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Recently we announced that we will be updating our socials to improve the communication between the community and RETO MOTO. Most changes will be made today, though minor adjustments could be made throughout the rest of the week.

Servers will stay up with no downtime during these changes.

What is being changed?

This week we are going to make adjustments to the following socials:

  • The website will be cleaned up and the menus will be recategorised
  • The official forums will be closed, but can still be read
  • Discord will officially become our main communication channel
  • Fanbook will officially become one of our communication channels
  • Steam forums will be updates and Steam chat will be improved

For a full overview of all the changes, you can take a look at our previous blogpost:
Website and communication changes

Join 20k users on discord today and join our giveaways!

Discord has been one of our main channels for a while now, but hereby we want to make it official, that the discord server is the best way to get in touch with the community and the RETO MOTO team. Be sure to join the server for updates, special challenges with rewards and more!

Join our Discord Server by clicking the link below!

Two weeks ago we hit a new milestone with our discord server. We reached 20.000 users! To celebrate we are doing some giveaways throughout the week. Be sure to join the server today and don’t miss out!

This post will be updated next week, upon completion of the changes



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