ATTENTION! The content of this article is more than three months old and may not be relevant to the current version of the game

Original image created by the player Sandlycut


Beware of the fire! Update 1.2 – Flames of War introduces three new flamethrowers, one for each faction! We are rolling out more weapon balancing, better unlock progression for the German and Soviet anti-tank weapons, reduced gunsmoke across the board for better visibility and new paint jobs for the American Truck, 1/4 ton, 4×4, the German Kübelwagen Typ 82 and Soviet GAZ-67.

3 New Flamethrowers

Good news for everyone who likes their bacon crisp! Each faction gets the addition of one more deadly weapon to their arsenal, the flamethrower!

It literally shoots fire, what more can you ask for?

Image created by the player Wehrmacht1941

Alright, here is some more information!
With an equipment point cost of 8, this fire breathing beast will have to be used with caution – stick to the close quarters you won’t be able to bring your trusty rifle!

HQ told me to remind you: The flamethrowers might breathe fire, but enemy heavy armor can easily withstand it! Use them against infantry if you want to stay alive, soldier!

Please do not use this weapon to dry your boots, you might get caught on fire.

New Infantry Vehicle Paintjobs

Treat yourself and your trusty 4 wheeled vehicle to a new look! Which one is your favorite?

Weapon Balancing

Flames of War also comes with a big Weapon Balancing.
The goal for this update is to decrease the gap between the equipment of newer players and those of our veteran players. To do this we have greatly decreased the effects of the weapon modification.

To make sure your favorite weapon doesn’t suddenly feel a lot weaker though, we have tweaked the base values of most weapons, to make sure they still feel just as powerful as before on the highest level! This also means all starting weapons are now stronger than ever before!

SMGs are now even more powerful indoors than before! But don’t try to pick a fight in the open fields! Their range has been severely reduced.

For a full list of all weapon balancing changes, be sure to check out the changelog in the bottom!

Ribbon Adjustments and Pricing

Our goal for these ribbon adjustments is to balance out the cost/availability of the first Anti-Tank weapons for the Germans and Soviets.

The Americans are in a good place right now and to make sure other factions are on par, we have made the following changes.

  • US:
    • M1 Bazooka moved to Infantry Assault 4
    • M9 Bazooka moved to Tank Destruction 5
  • GE:
    • Granatebüchse 39 moved to Infantry Assault 4
    • Panzerbüchse moved to Tank Destruction 5
  • SU:
    • CAPTURED M1 Bazooka moved to Infantry Assault 4
    • PTRD moved to Tank Destruction 5

Visibility Improvements

We have decreased gunsmoke across the board, this greatly increases your visibility so you can keep your precision sharp when engaging the enemy!

We have also adjusted our weather presets to improve visibility. This means less fog, making flying better, night time shadow intensity decrease but a darker overall look.
We also decreased the shadow intensity in Overcast daytime weathers.