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UPDATED Mar. 3 2021

HOTFIX – Build 167134

  • Immersive mode fix, and options for immersive mode and hide xp feed saved. Please see known issues below*
  • Choices in the Advanced Tab of the Matchmaker will no longer reset
  • Fixed s.S. patrone not being unlocked for purchase for the Captured FG42 on Infantry Soldiers
  • Fixed a rare issue with finding staged missions
  • Captured STG44 are now available as captured weapon for all Tankers. Only one Captured Ammunition are available for the Captured STG44
  • Quick Battle Game Modes are now functioning correctly
  • When joining battles through the ‘Quick battle’ options, you may be placed in a war mission, even if you have not joined a faction for war

1.21.2 – The Immersion Update

New Ingame Bundle

    Added new ingame bundle: Top Ribbon Booster Pack

    • SMG assault
    • LMG assault
    • Explosives
    • 2x Physical training
    • 2x Infantry Assault
    • 2x Driver
    • 2x Chauffeur
    • 2x Tactical
    • 2x Squad member
    • 2x Squad leader

Carbine Rework

  • Renamed weapon M1/M2 Carbine to M2 Carbine
  • Changed descriptions for M1 Carbine and M2 Carbine
  • New models for US M1 Carbine and M2 Carbine including scope mount
  • M1 Carbine is now unlockable for US Infantry on Infantry Assault lvl 5
  • M2 Carbine set to Assault Weapon
  • Tweaked carbine low-ready pose to be less obstructive when looking down
  • Enable unlocks for Beech, Dark Walnut, Carbon black skins for M1 Carbine
  • New sounds for the M1, M1A1 and M2 Carbines
  • Fixed a bug with the M2 Carbine reload prone animation
  • M1 Carbine and M1A1 Carbine muzzleflash size increased slightly
  • NOTE: M1/M2 name change to M2 does not affect already bought or renamed carbines

New Immersive Mode

  • New ‘Immersive Mode’ options in the Interface section of the ingame options menu: Show/hide contextual hints, XP feed, HUD

New Advanced Graphics Settings

  • New options in the Graphics section of the ingame options menu: Turn on/off SSAO, Reflections, Tessellation, Subsurface Scattering

Captured Weapons Changes

  • Enabled all native weapon-ammo and -upgrades availble for captured weapons
  • Added note to progression window, explaining why upgrades for captured weapons cannot be bought before the weapon is unlocked
  • Display prices for captured weapons in Weapon Shop page

Changed capital cities in War

  • United States: Marseille, Rome, Bordeaux
  • Germany: Copenhagen, Riga, Stockholm
  • Soviet Union: Istanbul Kiev, Sevastopol

Other Changes & Bugfixes

  • Fixed incorrect rank insignias for all daily reward images involving lieutenants
  • AVS-36 Weapon Category changed from Semiautomatic Rifle to Assault Weapon
  • Renamed weapon Vulcan Stalin to MPL-50
  • When you reach maximum XP with a soldier you can not gain XP anymore. Instead a message explaining the situation will be shown.
  • Game Mode menu redesign
  • Capturing a vehicle in the actiongame will now repaint the stolen vehicle to match the thief’s faction
  • Fixed ribbons being hidden if they had no progression if level is higher than 0
  • Fixed a rare issue with continue to next war button not working properly

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