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  2. To all those people saying that a headshot should always kill: Steelhelmets were developed to protect against shrapnel (artillery) and could protect against them. There is even the quite well known story about the implementation of steel helmets and the corresponding rise in head injuries (which would have been deaths) and the almost abandonment of the idea. And a german reserve lieutenant in WW1 even survived a shrapnel bullet thanks to the newly distributed steelhelmets with a dent in the helmet, but no penetration.. On Wikipedia the force of a shrapnel-bullet is equated to 418 foot-pounds (apparently 7 times as much force as was assumed to disable a man, the more you know). For the MP34 the muzzle velocity is around 1345 ft/s and it's linked munition types seem to get to (using the formula on the shrapnel page: (weight in pound) * (velocity in feet)^2/(2x local acceleration of gravity in feet, which I'll take the pages 32.16*2 =64.32) 9x23mm Steyr: This bullet has either 7/453.5924 * 1345^2/64.32=421.2287 (and derived from the listed velocity to energy table: 268/1025^2*1345^2 =461.4574) 9x25mm Mauser; Wikipedia has neither weight nor velocity to energy listed, so no value for this bullet 7.63x25mm Mauser: 5.6 /453.5924 * 1345^2/64.32 = 347.2328 (and 402/1450^2*1345^2=345.887) 7.65x21mm Parabellum: 6.03/454.5924*1345^2/64.32 =373.895 (and 304/1200^2*1345^2=381.905) 9x19mm Parabellum (probably H&G Standard); weighs either 7.45g or 8.05g, which corresponds to: 461.943 or 499.147 A quick search did not yield results as to what the other in-game bullets are, though there might be a typo in either the german or the overall version of the DMW Fuchs, as I found the DWM, "Deutsche Munitions- und Waffenfabriken" (german munitions and weapons factories)) Think of these numbers what you want, as they can say either thing. Either you can say that the helmets can work and absorb a hit from a MP34, since a somewhat weaker hit had failed to penetrate an early version of the steel helmet. Or you can say that the difference of over forty foot-pounds results in penetrating the helmet (I can't say, I'm not versed in helmet properties and only put some numbers into a formula). My guess though is that, at least for this type of bullet and weapon, the helmets should protect against them somewhat. it would be nice if the hitboxes could be slightly altered to allow for helmets to reduce the multiplier somewhat from the sides (and maybe let the ears ring when hit, but alas). Used wikipedia links: Brodie Helmet Shrapnel MP34 (bullets are the same as were linked in the article)
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  4. MagSoyeur

    Badge Evaluations

    An incredible amount of different badges is an obsolete idea. The stability of the weapons (Easy control because of a small recoil), the efficiency of the accessories (up ROF/stability), that is what must be the most important. Repair cost too (An easy weapon to use (example: smg) should be more expensive than a complicated weapon to play (exemple: bolt action rifle). To make the recon more useful, less expensive and to motivate it to move would be a better idea than to remain in this camper spirit knowing that on the points, it requires a greater skill than automatic and it could better help the infantry which is often horrible because of them and faults of the game. Badges should be secondary and should not make a major change that would benefit those who own it and those who do not. It can help but that's not what should greatly improve his mastery (like the full rof, for moment = reduce to a better balance) It is not only the stats of the weapons that must count but the ease of use thanks to its SIGHT (example: DT29 with a horrible sight vs mg34; Johnson vs MG42). It was always a problem, the TOTAL balancing of weapons. In this game, an unstable weapon but with a high rate of fire and a good sight is better than a weapon with a horrible sight with better stability (less rate). This is the main problem of balancing your weapons. The Full ROF mod should not improve more a weapon which already has a lot of cadence or because, it's a great weapon. Some weapons in the same category are more expensive because they are more difficult to use (more wasted ammo) but cost the same price to buy (not normal, than ROF). From there, if the weapons become playable, without the current ROF imbalance or sight or stats, the badges will be secondary and will not have such a big impact. The best thing to do for badges is to put the least used directly on the quarries (additional bonus for everyone).
  5. Nice idea, but the servers really can barely handle playing the game as is. We've asked for years for a way to filter out high ping servers and they won't even do that. And the servers go down for maintenance all the time. They literally probably have the highest downtime numbers of any non-beta online service I can think of.
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  7. TheEvilAndrew

    How powerful should a headshot be?

