Update 1.23.2 – READY YOUR WARMACHINES introduces 26 new ammunition shells for your tanks, including a smokey addition! Progress your Assault Teams, deploy from new capitals, bug fixes and more!

New Tank Ammunition

New tank ammunition available for your warmachines. 26 new ammunition types across the entire board!

We are also bringing more transparency to your ammunition types, to what it does, and the additional choices it gives you in terms of explosive power. Pay extra attention to the new effects the shells have, it might save your life!

  • APCBC – Improved normalization angle
  • APHE – Improved damage
  • HEAT – Same AT performance at all ranges. Medium blast radius against infantry.
  • API – Increased damage.
  • Shrapnel – Large radius. Lower damage.
  • WP – Medium range and damage. Creates smoke cover that can blind tanks, hide friendly, or mark locations.

As a rule of thumb tanks which are best fit for tank versus tank battles will first unlock AP and tanks which are a better fit for infantry will unlock HE first. Ammunition unlocks will afterwards switch between anti-tank and anti-infantry, keep in mind there are some exceptions to this rule.

Additionally we have increased armor penetration across the board and increased the falloff over distance especially for APCR. Starter tanks have also received the possibility of using ammunition previously exclusively available to fighter planes.

We will be doing a deep dive blog post soon where we will give tips, explain the new functionalities, how to apply them and how the different ammunition types function.

Assault Team Progression

You are now able to progress your Assault Teams using Warfunds and Gold.

In order to progress your Assault Teams simply go to the soldier screen and click on the Assault Team of your choice and choose between warfunds or gold.

Redesign of Store Front

We want to deliver a better experience browsing the store and allow more room for exciting new additions coming in the near future!

RTS: New Capitals on War Map

The strategy game has seen some changes to the starting capitals. See where you will deploy in the next war below:

  • US: Edinburgh, Rotterdam, Frankfurt Am Main, Zurich, Marseille
  • GE: Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin, Warsaw, Riga, Leningrad
  • SU: Moscow, Minsk, Kiev, Budapest, Rome