Welcome to the Community Creators blog! Every week we will scroll through YouTube, our Discord media page and our Community Hub on Steam to find your best creations!

Content Creators of the week

This year we have launched our brand new Content Creator Program. With this program we hope to show Heroes & Generals to the world with the help of our Creators. While at the same time help them to grow their channels and attract bigger audiences. Every week we start off the Community Creations blog by showing some of their footage. Do you think you have what it takes to join the content creator program? Take a look at the requirements and sign up!


Cestt Plays has picked up a PPD-40 and is wreaking havoc with it! Be sure to check out his video below!


Thakardshows has joined our program and we have some great clips to share! Be sure to check them out below!


A light breeze today

This image was made by a true hero, the best of the best. This man needs no introduction and I’m certain you are already well aware who I’m speaking off. It’s me, of course! In the upcoming build we have some simple but very nice quality of life changes for the tanker class. But as nice as shooting your machine-gun and cannon from a 1st person view is, I would recommend to mind your head.

Look at that pretty thing!

An amazing shot of a Chaffee in the wild. Nukio_Sorioka thank you for your contribution on our discord server!

Look at that not so pretty thing!

He will find you… and he will kill you! Thank you Sun of Beach (creative) for sharing this great image on steam!

Challenging an Ace

Solguru has released his very first video! I think we should make him feel at home on youtube! Watch this epic compilation and learn how to crouch on a river!

Mission impossible

t33ri wants to have a tank! So he sets out on a mission to obtain one, be sure to check out his clip below!

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