Greetings Heroes and Generals community!

We are EXCITED to announce the launch of the Heroes and Generals 2: The Next War Kickstarter campaign. TLM Games seeks to raise $3MM USD that will move the franchise onto the Unreal Engine and provide a first playable version of the game to all pledge donors. We are simultaneously in the early process of sunsetting all servers for the current Heroes and Generals WWII video game.

After 15 years of development and 8 years of deployment Heroes and Generals: World War II will finally make the move to Unreal. A move that so many of our community members have asked for!.

It is hard to believe it’s been almost 15 years since Reto Moto started development on this project that has seen over 36MM battles, 1,300 wars fought, and over 20 million heroes and generals signing up to play. We can’t thank you enough for your past support and hope it carries on via our Kickstarter campaign for Heroes and Generals 2: The Next War.

Since the merger with TLM Partners, Inc. the core team from Reto Moto have continued their arduous work on bringing HnG to where it is today. The game added the battle pass, more tutorials, and never ending amounts of digital content. The only way to continue to meet the demands of the HnG community is to make the transition onto the Unreal Engine.

Here is what will be happening next:

  • The next mid-season update will be the final one for Heroes and Generals. The update will give players the ability to unlock previous battle pass seasons.
  • The Heroes and Generals team is determining the exact shut down date for Heroes and Generals: WWII, but expectations are within 6 months from this announcement.
  • As we begin the process of sunsetting the game, the current team will be simultaneously honing their skills in UE5 – working towards a completely new game and playable prototype (MVP) of Heroes and Generals 2: The Next War.
  • As soon as the mid-season update is released and stable, the entire team is shifting 100% focus towards the development of a playable version of Heroes and Generals 2: The Next War on UE5.
  • Kickstarter campaign to launch February 13, 2023 to support early development of Heroes and Generals 2: The Next War where gamers will have 60 days to make their pledges.

To learn more and support the “Heroes and Generals: The Next War” Kickstarter campaign please go to:

Frequently Asked Questions

We created a FAQ for any immediate questions you might have. Check it out here:

We hope you can contribute and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield soon!

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