Calling all Heroes and Generals!

Today marks the day that our Kickstarter Campaign for Heroes and Generals 2: The Next War goes live! TLM Games seeks to raise $2MM USD (down from our previous raise of $3MM based on community feedback and budget adjustments) for the next chapter of the franchise and make the big leap into Unreal Engine 5!

Check out our Kickstarter Trailer below!

After 15 years of development and 20MM registered players, it’s now time to take everything we have learned and evolve the franchise into something truly remarkable.

Heroes and Generals 2 will feature the mechanics you know and love from the unique blend of FPS and Strategy while massively overhauling and reimagining mechanics, gameplay and everything in-between that the previous game had to offer.

  • Will be built on Unreal Engine 5
  • Reworked strategy game layer: The true cornerstone of Heroes and generals 2, featuring new mechanics and a resource- and supply system.
  • Dynamic integration of Strategy and Shooter elements to create one persistent war experience.
  • Create war-stories by achieving success in battle. Important events such as taking over multiple key cities will be displayed to all players.
  • The dynamic environment is influenced by player actions and key war events such as map layout, damaged architecture, bomb craters etc.
  • With the goal of every map feeling unique, we will be able to create a large number of maps and handcrafted key locations such as Berlin
  • More game modes to suit multiple play-styles, PvP, Coop PvE – all contributing to the ongoing persistent war
  • Better options for friends and clans of various sizes to team up.
  • Optimized communication for giving orders, requesting reinforcements, etc
  • No more text chat required and reduction of language barriers.
  • New Challenges and Achievements.
  • Two main factions: Axis and the Allies.
  • The monetization system will be transparent and fair with a focus on aspects that don’t have an impact on gameplay. (We hear you!)
  • A new resource- and supply system will make the “war for attrition” much more interesting and influenced by player actions. No more waiting time to deploy your units.
  • The progression system will be completely reworked.
    (A little bit of grinding is fine, but we don’t want it to get in the way of the fun!)
  • All progress is now based on your account and not individual soldiers. If you decide to create multiple soldiers you no longer have to start from scratch.
  • New and improved spawn-system made to fit our brand new maps.
  • Easier and quicker access to core game components for new players.
  • Offer meaningful and exciting long-term goals for veterans through an always expanding pool of interesting content, ways to influence the war and achievements

Check out our Kickstarter and read more about Heroes and Generals 2, what to expect and make your pledge today!

Through the Kickstarter pledges you can reserve your username, get early access to alphas, betas and varying digital goods. For the highest pledgers you can help design skins, capture zones and even take a trip to Las Vegas with accommodation to meet the devs for dinner and get special insight into game development!