    Me too, a headshot is a headshot, I support also instant headshot kill with gold heavy set.
  8. I voted option 1 (keep it as it is) because that's the opposite of what all these arrogant tryhards who hate auto-weapons want.
  9. More frustration for those who actually aim for the heads. I suppose you have COD and BF in mind, but what about CSGO, PUBG, Valorant? All of them are vastly more popular and more hardcore. The gunplay can be hardcore and punishing, and it could be one of the main reasons what makes the game popular, and at the same time low skill ceiling can deter more skillful players from playing a game for a longer period of time. For me BF becomes boring and frustrating after 30 hours mainly due to the gunplay and DMG. Honestly, getting headshotted was never a major issue for me. Perhaps its because I come from a CS background, while you are used to the more arcady playstyle. OFC there are some headshots where I roll my eyes, but most of the time it really doesnt annoy me at all. Perhaps its a mental fixation, if you are convinced that there is an issue with something, your mind will do a really good job providing proof. It will highlight every instance, exaggerate cases, while completely leave out cases which doesnt satisfy your belief. Just think about how many firefights you win because the guy is just wildly hifpiring and missing all of his shots every game, but every time you get headshotted, even if its on the 10th bullet it will instantly trigger you.
  10. I vote for option 5: Remove the badge and merge some badges - The fact of having a protection of the body AND the head, since all this time, is completely a bug for a game such as H&G which wants to be less arcade than its paying derivatives. A head is a head. OS a player with LMG / RIFLE at 3KM in the head, it is normal. The only thing that should not be in the game and without the badge, it's to be able to OS a player at 100m in the head with a gun or a smg (it's normal, in a good balance game). I am shocked to see that this decision is only made now. It is still the most used medal in the game and yet, a player can take more bullets in the head with the badge, but wtf. I didn't even know it because it doesn't make sense. Weapons that OS in the head at close range, it's normal (pocket pistol too). Knife, can so, it's normal. Knowing that, badge deserved even more to be removed from the game (before having changed it and now too) "It is clearly the badge that makes the soldier survive, not the soldier who makes his survival". I have even more compassion for new players or players like me who must undergo this badge because they have not unlocked it or simply because they know it should not be used because the badge unbalance the game (veteran vs new players + Veteran vs premium players vs new players) while the premium is already a big advantage (more with this badge). It's immoral It's not surprising to see new players leaving the game after that. It's not just matchmaking that makes them run away but immoralities like that. At least, it's a start.
  11. jogamonsta

    Fallen H&G Friends

    Never forget the victims of veteran purge 2020, you will be missed, and see you in heaven
  12. Xanotos

    Fallen H&G Friends

    a moment of silence for all the victims of veteran purge 2020, their names cannot be mentioned but their stories will live on forever. 🕯️
  13. jogamonsta

    Any reason to start playing again?

    The only reason you should come back to game, is to fight for Afonso's struggle ✊🏿
  14. MarineScienceDude

    How powerful should a headshot be?

    Now that I think of it, what would probably be a good idea is a range-based headshot multiplier that decreases at the same rate as a weapon's damage does. This means that automatic guns can still maintain their close-range killing capability while not intruding on the rifles' dominance at medium-to-long ranges. Also, range-increasing mods might have a bit more of a purpose. The easy part is the long-range multiplier: 2.25x so only rifles can OHK headshot at that range. The hard part is deciding on the short range multiplier - either 4x or 3x - and whether or not we should adjust certain weapons to not be able to OHK headshot at all. We probably should have run this vote in the same Yes/No manner as the final Capital Cities round, so we can gain some information on what people's preferences are like outside of people who just want it to stay the same (they would vote 'No' for everything). Currently, we can only guess as to what the people voting for either of the 3x multiplier options think of the other option and the 2.25x option. In other words, the voting system being used results in the two 3x multiplier options being as much spoilers to each other as they are to the 2.25x option - which would result in the option to keep the multiplier at 4x always winning, even if not via simple majority like is the case currently. As it is likely that in hindsight, keeping the headshot multiplier was always going to be the winner of the poll, I cannot simply advocate for a different system on the basis that one of the other options should have won. However, I fear that any future discussions of this problem will be shut down by claiming that '4x multiplier' won the argument because over 50% voted for it while being ignorant of the discussions at the time on the other options because the results tell you nothing useful about the conclusions people got to.
  15. Steel WW2 helmets could protect from smaller calibers, especially at longer distances, and from hits that are not mostly perpendicular. Bullet resistant but not proof really depending on the specific situation. Too complicated for Reto to integrate into the game, but to say that all headshots at all distances and from every gun will kill someone isn't real
  16. TheEvilAndrew

    Tryhards and Spawncamping

    Go there: and watch "Heroes & Generals Gli Specialisti 2" I killed a tank that was camping on D4 and defending the cross of E4, his guilty? He was alone not covered by any teammates. When in my squad we doing the same in defence, one take sniper and or infantry and stay in the houses behind watching the bridge and the tank preventing these unlikely situations. Then if you want also to see how to have a good game with tanks watch: Heroes & Generals Lord_Icecream epic tanker 1 from minute 4:00, in the Panther and Panzer IV the mg gunner can stay in the hatch almost hidden and spy around and rapidly exit to give a surprise attack on enemies which are not so fast to switch weapon and counterattack.
  17. TheEvilAndrew

    Possibility to have a replay of battles.

