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  2. sadly that almost never happens
  3. I wonder how the Jumbo does against Panthers
  4. That is one of the reasons I was proposing the instant action spawn. Cause spawning 200 meters from the battlefield after waiting 20 seconds to spawn enables players to "wander off" or camp (particulary tankers and recons).
  5. for me the Jumbo still been a weak pray, that tank is no match to good tankers, but still been a good way to troll the average mediocre GE tanker that is use to penetrating everything easily
  6. Немецкая турель лучшая по скорости убийства самолетов, американская по удобству и защищенности, такуж не надо. А советская, ну это советская.
  7. You can survive a 20mm shell if you wear heavy set gold. A bullet from the PTRD OHKs no matter what, even though it fires a smaller round.
  8. Yeah, if you negate angled, although that's not in most situations.
  9. Yep, they probably fired 15-20 rounds and only 3 penned. I was repairing behind the tank with mec gold
  10. Bonsoir, Quand tu recherches une partie avec l'un de tes soldats, tu sera envoyé dans une escouade de la carrière de ce soldat. Exemple: tu selectionne ton fantassin, tu sera envoyé ds une escouade de fantassin. COMMENT CHANGER DE CARRIÈRE DANS UNE PARTIE ? En partie, il y a plusieurs escouades de carrières différentes (fantassin, eclaireurs, para, pilotes et tanks). Chaque escouades puises dans les ressources de sa propre carrière (escouade de char pompe les ressources d'opérateurs de char et de chars...). Pour changer de carrière en étant dans une escouade, tu as besoin d'avoir que le chef d'escouade ait équipé des places d'auxiliaires dans son escouade. DE QUOI J'AI BESOIN POUR PERSONNALISER MON ESCOUADE ? Pour personaliser ton escouade, tu dois être au minimum sous-officier (rang 6). Chacun de tes soldats a sa propre escouade a personaliser, de la meme manière que ses propres rubans, armes et véhicules. Donc tu dois personaliser ton escouade de Fantassin avec ton fantassin, ton escouade d'éclaireur avec ton soldat eclaireur... Les Militaires du Rang (rang 0-5 inclus) ne sont pas autorisés a personaliser leurs escouades. A partir des Sous-Officier (rang 6-11 inclus) tu peux personaliser ton escouade. Et lorsque tu deviens Officier (rang 12-17 inclus) tu peux commander des équipes d'assauts dans la partie RTS du jeu. Ensuite tu dois également posséder des points d'escouades. Plus tu possèdes de points d'escouades, plus de possibilités s'offiront a toi pour personnaliser celle-ci. Tu peux avoir jusque 12 points d'escouades (6 par rubban d'escouade). Le 1er rubban est celui de Membre d'escouade, tu gagnera de l'XP pour celui ci en suivant les ordres de ton leader. Le 2ème rubban est celui de Chef d'escouade, tu gagnera de l'XP pour celui ci en donnant des ordres a ton escouade et lorsque les membres de cette dernière exécuteront tes ordres. AVEC QUOI PERSONALISER MON ESCOUADE ? Tu peux personaliser ton escouade avec 3 differents paramètres : - Place(s) d'auxiliaire(s) - Place disponible dans l'escouade - Nom de l'escouade - Donner des ordres en cours de partie Ajouter des places d'auxiliaires est la plus importante des choses d'une escouade. Chaque place d'auxiliaire permet a un soldat de ton escouade de changer de carrière pour celle de l'auxiliaire. ATTENTION L'AUXILIAIRE NE RAJOUTE PAS UN SOLDAT DANS TON ESCOUADE, IL PERMET DE CHANGER DE CARRIÈRE AU SOLDAT DÉJÀ PRESENT DANS L'ESCOUADE. Meme si toi, personnellement tu ne possède pas d'autres carrières que celle avec laquelle tu as rejoint la partie. Peut-être que d'autres joueurs qui auront rejoins ton escouade auront, eux, d'autres soldats a jouer. Cela permet de diversifier ton escouade et de mieux repondre face a la menace ennemie. Tu es dans une escouade d'eclaireur mais les ennemis capturent plus de bases que ton équipe ? Hop tu changes en fantassin pour aller aider ton équipe à capturer les bases. A savoir le cout des places d'auxiliaires ou de soldats par carrière: 2 SP pour un Fantassin 3 SP pour un Parachutiste 3 SP pour un Éclaireur 4 SP pour un Op. De Char 4 SP pour un Pilote Ceci est le "prix" pour la 1ère place supplémentaire ou auxiliaire de l'escouade. Il faut compter +1 pour la 2ème place et +2 si c'est la 3ème place. Exemples avec 12 SP d'une escouade de fantassin: 1 place supp + 1 aux d'Op de Char + 1 aux d'éclaireur = 2SP + 4 SP + (3+1) SP = 10 SP utilisé Tu as 4 soldats dans ton escouade avec la possibilité d'avoir un Op. De char et un éclaireur. 