ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game


Update 1.21.1 – Gameplay Enhanced is here and with it loads of Quality of Life improvements, gameplay enhancing changes and the usual bug fixes!

Max Battle Time

Matches will now have a time limit of 90 minutes. If the 90 minutes pass the defenders will win the match.

As a reference, only five out of ten thousand missions (0.05%) lasted more than 90 minutes in January. So the benefit of matchmaking faster far exceeds any concerns players may have.

Equipment Points Change

Paratroopers and Recons have had their Equipment Points increased.
Both Soldier Types now have 8 Equipment Points to allow for wider ranges of weapons carried and utility.

Weapon Balancing Adjustments

In 2020 we have made some major changes to weapon balance due to the community requesting an investigation of the balance in the action game.

We have made them more class-specific, adjusted the modifications as well as the combat badges. With the groundwork we did last year, we will now make much smaller adjustments to the weapons to try and further improve the balance and gameplay experience for both the user of a weapon, as well as the receiver on the other end.

In Update 1.21.1 we have introduced quite a few smaller weapon changes, based on our statistics, personal experiences and your feedback from the community! In the following months we will review the changes, to see where the weapon balance has improved and where further adjustments are needed.

We will continue our efforts to improve balance in Heroes & Generals for the best gameplay experience possible.

To see the specific changes, please click here to view the changelog!

Revamped War is Over Screen

The War Over Screen has been revamped to show more complete information to players.

Progression Changes

We have made adjustments to the progression of Infantry and Recons. This is done to smooth out the unlocking curve for new players. These changes have been focused on making the motorbike available earlier for infantry and letting new players get some experience before heading out with a tactically important Mobile Deployment.

We also changed Recon’s unlocking method for Recon Vehicles. This is done to allow the recons to unlock recon vehicles by themselves rather than being dependant on the Chauffeur Ribbon

Motorbikes have been moved from Driver Ribbon 10 to Driver Ribbon 8 for Infantry.
Mobile Deployment Truck moved from Chauffeur Ribbon 2 to Chauffeur Ribbon 3.

Recon Vehicles:
Tier 1 Vehicles unlock has been moved from Chauffeur Ribbon 5 to Recon Ribbon 5. Tier 2 Vehicles unlock has been moved from Chauffeur Ribbon 9 to Driver 8 .
Tier 3 Vehicles unlock has been moved from Chauffeur Ribbon 12 to Driver 12

Infantry First Silver and Driver Bronze have been moved to be unlocked earlier in their corresponding Ribbon Ranks.

Easier Access to Ribbon Boosters

After each battle you can now conveniently select a Ribbon on the match summary screen and be shown a purchase button for a Ribbon Booster for the selected Ribbon.

Single Bullet Reload Interruption

A delay after the start of the reload animation is introduced during which a further click will not trigger a reload interruption.