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The giveaway is over, congratulations to all the winners!

If you missed your chance to get one of the exclusive skins, keep your eyes open! The exclusive skins will be brought back to the store From Tuesday 12th October to Tuesday 19th October 10AM CEST!

Come and celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Heroes & Generals WWII!

To start things out we are doing a giveaway* for two of our community’s most beloved skins! A total of 10 skins will be given out!

Join our gleam campaign below and complete tasks for a chance to win 1 out of 7 war-torn skins or 1 out of only 3 red medium plane skins**!

Join the giveaway here:

Click here for our giveaway!

Keep your eyes open for exciting upcoming deals, and even more giveaways on our Discord between 12th October to 19th October:
Click here to join our Discord!

Starting next week, the 12th of October 10am CEST, the Red Sample paint jobs and War-torn weapon finishes will be available in the store for a limited time only***!


* Giveaway ends Oct. 11 2021 @ 10:00am CEST
** Winners will receive the plane or the gun with the skin attached to it
*** Skins will be available in the store from October 12th 2021 @ 10am CEST to October 19th 2021 @ 10am CEST


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