ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


Join us from January 18th to January 25th for a whole week celebrating our players!!

If your account is from 2020 or earlier you will receive free gifts upon logging in during the event! Based on the year your account was created on, you will receive 3 Days of Free Veteran Membership and one of the 9 Unique Veteran Helmets for FREE!

This year, a new helmet has been added for the players who created their account in 2020. Players who redeemed their veteran helmet last year will receive the same veteran helmet this year to be used on one more soldier of their choice!

The Veteran Event:*

Have you looked at the soldier next to you? How long do you think he’s been in battle? Celebrating the Veterans of Heroes & Generals, long time players will automatically receive a gift from the headquarters when logging in. The contents depend on when you joined the front lines of Heroes & Generals.

All Soldiers with an account created 31/12/2020 or earlier will receive a unique Veteran Helmet depending on the year of account creation!

Additionally, all faction starting stockpiles increased by 300%!


* Event runs from January 18th to January 25th 2022 10 AM CET