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UPDATED Mar. 30 2021

1.22 – Soldiers of Spring

New Soldier Appearances

    • Introduced New Soldier Appearances for each Faction
    • Added 10 new uniforms in total for Tankers and Pilots

      Launched New Ribbon Booster DLC Pack


      • Battle
      • Explosives
      • LMG assault
      • SMG assault
      • 2X Chauffeur
      • 2X Driver
      • 2X Infantry Assault
      • 3x Physical Training
      • 3X Squad member
      • 3X Squad leader
      • 2X Tactical

    Flash Client

    • Hero portraits now properly represents your character’s appearance
    • Improved several aspects of the Matchmaker Window
    • Fixed the ‘to battle’ button ceasing to work if matchmaker was exited by Esc button”
    • Changed the ‘Heroes’ tab to be ‘Soldier’
    • Changed the ‘Generals’ tab to be ‘War’

    LOD Changes and Fixes

    • New base materials for the Industrial Building assets and new LOD models
      NOTE: Work in Progress
    • Fixed several LOD texture issues
    • Fixed and improved LOD of all Trainstation Platform House assets
    • Fixed issues on one of the destructable fences
      NOTE: This fixed version also received a different look to diversify the look between Factory Map and Airfield Map
    • Sandbag structure LOD updated
    • Sandbag base material updated
      Note: This will make all Sandbags look better whether you are up close or shooting an opponent hiding far away behind a sandbag

    Vehicle Changes

    • Updated material on M10 Tank Destroyer
    • Updated material on M36 Heavy Tank Destroyer
    • Updated M4A3E8 model and animations

    New M4A3E8 Features:

    • Character animations are generally lower and more covered than before
    • Hull-gunner now has a hatch for first and thirdperson viewing
    • Roof-mounted MG is on a 360º ringmount
    • Fixed issue with the mounted MG where the camera would get stuck at gun-height when covering, which made players think that they were not in cover
    • Fixed a bug on T34/76 related to the hatch

    Other Changes

    • Changed the duration of the Battle ribbon booster to 48 hours

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