Updated Character Controller and Collision Object

by reto.leto on 2014-01-21

In the latest build we have updated the ‘Character Controller’. “What in the world is a character controller?” you might ask, so let me explain! Below is an image of the character colision object. [fancy_images width=”610″ height=”343″] [image caption=”I seem to have swallowed a giant green pill!”]https://f02.heroesandgenerals.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/CharController001.jpg[/image] [/fancy_images]

Developer's Corner: Partial State Update

by reto.leto on 2013-10-07

One of the key features in the upcoming Manstein build is the complete opposite of the Matrix: you cannot see it for yourself — you have to be told what it is 😉 I am talking about a very useful, yet invisible, improvement in the way the action game client interacts with the server hosting […]


by reto.leto on 2012-05-03

We are soon going to do a round of gameplay tweaks for the action game and would therefore be very interested in hearing what you see as the worst exploits and annoyances and also if you have any suggestions for solving them. To get you started here is a list of some the issues that we […]

Connected capture points in action game

by reto.leto on 2010-06-25

The assault mission has been extended with more capture points. The capture points are linked, forcing the attackers or defenders to capture them in sequence. The church and police station represents ownership of the town. If these to points are held for 2 minutes the town changes ownership, and this is reflected in real time […]