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  2. boldin

    i want to enjoy my tank

    It's now a common practice for me: if I get a text log that I'm damaging a module that I've already destroyed, I switch to HE and throw one near enemy tank. Usually it gets me a sertified infantry kill
  3. VenstreDjevel

    Great job Reto

    Wow 8 thats a lot of waste. lets see with time for 8 rockets-track, ammo *2 , turret traverse, gun, transmission, fuel tanks, engine and after 3 of those he would have to get out and repair. If you could have been bothered hiding you probably could have just saved ammo and let him think he was on his own, after he killed the tank and got out to repair you would have had a free tank Clam style- But yeah next time you could just do this to him too-
  4. Shocksim750

    i want to enjoy my tank

    I am pretty sure you just don't know how to play the game, considering I played 2 match with you about 2 days ago. No that is just beyond stupid. AT rambos already just sit at enemy access points just to farm tanks since they know tankers are usually isolated from their teams already when respawning, and tankers usually respawn one by one since they don't just all die at once... this would literally just make it easier to seal club tanks in to oblivion. Infantry already has every advantage against medium and heavy tanks. They move slow, they have slow turning turrets. They are enormous so they are easier to bazooka, place mines under, place stickies on. Infantry can literally out run medium and heavy tanks, they can even run up to a tank to the point where a tank can't aim down far enough to even shoot at them. What more baseball do you want? You might as well be asking for tanks to not even guns in the game.
  5. sayukta

    Paratrooper Carbine INSANE lack of accuracy

    lets hope positive...
  6. boldin

    Great job Reto

    Yeah, zookas are completely loved up now. I too don't even bother turning when I'm in a tank duel and somebody starts hitting my back with rockets. As usual, we wait for a year till Reto finishes new AT toys and (hopefully) do some kind of rebalancing during their introduction in the game.
  7. SJGunn

    Great job Reto

    Bazookas have really been nerfed. I have had some success using one by getting close and aiming for the base of the gun, then shooting the tracks. But it's almost impossible to finish one without help. And using one costs a LOT of $.
  8. Sir_Joje

    Great job Reto

    You are not suppose to hit a tank 8 times in the same place. You are supposed to destroy the different components. So switching focus to each of the tanks sides would destoy the ammo compartments which deals alot of damage along with destroying engine. Only hitting the rear is no longer efficent.
  9. boldin

    Новости и слухи

    Погоди-погоди, ща они кааааак 1.12 допилят! И все станет в шоколаде! Вот еще чуть-чуть осталось! Немножечкоооо! Так они и новье не набирают сейчас, сами говорили. Такое ощущение, что Рето взяло модель распространения у Картмана из "Южного парка", который купил парк аттракционов и перестал туда пускать вообще всех.
  10. SJGunn

    i want to enjoy my tank

    You forgot its whoever shoots the other tank's gun first. Update still needs work. "Repair teams" working under fire is almost comical. Or it would be comical if they weren't repairing tanks I was shooting at faster than I can damage them. Sucks having to switch to HE just to clear out the wrench guys hiding behind the tanks. Lol, the wrench is the new hand-to-hand combat weapon of choice. My idea is tanks should only be able to be repaired in spawns, or maybe only the spawn where the tank first came from. Tankers wouldn't be happy, but it would thin out some of the tank spam.
  11. Sir_Joje

    Units stuck crossing from UK to Denmark

    Perhaps you should have waited for a capital closer to frontline to be captured so you could spawn there instead. Im quite sure your AT's are working as they should, they are just extremely slow.
  12. Shocksim750

    Cooldown before repairing tank

    I would say that is the rare exception, majority of players like myself lonewolf it. Anything in a coordinated voice effort will always be overpowered compared to normal players who play the without voice chat. Part of being a skilled tanker is knowing when to fight and when to flee. If you see 2-4 people repairing an enemy tank then you obviously need to run, or have HE and kill the repairers. Also people keep forgetting that tankers who spawn on friendly waste crewmen resources... which actually makes it easier to wipe out enemy tanks in a long match actually having to kill like 70 actual tanks. I have also been playing infantry only for the past 4 days, I been leveling up my LMG characters who has no AT weapons and tanks are hardly even a threat to me. Its honestly not hard to avoid tanks, and to be honest I probably gotten rid of more tanks than a lot of AT rambos on my team by just spotting the tank, wait until it gets fired upon and just shooting the tanker when he pops his head out to repair or just to maneuver around obstacles than actually trying to singe handed destroying a tank with AT weapons. Sure I don't get the exp for destroying the tank, or get the pleasure of watching it blow up... but its not that hard to remove tanks from the battlefield as most of the low skilled AT rambos on the forums are complain about. So as infantry I really don't see any reason to complain other than low skilled Professional AT Rambos whining that they can no longer farm tanks for free exp. There are still good AT Rambos who literally spawn camp tanks soon they leave spawn protection... especially since Reto stupidly made tanks only be able to spawn at the access point a couple of patches ago... which means most tankers are completely isolated defenseless against AT rambos who are camping with their jeeps.
  13. __TURNY__

