ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

As many of you know, it has been a while since we shared our last Development Overview. We have been getting a lot of questions about this and today we want to share some exciting news and answer some of the questions we have been receiving.

The Battle Passes

From a developer perspective, the release of a Battle Pass season is the end of a trajectory. You spend time planning what will be in it, what needs to be developed and who develops which part of it and of course then the actual work begins to add all these new items and features.

For a player however, the Battle Pass is the beginning of a trajectory. Three months in which you try to get all the unlocks the Battle Pass has to offer.

The release of Season 1: Valiance is not just the start of a new season for the players. It marks an incredibly important milestone for the developer team as well. It marks the moment where we truly say goodbye to RETO MOTO and start our TLM era with exciting new opportunities.

The end of season 0

Throughout Season 0, we have been transitioning from RETO MOTO to TLM Partners. It was a period of getting to know many new faces, many meetings, learning new processes and a lot of moving, mostly in the form of data getting transferred between systems and companies.

We also had to make some tough decisions, the hardest being the shutdown of our Stand-alone Client and MyGames Client due to the old infrastructure it was built on.

Meanwhile, a tragedy was unfolding in the East of Europe, for which TLM started a fundraiser. Thanks to all of you, we have collected an awesome sum of money for humanitarian relief efforts for Ukraine.

Season 1: Valiance

Season 1 has been raging on for almost a month now and for many of you this means you are still unlocking all the goodies from the Battle Pass! For us, it means that we have started working on our next Battle Pass and everything that comes with it!

We still have many details to iron out and we are still getting used to new workflows processes. While we cannot share all the information yet, we want to start giving you some insights on what we are doing and what we are planning.

New Release Schedule

For the past few years, we had a new update (almost) every single month. It was difficult for our small team to keep up with the pacing and to make sure every update had both enough quantity and quality.

We have now taken a new approach. From this point on, we will have two updates per quarter. A major update each quarter including a new Battle Pass season, and a smaller release halfway through the season consisting of bug fixes and balance changes. This gives more time to our developers and room for our new and amazing quality assurance team to identify bugs and in the end release larger updates with higher quality content for all of you to enjoy.

Where is the development overview?

Our last development overview was all the way back in October last year. That means we have not made an update for almost 6 months! In November 2021 we were told the game and it’s employees were moving to TLM Partners. We could not communicate this publicly until ownership was properly transferred. Initially we did not know what this would mean for the game and we had to pause the development overview. Now that Season 1 has been released, we want to start picking them up again and ultimately be more transparent.

While we are working out the details, we decided to have two types of development updates. A few times per year we will release a larger roadmap where you can follow our long term plan, and between those smaller bite sized updates on what we have been working on.

When is the next Development overview?

Before we can share a roadmap we need to complete the internal plan first. This is a long process and we can’t say for sure when it will be ready to share, but rest assured everyone in the team wants to share it as soon as possible!

New Developer Updates!

While it will take some time before you can read our next Development Overview, we are introducing our brand new Developer Updates!

Based on our new workflow, which is a development cycle lasting 2-3 weeks each, we want to bring out a new blogpost at the end of these cycles! We will share in some detail which features we worked on, what bugs we have eliminated and what we are planning for the next cycle.

On Thursday the 5th of May, we will post our first developer update! You can expect a new Developer Update several times a month!


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