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  2. LoadLibrary "player.dll" failed

    Thank you for the player live log and that you have used the spoiler feature Looks like that your player.dll got damaged somehow. To raplace it with a working version please close the game and browse to your game installation folder D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Heroes & Generals\ and delete the file player.dll To get a fresh/working version of the player.dll from the H&G server you first need to cleare the download cache of Steam.... ... to prevent Steam from pulling an broken or outdated version of the dll from this cache instead of downloading a fresh version from the H&G server. After you have cleared the download cache of Steam. Please restart your computer and launch Steam From the Library sectionin Steam, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu. Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files... button. Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes. That should do the trick.
  3. Action Servers moved to cloud

    6ping is just lovely. Thanks
  4. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    I have just updated the prototype servers with a fix for this issue. A known issue is that you might be stuck in the "searching for your first game" screen. You should just close and open the client again and it should be fixed for you.
  5. Nerf AT Gear

    Every time I get my tank blown up by infantry AT rambo, I balance it out in my mind by remembering how some guys just park their tanks on a faraway mountain top and use their elite playing to win tanker skills to rack kills by churning out endless stream of HE grenades.
  6. Old Mountain Town as a 2nd Mountain map

    Yeah i agree. I've played this game since 2014 and it's quite frustrating when you become an attacker in that map. Basically it's a miracle if you cross the bridge to capture 02. Tanks and ATs are waiting to kill you in a convoy and the alternative is either to swim (a very bad alternative) or you just run or drive through the other side of the river. There are some ideas to make this old map more 'comfortable' so to speak: 1. Increase the vegetation (bushes, trees, etc) on the river bank. The road beside the river is basically HE shell paradise because the lack of cover while driving down the road. 2. Move the road farther from the river bank. This should increase the survivality rate of infantry and vehicles alike. 3. Add high walls around 01 and 02. It gets hammered frequently by HE shells and bombs and adding higher walls on it should solve the problem. 4. Add more cover to X1. If this has Battlefield destruction mechanics X1 should've perished after getting hammered by tanks and planes. It's basically a killhouse. 5. More vegetation to the map. The map itself is quite rocky and trees are placed quite far from each other. 6. More cover to every single CP. It says all. More cover = increased survivability. I think that's all for now for my suggestion to improve the old mountain town
  7. Foire aux questions.

    Non, c'est dans l'ordre alphabétique des nom de soldat.
  8. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    Помогите в чем может быть проблема. дальше не грузиться. Help or assist in what there can be a problem. further not to be loaded.
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  10. All hope is lost

    I need your opinion on zis comandeur @sLyoo .
  11. Tanks in danger of extinction!

    It is useless to determinate balance or who's the best, too many factors are missing. It's only slightly intriguing on personal level, but It definitely don't show skill-level for sure. Take for example top kills: if you play 8 hours a day for 30 days, you only need a little over 40 kills per hour to make it to 10k kills, which is in top 10. You can do this in staged encounter with fully modded weapons and HSG against any player with any or none gear. Getting 40 kills per hour isn't hardly a problem to an mid-skilled player. They are sorted by soldiers, so you don't know if these top aces, as you call them, themselves use the switch to an AT-guy to kill an enemy they can't kill with a tank. I pointed out that I've played several times with one of these aces, and I know for a fact he does this. Also I pointed out that a player can (in staged) maximize effectiveness by choosing the right map and bashing players with less experience and poorer equipment + badges. Of course they are, because it's much more time-effective to kill tanks, you don't have to drive or run and waste time getting to a tank. Also if you play as infantry not all matches have tanks. So it hardly proves that AT-inf are ineffective, just much more time consuming. If an AT-guy makes it to that list with those tank kills, the player must be one dedicated individual. And as you pointed out yourself, kills are sorted by soldiers. Most people probably have a different AT-nade and bazooka guys, I certainly do, which they use. Furthermore, leaderboard is currently down, but by that logic Infantry are obviously the most OP class as they usually top the leaderboard in score and kills, while planes hardly kill anyone (sure they do rank high in score). Care to explain this, or shall we leave it to the obvious, which should prove my point above?
  12. Ju-52 gunners

    TU-4 for soviet )))))
  13. "HnG anti-cheat is working as intended" Kappa

    I need your scope
  14. Best of MCbl4 Part 2

    I think he has a crush on me
  15. Why don't the Devs get Battle Eye for Heroes & Generals

    Reto has an anti-cheat system that was built by them, specifically for HnG, so it works very well. As in every game there are cheaters, but they are few in number, and are regularly banned in waves.
  16. do they even read every post?

    LEAVE zis forum wehrabooboo !!!!
  17. seeing all these posts, good and bad.. makes one really wonder. do they even sit down and go through every little post? from what I've seen from previous "dev videos" and their comments vs what's on their own website here... they don't really care. they say they do, but i have yet to really see any major changes, replies, or efforts made to address the comments on their forums. since i stopped playing some will be quick to point out that some changes have been made. but in all reality i have to wonder. this will probably be flagged as a flame thread but IDC really, this isn't a debate topic, if its flagged it only shows how stupid people get with these things.
  18. Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    New maps....not "revamped maps." You have the engine down to a science so making new maps not only shouldn't be a challenge but should be your top priority. Also don't use the same assets in every a different region, new structures, foliage, etc. Although skins/vehicles/scopes will bring $$ they won't bring more players. Players want the "new" content and they will come. Your game has/had so much potential but your focus has been too much on livestreams, Q&A's, and items to generate income. I'm all for you guys making $$ you deserve it for your hard work. However, I think you are losing players and your player base is going down because you are not introducing more content. It saddens me because although the game was quite limited 5 years ago there was a certain magic about it...a quirkiness I many bolt rifle battles, fun little sounds, fog...yes I miss the fog! It's great your asking at least but I feel you guys have been great at "asking" but when you receive feedback there really isn't much response to what the community really wants...bipod legs anyone?
  19. LoadLibrary "player.dll" failed

  20. AT... again!

    In the end you guys should admit it like this Guy. The Reason your Crying has absolutely nothing to do with Game Balance or AT being overpowered. Its simply that you guys want to Play the Invincible Juggernaut that Roflstomps the Battlefield. Thats why you want Godmode against Tanks and Infantry be useless Cannonfodder. And Sorry. But if you guys think anyone is interested in Playing Calybirds for you. I have to Dissappoint you. If you wanna Play Hero go Play some Singleplayer Game.
  21. Squads really need to be fixed...

    Every player who wants to be in a squad can build his/her own squad from their friends list, if that's how they want to play. If a player wants to queue up as a random, then there is no reason to put them in a squad that restricts their capabilities in the game.
  22. Tanks in danger of extinction!

    Yeah this is in the end the Honest Opinion of your Guys and the Reason you are Crying through the Forums here. You want to have Godmode for Tanks. So you can Play the Invincible Juggernaut of the Battlefield. And Yeah not Happening. If you want to Play the Hero go play Single Player. Nobody is Interested in Playing Cannonfodder for you.
  23. Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    Thanks man..yeah I'm still at it!
  24. AT... again!

    have you thought to play with out crutches or Learn To Play, or perhaps you should go and play single player games in easy.... this is basically your fallacious answer for everything.
  25. Ju-52 gunners

    shooting from below the plane, lol #MorePowerForTeleportingInfantry
  26. Nerf AT Gear

    my prediction is, first nade will end up disabling the tank's ability to move and the second will send iot to oblivion, all in les than 1/2 a second because RETO BALANCE TM.
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