediums some time ago, only recon planes fly vs each other in staged games. Only in war you can find more random combinations with only heavys and most of the time only on one side as those are player driven.
  24. HobosAndGerbils

    Unofficial HG Community Survey Poll

    I appreciate the feedback but the whole poll is not representative anyways which I clearly said in the opening P.S even if the entire forum voted it would probably be 25% of the playerbase at best , its always hard to put feelings , mood and gutfeeling into statistics , statistics are cold hard numbers that say nothing and have to be interpreted in the right way first , feelins are something emotional ungraspable , this thread pretty much boils down on how happy or not happy the people participating are and at best its a hint for reto to take into consideration to understand their own , probably more complete data a bitt better by providing perspective of a part of the community TL;DR this poll is more about providing a somewhat vague gauge for mood than about overall % of happyness across the playerbase , while this thread CAN be helpful for reto with enough participation it probably provides soft data ( feelings , mood , trust ) more than Hard data ( usage statistics , player statistics on where they fall on certain spectrums etc )
  25. Aust1n46

    Best PTRS ammo?

    Monstr deals the most damage and doesn’t reduce accuracy. It’s the clear winner.
  26. Mastah

    4 Years Since the Last New Assault Map

    There is just one way to save H&G from map horror.... rehiring Reto.FleCk. That guy was a bad butt level / map designer... Remember his early design of this countryside map?? By the way, remember we once had lights on night maps? I mean, real night maps and not some blue moon shirt?
  27. pumbaafight

    H&G, Factions, RTS : promising change

    Score table in game with new system (illustration): legend: 1. Uk ressources by UK At's generals deployement; (to explain again that all factions'generals are independent) 2. US ressources (it's not the same ressources. consequences : we can see 13 available light tanks but only US light tanks) 3. German ressources (We can see that german infantries have Apc. Italian soldiers will be able to spawn into these apc but not deploy an Apc.) 4. Italian ressources 5. The player can choise in the game with the faction he want to play. During the battle, he'll able to switch with the available faction in the battle. Why i propose this: always the same --> the players base. If i lock the player choice, and ( for example ) US factions is defeated and only UK stay in the battle and only 2 Uk faction players are in the battle, that will be impossible to play. That will be 2 VS 20. But if we can change during the battle stay 20/20 but only with UK VS Germany and Italy. If i reserve 10 places for US factions and 10 places for Uk factions, and if UK factions are underpopulated, we'll see lot's of battle with 10 vs 20 or 12 vs 20 etc... With my proposition, if nobody want to play with Uk faction, they'll be able to play with US faction and we keep 20 vs 20.
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