ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


Today marks our first update in our new release schedule!
Maintenance Updates will be released in between each season with focus on bug fixes and balance changes.

Read more about our new update schedule here!

Vehicle Balance

    This season’s maintenance update contains a lot of balance changes to land and air vehicles with the ultimate goal of making armor combat faster and more tactical.

Tank Balance

    The main focus for the tank changes were not on how they performed against infantry. Instead we focussed on tanks fighting tanks. Player feedback pointed out tank shells, especially light and medium tanks, did not do enough damage to other tanks and resulted in very long firefights. Flanking did not feel very effective as the enemy tank would have plenty of time to turn its turret while you are shooting at it.

    So we gave them a boost! Light tanks’ damage has been buffed between 40% and 100% per shell! Medium tanks went up by an average of 50%, while heavy tanks saw only some smaller tweaks.

    AP shells have received a damage increase to just below the APHE (or equivalent) but lack penetration. The damage of APCR has been increased to the same level of the AP shell and has better penetration values than the APHE shells. While the APCR shells lose damage and penetration power over range, the HEAT shells don’t. Which means HEAT shells have some of the lowest base values, but are superior in long range combat.

Fighter Balance

    When it comes to the planes the first thing we did was decrease their effectiveness against infantry. HE-rounds have received a larger explosion radius, but their damage has been decreased so only a direct hit with a shell will be enough to one-hit infantry.

    Fighter planes’ bombs and APCR shells have had their damage and penetration increased. This will allow them to penetrate tanks a little easier and do more damage. Additionally most planes have had their Rate of Fire increased!

    We have decided to make all the planes of the same tier equal across factions. This will give us better information on the performance between the tiers and will in the long term be a much better balanced experience!

    Tier 3 medium fighters will now excel at flying faster and can fly much further upwards before the engine stalls out. The tier 2 planes might not be as fast, but they turn as the best. The tier 1 planes are more balanced, they do not do anything better compared to the higher tiers, but are a good middle ground.

    Recon planes have received a decent buff in damage, while they will still have a hard time going up against medium planes, their performance against each other as well as ground targets have improved!

    Both AP and APCR rounds now do the exact same damage. APCR rounds have better penetration, but their damage drops off much faster than that of the AP shell, APCR shells are best suited against ground targets. The AP round has more damage and will therefore be the best choice against other planes.

    That is a lot of changes in the air, but we have yet to discuss our last change for the fighter balance. AA-guns now have received an increase in Rate of Fire, damage and ammo! We reverted to using the scroll wheel for zooming again, this is done because AA-guns are fired in pairs now. Left click to fire the first pair, right click for the other pair – click both to mow your enemy to pieces. Overall making them a better match against the planes.

Vehicle Changes

    The M8 Greyhound are now equipped with a .50 Cal Machine Gun while Tier 2 and Tier 3 recon vehicles now have HE-rounds next to their AP-rounds. Additionally the M3 Lee tank 37MM cannon (secondary seat) now comes with AP-rounds, HE-rounds and APCR-rounds!

Gameplay Changes

    Paratroopers will now adhere better to the laws of physics and have to deploy their parachute earlier if they wish to avoid being injured. And lastly, Infantry First and Iron Fist combat badges now only work with infantry weapons.