    Klan ČSAD

    Chtěl bych se zeptat kdy už konečně reto opravíte bug na předsunutém letišti jak je 02 ten anti air gun jak jdete do leva nahoru po schodech tak se tam musí skočit a už je to hrozný opravíte to prosím?
  14. I just finished another tankfest battle. I hit a T-34/76 with 8 . . . EIGHT . . . bazooka rounds in the rear (while it was firing away at another tank). It kills the other tank, then turns around and HE's me. This is just stupid. Oh, and, for added fun, my repair bill was 1000 credits more than my income, so I lost credits.
  15. I sent to AT of infantry with no upgrades right after the war started. It's been now about 3-4h since and they are still visible in the middle of the north sea. Can someone help please,would be nice to have them see combat before the round is over. Not much extra but visually they look like they have encountered a battle, and not moving slowly across the line as is normal. They can see other units passing by where they are stationed. Link is to screencap i made:
  16. boldin

    DP28 is the best LMG in the game

    I just wait for the recoil update that will make m1919 completely OP. Right now the only thing that stops it from being too good is the recoil and flashes, that make leading targets problematic. With them toned down it's going to be a new era of m1919 pwnage.
  17. EFT has a good modular damage system, it could be similar to that one
  18. SJGunn

    Paratrooper Carbine INSANE lack of accuracy

    BroskyBro did a good job covering the M1 carbine. I'd like to add that the .30 carbine cartridge is one of those bullets that "is a good bullet that doesn't have a purpose". I do agree there's no argument that the gun was light for it's time and it is (in reality) very accurate. US military tried hard to find a use for it, but it never was very good at anything. I've fired one and have known a couple guys who own them. They like and enjoy shooting them, but they have joked with me that they are only good for hunting rabbits. The cartridge never was a good "man-stopper" and even the full auto version didn't do what the US military wanted it to do. Other countries did use them, but found they made a better "police-type" gun than a battle rifle. At the end of the Korean conflict the US decided it had too many guns in too many calibers and started a decade long search for a gun that worked for everything. They ended up with a M16-type weapon in 5.56x45mm (that still doesn't do what the military wants it to do). The carbine in the game? It should be a 3HK gun out to 25 meters, then the damage should drop off very quickly. The real carbines are much better than any pistol and much more accurate than any SMG in the game. Reto needs to make it more accurate and do more damage in CQC situations. Of course the game doesn't worry about realism and I don't think it will be changed any time soon.
  19. megaman_

    Новости и слухи

    Так и вышло. Давно понятно, что они не ЦА.
  20. VenstreDjevel

    Tankernoobs are back.

    Tanks on river crossings were always hard to kill, tanks well supported by infantry were always hard to kill. Now it just takes an extra 10-20 seconds, is it ideal? No but I get to leave spawn and maybe take a hit or two from a tank before being killed outright, there is so much more room for ballsy plays now rather than getting oneshotted constantly.
  21. boldin

    Игра в целом.

    И воззвал к небесам шаман на горе, ударяя в бубен и гремя костями предков. И разверзлись небеса над тайгой. И был свет, и шелестом ветра снизошло на шамана откровение. И было оно: - Патамушта.
  22. Zanderk

    Han roto el juego

    Claro, Aeródromo es el problema...
  23. Reto always finds a way to make good things worse.
  24. Today
  25. Suihkuunkusija

    Nerf USA

    *clears throat* BENIS
  26. SJGunn

    Recon respawn time.

    Drhoops, yes the aux timer is very different. I've entered the game as Recon and been able to "instant spawn" just like inf. At least until I'm killed a few times, then things slow down dramatically. I usually enter the game as inf and can "instant spawn" any of my inf guys. But if I switch to another class I have to wait. They apparently now want you to stay with your first choice. I suppose it's to stop/slow down the tank spam. Lol, next week things will probably change again.
  27. GermanSoldier

    Anti Tank Infantry Weapons

    May one ask what lead to this choice? IMO still a sub-par setup compared to some of the other suggestions, especially the lack of an AT rifle in the US faction is a big disappointment at least on my side
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