1 place d'Eclaireur + 2 places de Para = 3 SP + (3+1) SP + (3+2)SP = 12 SP Tu as 3 soldats dans ton escouade avec la possibilité d'avoir 1 éclaireur et 2 paras. Ajouter des places supplémentaires permettent d'agrandir ton escouade. Voici, par défaut le nombre de place dispo et entre parenthèses combien tu peux en rajouter selon les carrières : Fantassin: 3 (+3) Parachutiste : 3 (+3) Eclaireur: 2 (+2) char: 2 (+2) Pilote: 2 (+2) Personaliser to nom d'escouade, n'a pas de fonctionnalité excepté de différencier ton escouade des autres et le coté fun. Donner des ordres a ton escouade, permet a tout le monde de gagner de l'XP et des crédits supplémentaires si les ordres sont accomplis. Plus d'ordres accomplis = Plus d'XP et de crédits. En plus celà permet d'avoir une meilleure coordination avec ton équipe et donc de meilleure chance de gagner. QUAND PERSONALISER MON ESCOUADE ? Tu disposes de 30 secondes avant chaque partie pour voir quelles ressources sont disponibles et adapter ton escouade dans le menu en cliquant sur l'icone représentant un blason a gauche de ton soldat, tourben bas de l'écran. Évidemment tu ne le peux que si c'est toi le chef d'escouade, qinon tubdépends de l'autre joueur. Voilà voilà, en espérant avoir répondu a tes attentes. Bonne soirée et bon jeu
  11. That's pitiful. This game DESPERATELY needs to reduce the amount of grinding necessary to play this game. It's bad even for a free-to-play. You should be rewarded for that performance.
  12. It wasnt a problem for me. 1st match against them to test KT camo, i knocket out 8 in a row from the airstripe on FA. @Nick3862 can confirm that.
  13. Mhh that is really strange ... but VIA have a new driver version V.11.1100f from 01-Nov-2016 maybe that will fix your problem?
  14. I know still it was funny the reaction of a great part of the german tankers when they finally have to face one tank that had the armor advantage that they use to say it was not too much or relevant, as they fail miserably to fight an inferior tank that had the partial advantage that they have even if that tank has bigger weak spots, and they have a lot better sights.
  15. Farewell, HoracePmcTittys I do not like your name, and I hope it is not reflective to your personal character. I leave this reply here for the audience. This is a free-to-play games. Pretty much all of them have toxic communities. If you can't handle or would rather not handle a toxic community, I recommend you leave before you get too involved. That's just the sad state of affairs. But if you can handle it, just be the best possible player you can. Be kind, loyal, and remember the golden rule: Do unto other as you would have them do unto you. So don't be rude - b/c then people can be rude to you. Be polite even to those who don't deserve it - b/c then
  16. And Joe, if you saw my ats AR on Ax this week end, on "eiffel tower area" i was trying to encircle and destroy one axis´players ats that was AR, i remember that, you defended meanwhile he escape to put safe his ats, be sure that guy do it a lot of times, i destroyed his ats many times he is a very bad RTS player always play agreesive. Well done defending Joe you save your teammates ats that was the 3 AR i did this war, to destroy that ats. That guy, i will not mention, normaly do not care Ax teammates ats he just play his ats, be carefuly to be close to him, i always play agressive RTS on him, if i see him ARs.
  17. no they are not crap but they do tend to bounce off target and the long reload gets you killed more then anything.
  18. But the jumbo actually has overbuffed armor, unlike the sov tanks wich actually couldnt even pen the king tiger from the front irl.
  19. Poprzez Amelię. A tak na poważnie, to kto jest jeszcze na twojej liście wrogów pomiędzy "lewakami" a "islamistami"?
  20. COMING SOON IN 2017: more handheld AT weapons more overpriced camos more credit nerfs ----> 1 kill = 1 credit earned insane sway for all weapons more RNG headshots and recoil SA rifles now come with scopes scopes for all smgs and ptrd both teams will share the same deploy zone severe penalties for not spawnkilling and camping tanks can now be damaged by SA rifles squad 3.0 ----> cannot spawn unless squad leader says so be able to join war battles at rank 1 #bringbackthedeployqueue
  21. War is much more grueling than the other modes. It feels more like a disorganized, messy, dangerous, and frustrating war than staged. I like the struggle - it's realistic. War isn't fun and War mode is not that much more fun. I like the RTS elements, but this game definitely needs work. Including RTS - a better leadership system would be good. Even if high ranking generals could just put reticles on enemy areas to let allies know where to attack - even if it had no effect on gameplay.
