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  2. То самое чувство, когда КГБ предлагает подключить читы в своём турнире
  3. Update: Yesterday played few games as a paratrooper, but only one was without planes. We did not lose any control points, so I was able to use one spawn point the whole game, the bug did not happen at this instance.
  4. NASA в среду, 22 февраля, соберет пресс-конференцию, посвященную открытию за пределами Солнечной системы, сообщается в официальном агентства агенства. В анонсе также отмечается, что в ходе пресс-конференции будет затронут вопрос поиска внеземной жизни. Начало в 21:00.
  5. I think that could be worked around. I mean look at current HnG. Everyone is using everything, cannot even recount number of times I got stickied by a GE guy...must have some good UK connections I would suggest. Give chinese a strong starter rifle. So people would not feel the need to go for some modded smg immediately. And as far as Reto could make at least half of their equipment 'chinese' having land lease would be fine in my opinion. Just put big red china stars on them
  6. i read it in the changelog somewhere, and i have bin able to switch mods to different soldiers bla bla etc etc, but do mods go to the equipment depot aswell? if so can i finnaly get a new recon without having to spend 147k on that darn scope? AGAIN/
  7. Flying a P40 against a yak ??? lol even the Bf109 dint stand a real chance needs tons of kil a yak and they just oneburst booomm you. Tanks not better....Hellcat realy ??? every Tanker knows what i mean.....or look for JS and Pershings....LOL. Or look at Chaffee and so on etc etc...endless list. Russian SUBMG....or Rifles....i played all factions....German gor the worst in case of recoil and spray....even the Sniperrifle. After all these years i wonder....what do they want Historical ...then this is S H I T....or balance..then ist even still S H I T So please choose what you want deer DEVS....but this game is just a fantasy shooter with WW2 can also got Starwars look would be more fun. So where is the balance or what ever you think you where doin..... ans by the way...the bad...60% of all battles are at Night ...realy......did you where out in the woods at night ? there was no tank and plane dogfighting....and then 30 % of all battles are at fog....that means all in all 80-90% off 10 Matches are night and fog..... dont think thats okay. Dont missunderstand...i love the idea of the game...knowing and playing it for 5 years casual...but i got much more fun 4 years ago then today. And in my opinion ...the maps and the stuff are not made for just 18 vs need much more peeps for a good war and frontline feeling. everyone knows..... if you got 4 planes and 4 tankers.....and lets say 4 snipers...then you have what ? 6 peeps to attack and defend OB on 2 lines ??? no way for a good war / frontline gameplay or feeling
  8. did they announce a medic class or just some medi kits?
  9. They are going to show them in the devstream this friday.
  10. Heffestus yes thats what i ment to say my english is not the best
  11. i request a balanced game. not nerfing germany in particular
  12. Would be nice to see some screenshots of these med kits Reto
  13. so instead of giving your community atleast some credit, you gave it to mel gibbson?
  14. I still think medkit is a controversial thing to have in game like H&G. It's all too likely that medkits will be difficlut to use and/or ineffective when applied the intended way, and unexpectedly effective and annoying when used in combination with some weird tactics. We'll have to wait and see I guess... I'm just hoping Reto will also add stuff I personally wanted to see here for years. Something like no vertical progression. >_>
  15. I'd guess Fog of War, releases around february 23rd
  16. Hi thanks for the feedback, I forwarded it. Perhaps @Reto.RedBjarne could make a note for it ?
  17. Well you are lucky with your FPS! Painfully, I can have 40 fps My config : Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.6GHz Memory: 12288MB RAM Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX Display Memory: 8116 MB Dedicated Memory: 2019 MB Shared Memory: 6096 MB
  18. Das stimmt doch gar nicht!!!!! Ab und zu gewinnen auch mal die Amis! Ich glaub die Deutschen, haben den letzten Krieg, vor einem Jahr gewonnen! @Ph.D.Prost Ja für Anfänger ist H&G ein wahrer Prüfstein! Viele, viele, viele, springen wieder ab, weil sie schnell gefrustet sind, so wie du! Es soll ja 10 Millionen Accounts geben, aber aktiv dabei sind glaub ich nur so um die 20k! Also man kann schon mit Fug und Recht behaupten, daß der Zug längst abgefahren ist! Wenn man aber den Ehrgeiz und Ausdauer besitzt am Ball zu bleiben, kann das Spiel spaß machen. Zumindest wenn man AT-Rambos, Inf-Camper und Co verschmerzen kann. Lass am Besten zu anfang den ganzen Granatenkrams zu hause, kostet Unmengen. Ich hab zu Beginn meine Credits mitm Para und seiner MP 34 gefarmt! Der ist recht günstig im Unterhalt, halt weil er keine Granaten hat und auch kein Fahrzeug braucht!
  19. Appeals for bans are not being dealt with trough the forum, the only way to appeal your ban is to submit a support ticket. ~ Astrolite
  20. Update is available now. It only took 3 weeks
  21. 3 weeks after it got useless, it's now updated. And still no info of why the long delayed update
  22. Thanks heaps. already pre-purchased. I can't wait!
  23. Can you at least make the shadows more realistic? Every tree or object in the game makes a black hole where everyone can become invisible. In real life its almost impossible to make such a shadow. In 99% cases during the day you can easily see whats inside the shadows because sun shines from all sides, not just from one.
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