Update 1.22.2 – Vehicle Rebalance brings significant improvements to vehicles, new vehicle paint jobs, reworked rocks for hills and forests, new shooting positions for co-gunners taking cover and much more!

Vehicle Rebalance

Based on community feedback we have worked on the vehicle balance, mainly tanks.

We have given each tank their advantages and disadvantages by making lower tier tanks more interesting to use. Lower tier tanks now tend to be stronger against infantry, while higher tier tanks tend to be better against other tanks.

    Increased Firepower

    Furthermore we have massively increased the damage of AP shells, they now do more armor damage than APCR shells, however without the penetration advantage that APCR shells bring.

    In order to make tank combat more fun for everyone, we have increased the damage output in/for tank versus tank combat.

    Decreased Armor Damage

    Thick armor stays thick just a little bit longer! Your armor now takes longer to break down.

    Increased Speed

    To take on the tanks with the most armor, flanking is key and for flanking, speed is key! We have tweaked the speed of many tanks and most of them received a speed boost (especially off-road).

    Other tweaks

    We have also tweaked the HE-shells, cone-fire, tank models, turret turning speeds and many other aspects of our tanks!

    But wait! There’s more!

    All the improvements we want to make could not make it to this update. ore changes will follow to improve the tank gameplay even further and we are always looking to your feedback to improve!

A big thanks to everyone who made suggestions and who helped test the changes on our prototype server!

New Vehicle Paint Jobs

In order for all tanks to have the same amount of paint jobs we have added quite a few!

Single-Color Paint Jobs

  • M10
  • M36
  • M4A3E8
  • M20 recon car

Multi-color Paint Jobs

  • M36
  • M20

Shooting While Taking Cover

In order to address being too exposed as co-gunner in tanks and terrain vehicles you are now able to shoot away while taking cover!

Anti-Air Vehicles

We have moved Anti-Air guns to terrain vehicle category to prevent conflict with APCs. Additionally we raised the minimum depression angle but increased the deploy time.

Updated Rocks on Mountain Terrain

We have taken a look at the rocks on hard to reach places, hills and forests.
Bigger rocks can now be used as cover and are more visible than the stealthy small rocks tankers used to get stuck on!