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  2. Reto.Hades

    Season 2 Battle Pass giveaway!

    Soldiers! Battle Pass Season 2 is being released 26.07.22! Celebrate the next season with us and let's set the social media Ablaze! Not only are we giving away 5 Battle Passes, if you participate now you have a chance to win one of 5 vouchers for a 30-day veteran membership! We are giving away 5x Season 1 Battle Pass 5x 30-day Veteran Membership To join the giveaway and get a chance to win one of the Passes click here! The more tasks you complete, the better your chances are to win!** Good luck! * Giveaway ends July the 25th at 4PM CEST. Winners will receive their vouchers through mail on the day of release ** You are only able to win one of the two prizes, it is not possible to win both. Original post: https://heroesandgenerals.com/2022/07/
  3. Reto.Hades

    Developer Update: 24th May 2022

    Soldiers! We have reached the halfway point of this season and with the Maintenance Update released, it is time to start sharing more information on our next big release. Our new work cycle already started last week, but seeing we did not want to release a Developer Update in the same week as a new build, we are sharing our information with you, today! Note that any task related to the Maintenance release, will not be listed again in the Developer Update. Developer Updates In the developer updates we share all the tasks that we have completed in the past few weeks, which features are currently being tested, are still being worked on and of course all the bugs that we have squashed! We will end each developer update with a short look at what we will be working on in the upcoming weeks. We will not always be able to share all the details of our work. Some items are too far in the future to talk about already. Certain tasks contain internal information that we just cannot share. Every once in a while, we might be working on something we want to surprise you with! We will do our very best to be as transparent as we can be! Be advised that not every feature that we have completed will be deployed in the upcoming release. Some features are part of larger updates that will be released further into the future. Completed Cycle Done*: Released Season 1: Maintenance Update! Released a fix for server-wide lag/freezing issues Released a fix for battles not ending correctly Note: Features that are Done are often part of larger updates planned on specific dates and may not be immediately available. In testing: None In progress: Battle Pass Season 2 preparations and accompanying features (will be separated for the new cycle) Bug fixes: Fixed an issue with veteran membership: two memberships could be active at the same time Fixed an issue related to translations: Lavrinenko Winter skin was misspelled in several languages Note: Bugs that have been fixed are often part of larger updates planned on specific dates and may not be immediately available. Delayed: None Moved back to Backlog: None Cancelled: Reduce the effectiveness of repairing tanks in combat New Cycle Testing: None Continuation: Battle Pass 2 rewards Planned: Movement speed boosters for Assault Teams Research possible improvements for the stability of the Client Ticket system; for example rename a weapon for free Booster system: Allow for multiple different boosters for the same ribbon Reduce the effectiveness of repairing tanks when more than 1 soldier are repairing. Upgraded machineguns for light vehicles (M2 .50 Cal, MG42, DShK-38) Original post: https://heroesandgenerals.com/2022/05/
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