For a long time players have been talking about the amount of headshots. Some players find that there are too many headshots in the game and that it should be decreased. Based on those discussions we want to hold a survey now, to see if we should reduce the amount of headshots, by reducing the headshot multiplier.

With this survey we want to see the stance of our playerbase and depending on the amount of votes we may decide to indeed follow this survey up with a change ingame. However, we will only make such a decision if the people who want to see it changed are overwhelmingly more than the people who do not want it changed.

What is the headshot multiplier?

The name probably speaks for itself, but we still want to quickly touch on this question. When you hit an enemy soldier in his head, the damage of your weapon will be multiplied by a factor of (currently) 4. That means that if you hit the enemy with a gun that does 34 damage, a headshot will turn this into 136 damage, meaning your opponent is very, very dead.

Which weapons would be impacted?

Melee weapons, pistols, anti-tank rifles and rocket launchers are unaffected by these changes. The changes will mostly affect sub-machineguns, machineguns and assault rifles.

Semi-automatic rifles and bolt-action rifles will also be affected, but even on the lowest multiplier, they will keep the ability to 1HK (one hit kill) headshot, only the range will decrease.

An important aspect other than just the ability to 1HK headshot or not, is the range. Even if a multiplier does not mean a weapon won’t be able to 1HK headshot on their optimal range anymore, it can reduce their optimal range.

damage by range with a multiplier of 4.0

Another important point to remember, is that headshots will still do more damage. Which means that rather than four bullets, it may still only take you two bullets to kill an opposing soldier.

What are the options?

We are offering four options for this survey, each with their own set-up and consequences for the game. We will list them from least consequential to most consequential.

  • 3.58 (28+ damage) –> Most weapons will keep the ability to 1HK (one hit kill) headshot, only the range is reduced
  • 2.78 (36+ damage) –> Assault rifles and sub-machineguns can no longer 1HK as basis, but can still be modified for it
  • 2.5 (40+ damage) –> No automated weapons can 1HK headshot anymore, however certain weapons can still be modified to make this possible
  • 2.0 (50+ damage) –> No automated weapon can be 1HK headshot anymore.

In the two images below you can see the ability to 1HK (one hit kill) headshot for each affected weapon.

In orange you can see the weapons that are never able to 1HK headshot anymore. In yellow you can find the weapons that cannot 1HK headshot as standard weapons, but can still be modified to do so. In green you can find weapons that will always 1HK headshot.

In order to get to the image below, we will make some tweaks to the damage of our weapons, based on the winning option. Some weapons may receive tweaks in other areas, in order to make sure they are not underperforming.

Reminder: This is only at their max damage, the maximum range at which they can headshot will decrease even for (unmodded) rifles.

How can I vote?

You can vote by going to this link:

Click on the link right here to our surveyplanet survey.

Depending on the results, we may decide to hold a second survey if the results are inconclusive (for example both 3.58 multiplier and 2.5 multiplier get 40% of the votes).

The survey will stay open until Tuesday the 10th of November around 14:00 CET.



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