  22. Estou indignado com H&G.....já me roubaram mais de 5000 EXP do meu soldado. Agora me roubaram 700 moedas de ouro....Pretendia comprar uma arma, mas não tinha créditos o suficiente então decidi comprar moedas de ouro, comprei 5100 moedas como já tinha 756 moedas deveria ter na soma 5856 moedas. Infelizmente so aparecem 5156 moedas...O pior de tudo que não tem para quem reclamar...
  23. Même chanson, dans une partie un mec avec un G43 a fait 170 kills avec 39 headshot et le mec jouait avec un g43 non moddé. Je crois vraiment que ce jeu est corrompu jusqu’à la moelle. Je veux bien qu'il y est des joueurs meilleur que d'autres mais la c'est n'importe quoi. Vous savez c'est le genre de joueur on lui met une balle dans le dos il se retourne direct et fait un headshot noscope en 0.02 sec tel un bon bot. Ou alors c'est le G43 qui doit être op... Ils ont quoi concrètement Reto comme outil pour capter les cheater? si on ne les report pas ils se feront jamais gauler?
  24. To sa rovno mozes spytat preco im nedaju M4A2 Sherman s 76mm kanonom. Oni by tieto lend-lease vozidla dali iba ak by nemali dat co ine co asi nehrozi. A k tomu by si hraci asi stazovali,ze rusaci dostanu dalsie lietadla z vysokym poctom bomb.
  25. Greetings, It has come to my attention that we have a most serious problem that is very common to Free-to-Play games. I support Heroes and Generals being free to play (at least at this point), but that doesn't mean we can let its problems get out of hand. I'm talking about trolling. That's right - trolling. If you've played for over 30 minutes, then you doubtlessly seen at least one or two players derping around doing who-knows-what and wasting your team's time. Maybe they even actively teamkill (I've found dozens of these people in my 80 hours of gameplay). Yes - we have a report system, but it takes time. And honestly, I'm not sure it works at all. But that's not the focus of this discussion. I'm talking about vehicular trolling. You know - your squadmate spawns 15 IFV's and hands them to the enemy. Not just poor play - but intentionally ensure that they get to steal it. That's not TOO bad in most modes... until you get to War. That's just unacceptable. It kills warfunds, lives, fun, and the spirit of the game. This has to be stopped - not just for IFV's, even tanks have been used in this way. Now I bet you're going to say "yeah - just report for trolling and things will work out." But it doesn't work out. The trolls are getting worse, not better. I have seen multiple thousands of warfunds go to waste this way, maybe even millions. One guy actually used all 12 tanks we had in the mission - and all of them were captured by the enemy except for 1. That's unacceptable. I have a solution in mind. In addition to the report system, if 4-5 teammates notice this problem, then they should be able to restrict the problem without teamkilling. Here's the feature. If 4 people (from 2+ different squads) all report a person for trolling, for the rest of the match they cannot spawn as anything but an infantryman and may not spawn vehicles of any type. At the end of the match, this restriction is limited and they may enter the next match like normal. If the behavior continues, a team can shut down their trolling potential before it gets going to far and costs the team too much. But what about counter trolling? What if trolls get together and try to use this backwards to disable good players from spawning vehicles? Good question. That's why you need 4+ people from 2 different squads. Trolls like to travel together, and if it takes more than 1 full squad to disable a player, then trolls won't be able to stop a functional team. Questions? Likes? Concerns? Recommendations? Let me know what you think below. I want this to become a reality. TL:DR - a way of keeping trolls from wasting vehicles
  26. Americans didn't had singe engine fighters with cannons in mass use like for example the british had. Furthermore, P40N is an later war model where BF 109 Emil is an early war model of plane. Granted, both constructions originated in same time pretty much, thus they gonna fit together rather nicely, but you gonna bet there's gonna be words of american bias again soon. Cuz 6x0.50cal's should be great. They were IRL, we'll of course see soon will they be too in game. if they'll be good, they'll be crying of american bias again knowing the wehraboos. Still, P40 fits nice as T1 medium fighter. Throwing a P-47 or P-51 versus Emil's would be totally bonkers and either it would be completely OP or they would have been nerfed to the ground to keep them in line as T1 fighters. Also I don't know are u ignorant or sarcastic with 30mm. I'll go with sarcastic for your sake.
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