The event has been concluded!

Generals from all factions have been hard at work! Congratulations to all the Generals who participated in this event, your 3-Day VM and 100.000 warfunds have been given out!

Top 10 Winners

  1. 106 Battles Won – zamorge
  2. 103 Battles Won – StoneSlayer
  3. 100 Battles Won – smikkelbeer901
  4. 99 Battles Won – Yigge
  5. 94 Battles Won – Boogy_Man
  6. 92 Battles Won – TMoscar
  7. 89 Battles Won – s.M.x
  8. 88 Battles Won – gogman1975
  9. 85 Battles Won – Abelard444
  10. 82 Battles Won – benim1995

Top 100 Winners

Top 11-30 Top 31-60 Top 61+
valdur55 Archm4ge goodgame63
sergek.swimmer koffistar Jwoct
ReadyToWorkEpta Shigerusora БелыйОфицер
akezaza13 Sveryson lanlingmax
Fenris_Wolf Robercheroky Petit_poney_69
Trigeda WizardValle louploup1020
beginnerbaskung pangjiaqi MISTERMIND
mthmth20 Riitaoja jcnm21
fasifs tihi777 TahmereLaRomaine
++___++ Martinius1000 ricsh
-=HellFire=- 해피코리아 Voltiac
marSun_ Desperad01 Badrukk
horyl30 K-mikoto RaivoLopetus
adaszkepl 蓝瑟快递 FNFrosty
mickm6875 Titus com618618
B3lbala Splxia [ARMY]-Destroyer
–Mojo– Nooby_Doo LaNeRi
vmetro Franz_202 pods555
GiulioAlee ~БЕЛОСНЕЖКА~ myrkwid
barbos_93 Nikita1998 HerrMimic
Tuman94 Bettmän g2jp,
Knjghtt GoodRussian Rykardus
DasNick FirebirdLD koffistar
Tamoooooo ilgas77 Kiroisenko
OGURKOV petes76 Benzzaa0001
GoedsteBart Robinatorlp Waasp
punctuationmarks Vokhel pagso3000
LordsPrayer muqq freedmanlin


Join us from January 12th to January 26th for 14 days of celebrating our players!!

If your account is from 2019 or earlier you will receive free gifts upon logging in during the event! Based on the year your account was created on, you will receive 3 Days of Free Veteran Membership and one of the 8 Unique Veteran Helmets for FREE!

This year, a new helmet has been added for the players who created their account in 2019. Players who redeemed their veteran helmet last year will receive a duplicate veteran helmet this year to be used on one of their infantry soldiers of their choice!

The celebration isn’t just limited to handouts! Real heroes have to fight on the frontlines and support their factions with reinforcements in a special War Event to earn 3 Days of Veteran Membership and 100.000 Warfunds!

The War Event:*

All factions have their Initial Stockpiles increased by 300%!

Rewards are awaiting challengers! Being a good veteran means being able to overcome all challenges that you face in the field – rewards and hefty bonuses lie ahead!

Heroic Effort

Generals! Win the most amount of battles with your best Assault Team** and place yourself among the top 100 most winning Assault Teams to win 3 Days of Veteran Membership and 100.000 Warfunds!

** You can only qualify with one Assault Team. Your most winning Assault Team will automatically be part of the challenge!


Have you looked at the soldier next to you? How long do you think he’s been in battle? Celebrating the Veterans of Heroes & Generals, long time players will automatically receive a gift from the headquarters. The contents depend on how long you’ve spent on the front lines and been with Heroes & Generals.

All Soldiers with an account created 31/12/2019 or earlier will receive a unique Veteran Helmet depending on the year of account creation!

When the event comes to a conclusion we will do a count and announce all the winners!



* Event runs from January 12th to January 26th 2021 10 AM CET