New weapon textures

by Reto.Hr.Wille on 2013-04-16

[blockquote cite=”Reto.Robotron3000″]We are constantly working on improving the game, one of the very visible things is when we update the look of weapons and vehicles and this time it was the weapons’ turn for a haircut, shave and manicure in the binary beauty parlor. [/blockquote] [fancy_images width=”610″ height=”286″] [image title=”Updated C96″ alt=”Updated C96″ caption=”Updated C96″][/image] [/fancy_images]

Help us choose the next two tanks!

by Reto.Hr.Wille on 2012-02-16

[singlepic id=419 w=580]   We wish to add one new tank for each side, so instead of having us just choose a new set, we wish to ask you, our beloved community, for help. So if you could choose the next two tanks to enter the battlefields of Heroes & Generals what would you pick? It has […]

Modeling Vehicles

by Reto.Hr.Wille on 2011-11-26

There are many stages before a final vehicle model end up in Heroes and Generals. The first step is obviously to decide on a vehicle. Research I then spend the first day or two gathering photo and blueprint reference from books and from the Internet. Whenever possible we go on field trips. Here we have […]

Work in progress

by Reto.Hr.Wille on 2011-08-12

I’m currently working on the Sd.Kfz. 250 command variant. Half-tracks will serve multiple purposes in Heroes & Generals but more about that later. [singlepic id=226 w=512 h=308 float=] German Sd.Kfz. 250/3 Work in progress

Sturmgeschütz III Work In Progress

by Reto.Hr.Wille on 2011-06-26

Sturmgeschütz III coming to life.

Kübelwagen Work In Progress

by Reto.Hr.Wille on 2011-03-28

Kübelwagen coming to life.

A bit about vehicles in Heroes & Generals

by Reto.Hr.Wille on 2010-11-21

Share your thoughts and ideas. Click the image or this link

Capture Point Work In Progress

by Reto.Hr.Wille on 2010-10-14

Capture Point coming to life.

M1A1 Bazooka Work In Progress

by Reto.Hr.Wille on 2010-09-29

An M1A1 Bazooka coming to life.

Henschel Tiger I Work In Progress

by Reto.Hr.Wille on 2010-09-14

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