    Then improve the server, because for example the last of call of duty series they have replays.
  18. In my opinion the 5-stars-rating after a match is almost kind of a meme already. I mean 5-star ratings are obsolete.. I'm a webdeveloper and well, these kind of rating-systems u saw on websites a loong time ago lol. I would love to see better feedback possibilites after a match. Especially now, because there are not many people playing this game - and think about this - it's not that bad. Especially because not many are playing right now the game, it would be a good idea to implement this idea as with a larger playerbase there would be kind of too much work to review the ratings of matches. I thought of a richtextbox-like solution so the players can enter text and good written feedback could be automatically sent to a global-thread in the offical forum(board) or whatever so people could directly comment the given feedback by a user (and this way, Reto just wouldn't need to review the reviews too much in depth) more people can tell their thoughts as not a lot are active on the board I guess? Also, there should be a reward for good written reviews and a loss of a bit of silver credits for the "ugly" statements like being aggressive etc. should cause a penality in form of a bit of credit loss, while a good written review after match should be rewarded with a bit of silver credits depending on player level, would be a pleasurable little nice feature to see, this would also help to understand what's the most important thing to currently work on.
  19. BastianSchulz

    Possibility to have a replay of battles.

    Dude the game itself is just too badly written regarding code optimization and co. Also, like "weristder" said, their servers also are not strong enough for such a feature
  20. BastianSchulz

    How powerful should a headshot be?

    Reto Moto ... the problem is the random-headshooting... now I even get headshoted by most of beginners ingame, of course not all low levels are new players but since this weird random spray random headshots become worse... the johnson was for years just an auto-headshot machine & now it is again. Some recoil of weapons make random headshots easier so it doesn't make sense to keep the 4.x damage multiplier... In my opinion, this game is special, and it is simply not a COD or what ever. In my opinion, as soon as heavy set gold is away ONLY snipers should be able to one shot through headshot. And right in the moment, almost all weapons seem to be buffed as hell, of course except the MG42, bec. its recoil is messed up again no matter with high rof mods or not. In my opinion it's simply not fair how german weapon recoil works since it's the most difficulty to control. I tested all weapons a lot on experiment server whenever possible, and this is my honest opinion, but have played already for all factions and I don't want like op german weapons or anything. But the truth is, it often feels like especially german stuff gets changed a lot and when the recoil of weapons changes a lot you never get actually used to this one specific weapon. I don't understand why everyone wants every shooter-game to be kinda exactly the same as the others, this is a game about war (no matter how realistic it is) - but in my opinion it shouldnt be about headshots it shouldnt be about kills nor deaths, the scoreboard for example also just should show how many captures have been done by a player, tanks / planes / etc destroyed and that would be already enough. Often enough you get insulted for being a "noob" because of high death rate in some matches. Lol, I have been playing for years, so why should it be my fault when there are always soviet/american tanks spaming HE into points and I'll die often? do you think I always wanna play as AT 'cause like almost noone else plays as AT for GE faction?? no.
  21. VenstreDjevel

    When are you going to balance the US devs?

    There is a growing group of people that lean towards twinning the two world wars as they ultimately have a common cause. Forgot the Korean war though ;). Far too few clear cases of involved militaries in a lot of the cold war stuff, though there were quite a few Americans fighting for the Rhodesians. But no the cold war is a bit of a reach, the winter war occurring during the period of ww2 however is not. It does get included as such in a fair few texts as it stands.
  22. ...if they do not have D line else, you are doomed most the time, that's where the actual problem. There is indeed something I do see more times, that is unlogical and way too much frustrating. I know that we have defended/captured one city twice+ only to get taken again when matchmaker puts some randoms their before your team could join. Am I alone or is it okay?? I see they have several dozens to hundreds of resources, you can play that city for hours and wont make any progress by that tactic. The only chance is when you are too lucky and face some low/noob players. Depends on the importance of a city, most times main cities and surroundings are well fielded and guarded by some competitive players or clans.
  23. straight lines is something the nature not using... so u only have to look for straight lines to find vehicles... Some camo nets woulds be nice.. x time to set it up
  24. Thus we had only one WW in this sense ? ....does the vietnam campain count to this aswell ? ....cold war ? ....thats not how are the war periods determinated,,, winter war =/= WWII
  25. Ooooor..just go into opossite direction of APC, or destroy got nice area where you are invisible and protected.....
  26. once upon a time.... the upgrades of AT's had more impact as just bigger or "better" possibilities. In the time of autoresolve guards were good in defence, MG were very good in AT defence and so on.
  27. louielabro

    Did prices go up without telling us???

    Even for Veteran 89,000 clams for one day? Insane! You would have to grind all day to make that. 158,000 for three days is crazy too. Forgetaboutit! The knives, I think one is like 158,000. It seems like everything is now jacked up in price and a lot of deals have been gold only and not credits. It is what it is.
  28. HerkusDestroyer

    Equipment Depot Question

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