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Content Creators of the week

This year we have launched our brand new Content Creator Program. With this program we hope to show Heroes & Generals to the world with the help of our Creators. While at the same time help them to grow their channels and attract bigger audiences. Every week we start off the Community Creations blog by showing some of their footage. Do you think you have what it takes to join the content creator program? Take a look at the requirements and sign up!


NitZy, our Russian youtuber, has uploaded a video this week talking about the 1.20.1 update. Be sure to check it out!

Youtube 2:

Next to this weeks Russian youtuber, we are also featuring one of our German youtubers. TheCobraLP has been uploading some great footage of his missions. Be sure to check out one of those below!


This is our hill!

Discord user OROHA can find himself on the front of this blogpost. Creating an awesome image of a couple of panthers engaging what is most likely an enemy tank. Thank you for sharing this image with us!

Jagdpanther crossing the bridge

Some more images of tanks! K1dda on steam shared a pretty awesome screenshot with us. The mighty Jagdpanther crossing the bridge to destroy whatever is on the other side! And he is not the only reinforcement, a kubel and an infantry soldier can be spotted alongside him!

Jagdpanther after the fight

I normally don’t post several images of the same author in a single blogpost. But K1dda just had to follow up his first image, with yet another great image of a Jagdpanther (not the same one though). However, while the previous image showed this beast before he had entered battle, this image shows the tank afterwards!


MM1404 seems to be a bit confused. We gave him a plane with some very capable guns on it, but does he use it? Of course not! Does he destroy a ton of enemy planes… yes, yes he does.

Its time for the news!

polski_ziomek is reporting the news! Be sure to stay updated and watch the clip below!

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