While we are working full steam ahead we wanted to take a step back and celebrate all the stout soldiers fighting the good fight every day. As a yearly occurrence, if your account was created in 2021 or earlier, boot up Heroes & Generals between January 10th to January 17th and receive gifts for your hard work on the frontlines!

    All accounts created in 2021 or earlier will receive free gifts upon logging in during the event! Based on the year your account was created on, you will receive 3 Days of Free Veteran Membership and one of the 10 Unique Veteran Helmets for FREE!

    All players registered in 2021 will receive the brand new helmet! The helmet comes with a depiction of an Ox as well as the Roman numerals MMXXI marking your year of creation.

Strengthen your RTS Presence

    During the celebration of our H&G veterans, you can increase your strategic power with a new general at 60% OFF using gold.

Frontline Convoy Screenshot Challenge:*

    It takes more than one soldier to win a battle, so grab your camera and take a screenshot of you and your teammates rolling into battle. It can be anything from ground to air, as long as it shows a team moving together.

    Top 10 winners will all receive 7 Days of Veteran Membership and 50.000 Credits

    Winners will be decided by votes from TLM developers and announced Friday the 20th January.

    How to participate:

    1. Join Discord at:
    2. Go to convoy-event channel
    3. Post a screenshot showing two or more friendly soldiers (may include yourself in third person)
    4. Screenshots should be from the current game version (1.28 or later)
    5. Editing images is not allowed


* Event and Sale ends January 17th 2023 10 AM CET


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