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  2. ATs Locked while matchmaking

    Going to tag @Reto.Millan since he appears to be not on vacation .
  3. Theory on why Axis loses.

    I love the trolls in this community
  4. Legitimately Let Down

    Most people don't fly the Me-410 because is almost impossible to win a 1 vs 1 against P38, you can see it in the video, the first time i let him coming at a shooting distance, then i simply out turned him, he couldn't follow me, and it was in a very good position to shoot me down. You are forced to fly the Me-410 in pair to be effective, and both need to be good and coordinated (very hard if you play solo like most!). While the P38 don't need an elaborate tactics to take down the opponents. In the past i did some matches with the P38 and the Pe-3 against 2 Me-410, and i manage to kill them more often than they killed me even if they tried to do the bait tactics. Do you think people want to fly a plane that is harder to fly well and need to relying on others? people generally choose the easy way and start flying the P38. If you fly the P38, easy credits farming infantry. if you fly the Me-410, hard battles and very little credits most of the times. the first kill; i won because of the turning rate, he couldn't follow me, and thanks to the superior turning rate i can aim at him for an big amount of time, while if he was behind me he would have far less time to kill me, and if he didn't kill me i would out turned him again. 1) I wanted you to see what is the common match against Me-410, Me-410 pilots understand they can't fight back P38s (at least in a 1 vs 1) and quit playing . this create a vicious circle. 2) I posted this video so you can see i know what i'm talking about, considering that you don't. While i don't approve that he crashed on purpose, I understand that playing with the Me-410 vs P38 without having a possibility to kill your opponent is annoying. And he was going to die in a matter of seconds anyway.
  5. I have been doing some testing and stuff over at the prototype servers and i loved what i saw. The whole thing with vehicle tokens was a very good idea and would stop some people from using like 20 cars per a match and it would also give lower tier tanks a purpose. BUT however i did not like the whole idea of infantry tokens. I feel like people will not want to play agressive and will not cap as much due to being scared of dying and having to wait. These type of passive players are already a problem in the game so and i think infantry tokens will make it even worse. This is just what i think so please tell me what you think about infantry tokens?
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  7. Assault Team Optimizations - Update 1.11.1 is here!

    My bad, I quoted the wrong post.
  8. Updated Development Overview

    Hi Gaius. The fortress will be at the center of the upcoming Krepost map. Cheers!
  9. Assault Team Optimizations - Update 1.11.1 is here!

    That's a know issue, and a bugfix is coming. Wait what? why?? I mean was really hard to pick or even know how many reinforcements can get trapped in a city before, now its much easier to know their location and select them individually or in group, who thinks that is a bug????????? I mean i REALLY thought it was a feature.
  10. Hi. Thank you for answering, I don't mind spending a lot of money but as I don't know if it will work well I prefer not to do anything crazy... But... if you had to choose one that fits most maps well. What would you say? No matter what the price
  11. Player requested UI improvements in Update 1.11.1

    Hi! Could you post a screenshot showing the issue? It would help us to understand better what you mean? Cheers!
  12. Assault Team Optimizations - Update 1.11.1 is here!

    That's a know issue, and a bugfix is coming. It looks like a bug, I will report it to the Developers. Thanks for the heads up!
  13. G43 max dmg sometimes needs 3 shots

    just add the scout II barrel, that usually fixes the issue unless you hit someone with heavy set gold in the arm no bullet type will guarantee a 2HK to the body, for any semi auto rifle
  14. H&G IRL Thread

    I'm 20 and I'm a medicine student. I plan on start an internship ( and hopefully start working) on a neurochemistry and neuroscience lab. Maybe in a pathology lab if the first one doesn't work well. My hobbies include playing musical instruments, playing video games and just hanging out. I think I would be a big fan of range shooting as well but owning weapons in my country is illegal
  15. Is RETO developing a new game?

    They are always working on a new HnG to then build on top of the old one every 4 years or so
  16. Legitimately Let Down

    Exactly, thats a good part of the problem. Most people that comes on this forum to complain about P38s performance are the same people that don't bother taking their ME-410 because "eeeeeee why bother its OP pls reto fix eeee" EDIT: just saw your video. What is the point of showing this ? People complained about mushy's videos before saying he was fighting noobs, but the first encouter lost your sight and the second one F*CKING CRASHED. Show a situation where you won an encounter because of an advantaging turning rate and THAT would be useful.
  17. What are the best camouflages for the US recon?

    Have a look here, you'll get to see for yourself which fits you the best! @Brew basically added images, so with your own eyes will you be able to see which camo suits best! But then again, imo since you're on a budget, I'd say Frog Skin since it's cheaper and has a more color contrast, meaning if you're in a forested area (Covered by vast amounts of trees), you most likely will blend in, that is if your gun doesn't stick out
  18. Perhaps I should try Fortnight.

    Ow phew, as weird as it sounds, I feel relieved that someone isn't joining a cancer community (Yes, I just called it cancer, whutchuu gonna do )
  19. Свободная тема

    И 0 лайков, мдяяя. Русские тут явно вымерли. Поправил.
  20. Make Heroes & Generals Historically Accurate!

    If they remove the derpy jumping mechanic,bunny hoping,ragdoll and tracks of vehicles flying in the air then it's historically accurate........also remove the SDKFZ 250-3 and Replace it with the SDKFZ 251/1 Ausf.D and don't add the SDKFZ 250-3 on the recon because they stopped producing Sdkfz 250-3s in 1943 and HnG is based on late 1944 the yes, it will be historically accurate
  21. Legitimately Let Down

    But you did't prove anything about the quality of the ME-410, there is nothing to refute. If you want to claim that Me-410 = P38 you need to make sure that the other parameters (skills of pilots mostly) are at least similar if not equal. Nobody here is saying that you can't kill anything in a ME-410, just that you can't do it as easy like with the P38 The only case where the Me-410 have an advantage in dog fighting is baiting an enemy while a friend kill him, but it can be easily avoided by not taking the bait, and require 2 player for a single enemy. Are there some other tactics that work only for the Me-410? because for me this is a minor advantages that don't compensate the major advantages in turning ability of the P38 I don't because i can't find any opponents, if i find a match against GE is without any GE pilots, or this happen: and i'm not a good pilot.
  22. Big Weapon Changes Thread

    How so? I don't have it so I can't say for sure if it actually does need a buff.
  23. 此贴可能与游戏沾边,无关紧要

  24. G43 max dmg sometimes needs 3 shots

    Good to know. Thank you all!
  25. Idiotizm with ptrd against planes

    was just in Airfield. 1 guy dedicated himself to PTRD AA. Shooting heavy planes at the other side of the map. It's not only unrealistic and overpowered, it's game breaking as more and more people don't capture anymore. They are PTRD sniping/AA only. Another stupid decision of RETO.. but i can't expect different, hearing the CEO being surprised at the same old bugs, hearing them for the first time...
  26. This is what it used to be

    Let us gather here and share how good this game was back in the day. I started May 2014. Lemme beginn with: Free fighters for pilots, starter SMGs costing 11.2k, Bolt Action Rifles and T1 Handguns costing 40-50k, infantry without scoped rifles, cheaper mods, no squad 2.0, the old mountain town, the old maps... soldiers costing alot less, being able to switch careers, paratroopers with more equipment points... Let us mourn. And let them burn.
  27. Idiotizm with ptrd against planes

    17.4 Kg ... one guy with mg42 could stop 3000 US Inf,how many planes could one ptrd guy kill. low and slow flying pilots are asking for it. been on both ends of a ptrd
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