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Content Creators of the week

This year we have launched our brand new Content Creator Program. With this program we hope to show Heroes & Generals to the world with the help of our Creators. While at the same time help them to grow their channels and attract bigger audiences. Every week we start off the Community Creations blog by showing some of their footage. Do you think you have what it takes to join the content creator program? Take a look at the requirements and sign up!


This week we have a nice tutorial from youtuber Appreax talking about the pilot class as the many planes our game has to offer! Are you thinking about starting a career as flyboy? Make sure you start here!

This week we are only showing off one of our content creators, but don’t be afraid, we have some very good stuff below!

A tank in the wild

Look at that tank, isn’t it magnificent! Once again we have a steam user to thank for this image, who goes by the name: Nukio_Sorioka

MG42 does NOT go BRRRRRT!

Here we can see a group of German soldiers ready to storm into the building! I just wish… If only his MG42 could go BRRRRRT… Thank you Muqq for sharing this image on steam!

We going BRRRRRT yet?

Another German image on discord, this time from kidaaaaa, now to answer the big question. To BRRRRRT or not to BRRRRRRT. We’re not going to BRRRRRRT.This is an MG34, so how could it!

MG42 goes BRRRRRT!

*All statistic changes below are work in progress and may still be adjusted

Finally it is time! The MG42 is all ready up and good to go! Unfortunately not yet on the live servers. In the upcoming patch we are going to make another balancing patch for infantry versus infantry weapons. While I don’t want to go into full detail, below you will find some images of the guns before, and after the upcoming patch.

In the upcoming build we have decided to decrease the advantages that (most) modifications give. Some modifications gave for example a 20% boost to the RPM. In order to archive better balance we have tweaked these down. Don’t worry though, we have also tweaked the disadvantages to go down with the same percentage.

In exchange we have made a lot of weapons better without modifications and below is the first weapon we all use, the semi-automatic rifle, specifically the M1 garand.

New on the left, old (current) on the right

left new, right old

In the previous balancing round a couple of months ago, one of our objectives was to make the SMG better in cqc, but worse on medium and long ranges. While the situation certainly improved, we felt like we weren’t quite there yet. Therefore in the next update, all SMG’s except for the PPSH and the PPD, receive 20% more damage up close! In exchange, their damage drops off faster to make them less effective over a certain distance.

left new, right old

Like stated above, the PPSh and PPD did not receive more damage, what they did receive was a heavy RPM boost! The PPSH-41 currently fires 840 bullets when fully modified, in the new version, it will fire 800 bullets per minute without any modifications!

left new, right old

Last but not least, we have the MG42! Which has received a heavy RPM buff, from 850 to 1000 without modifications! The modifications may not add as much as they used to, but you can still get more than 1500 bullets out of your MG42 if you put them on your weapon. So now rather than 3,5 seconds to empty your gun, you now only need 6 seconds! (quick maths).

left new, right old

These changes and more are planned for our next release! Make sure to try them out when you get the chance!

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