Development Overview

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The Development Overview board provides an overview of what projects are currently in development, so you as players of Heroes & Generals can see what we are working on.

The overview lists both the player-facing projects we are doing such as new content, features and maps. But it also shows the projects that are happening behind the scenes. Development projects you as a player may never even notice, but they are necessary to do to keep the game going.

The Development Overview is a living thing. Projects grow, transform, split into new ones or change all together as we work on them. Sometimes you might even see a project moving backwards in development if we find out something needs to be reworked.


Our current development projects are sorted into three basic sections based on where they are in our development cycle – early to final development.

This provides an indication of how far along in development a given project is.

The individual projects on the Development Overview vary in size and as such there can be a huge difference as to how long a project remains in one section or another.

The Development Overview also gives you an insight into what project we have chosen to put on hold, which are in test and projects released since the overview was last updated.

The Development Overview will be updated on a monthly basis.
Latest update October 2021