Tons of users playing, servers trying to cope!

by Reto.Vashu on 2013-04-06

It’s now 22:18 GMT+1 where I’m sitting and a lot of players are enjoying / trying to play Heroes & Generals! I’m overjoyed and super happy! Sadly, the servers are not exactly feeling the same way, they are trying their very best to handle all of the fantastic players as fast and as well as […]

What is this First Blood everyone is talking about?

by Reto.Vashu on 2013-01-10

[image_frame style=”framed” align=”left” height=”288″ width=”256″][/image_frame] [dropcap2]F[/dropcap2]or a while now, the attentive reader has been seeing a lot of First Blood related items in our weekly bulletin updates. I even leaked what First Blood is by writing “(Tutorial)” behind it. We want you to feel comfortable playing the game and we are now putting the finishing […]

Silence is golden! Ignore function in Eisenhower

by Reto.Vashu on 2012-10-03

The Internet is a noisy place, so many people are communicating everyday and sometimes the noise becomes too much and you want a way to shut out the noise! There has been many requests for such an option in Heroes & Generals and I would like to present the Ignore Function in Heroes & Generals! [singlepic id=633 […]

Strategy! Features and sneak peek at changes to Assault Teams!

by Reto.Vashu on 2012-08-07

We’ve been awfully silent, due to the fact that most of us have been on vacation for the last couple of weeks. So in order to get back in gear after the summer, we’ve decided to show you what we’re going to be working towards with the strategy game. Warning: Clicking on the picture opens a […]

Multi-threaded Flash + H&G + ??? = Profit!

by Reto.Vashu on 2012-07-04

While we are developing our game, the world is changing. Change is coming to the Flash Player Plug-in as well and sometimes this change is something we’ve been waiting for! So how will this affect Heroes & Generals? Read more to find out!

The Campaign – Feature report: Search

by Reto.Vashu on 2012-04-17

We have had a good amount of feedback from our fanbase about everything from armor thickness to how time in the game should work and finally new features that would help make the campaign part better. If there’s something I like, it’s suggestions about the campaign section, because that’s what I’m working on! We had a […]

Soldier(s), what can I do with them? What do they mean?

by Reto.Vashu on 2012-03-08

So you’ve heard about the Campaign Map, Assault Teams, Planes, Bicycles and more, but a thing I’ve been working on for a while, is the Soldier area. It’s the area where you control your characters, purchase and equip your hard-earned badges, weapons, grenades, mines, knives and so on! The way our characters work is the […]