Our first Battle Pass ‘Season 0’ will be our introduction to the battle pass concept which will be released at the end of November and approximately every quarter thereafter!

We intend to build and improve upon this concept with you, the community, putting your feedback and insight into the heart of the rewards you want to unlock after ‘Season 0’. Together, we will make sure the Battle Pass reflects the kind of content you want.

When you buy the Battle Pass you will be able to unlock 120 rewards!
The Battle Pass is a great way to engage with you, the players, and get you fun content that you care for while making it really rewarding for everyone.

Whether you are a decorated soldier or a private on the battlefield, exciting, unique and never before seen content will be available for you to unlock.

How will the Battle Pass work? What kind of rewards will you be receiving? Throughout November we will release a new blogpost every week to shine more light on this upcoming major feature, so stay tuned!