ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


1.21.2 – The Immersion Update is now live! Explore new features, change elements on your hud and enjoy a more immersive experience.

Check out the M1 Carbine and M2 Carbine rework and modify your captured weapons. You can also now choose to show or hide hints and XP-feed in the hud. Be sure to check out the new advanced graphical options to find the right balance between performance and looks and much more, keep reading and don’t forget to check the change logs for more detailed info on this update! Content Creators and Streamers will now be able to provide even better quality content!

NEW! Ribbon Booster Pack

Introducing the Top Ribbon Booster Pack! A selection of the most popular ribbon boosters to supercharge your progression speed! The Ribbon Booster Pack is available in the store and contains everything a soldier needss:

  • SMG assault
  • LMG assault
  • Explosives
  • 2x Physical training
  • 2x Infantry Assault
  • 2x Driver
  • 2x Chauffeur
  • 2x Tactical
  • 2x Squad member
  • 2x Squad leader

A total value of 1240 Gold that you can get for only 760 Gold through this exclusive pack!

Carbine Rework

We renamed the M1/M2 carbine to M2 carbine and put it into the Assault Rifle category.
M1 Carbine is now available for Infantry and unlocks at Infantry Assault Ribbon 5.
The weapons also now each have their own model and updated sound!

New Immersive Mode

You can now disable GUI, hints and XP-Feed by entering Immersive Mode which will disable all GUI elements except the spawn menu. This should also help the content creators capture better videos and awesome images!

Hints and XP-feed can also be disabled separately to declutter your screen. Check out the options and choose the right fit for you!

New Advanced Graphics Settings

You can now individually set the graphical options for SSAO, Reflections, Tessellation and Subsurface in the options menu. These have been available in the console but we wanted everyone to find the best balance between look and performance for their system right from the settings menu.

Captured Weapons Modifications

You can now modify your captured weapons and specialize them in getting the job done, no matter the task.

You can unlock captured weapons if you pick up slain enemies’ weapons and rank up the corresponding weapon ribbon!

New Paint Jobs for Captured Enemy Vehicles

When capturing an enemy vehicle it will now change paint job to reflect that it has been captured. Now your teammates can easily identify a captured vehicle and think twice before pressing the trigger!

RTS: New Starting Capitals

We have changed the starting Capitals in War Mode, below you can see where your faction starts in the next war!

    United States: Marseille, Rome, Bordeaux
    Germany: Copenhagen, Riga, Stockholm
    Soviet Union: Istanbul Kiev, Sevastopol