UPDATED OCT. 28 2020

1.20.1 – Get in Combat, Reap the Rewards!

  • Fixed issues with sleeves clipping through the arms.
  • Fixed various uniform and equipment skinning issues.
  • Tank Co-axial machine guns set to fire on right mouse button.
  • First person view enabled in tanks when outside.
  • Tank weapons enabled when in first person view outside.
  • Panzer I right machine gun set up as co-axial machine gun
  • IS-2 missing hull gun added.
  • Panzer I ammunition storage increased.
  • Light Tank M2A2 .30 cal gun ROF increased.
  • Light Tank M2A2 hull MG reenabled.
  • T-38 can now carry two types af ammunition.
  • First Battle Launch screen informs about battles against AI and human players
  • Show Veteran benefits with button on player level unlock screen
  • Players are kicked from the action game after 5 minutes of inactivity (warning shown after 4 min).
  • Daily Reward Bonuses added (Replacing the first-match-of-the-day gold bonus)
  • Combat Badge Tweaks (Please click the image to see all the changes to badges)
  • Decreased head size to better match physical model

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