Welcome to the Community Creators blog! Every week we will scroll through YouTube, our Discord media page and our Community Hub on Steam to find your best creations!

Content Creators of the week

This year we have launched our brand new Content Creator Program. With this program we hope to show Heroes & Generals to the world with the help of our Creators. While at the same time help them to grow their channels and attract bigger audiences. Every week we start off the Community Creations blog by showing some of their footage. Do you think you have what it takes to join the content creator program? Take a look at the requirements and sign up!


A new content creator has joined the team! Ronin13 is the newest member of the content creator group. He has posted quite a few Heroes & Generals videos over the years, his latest was posted just today! Showing some lovely fails and wins. Be sure to check out his channel and don’t forget to like and subscribe to him!

Youtube 2:

I unfortunately cannot tell you too much about the video below from Canal do Neo other than that he just wants to destroy a tank! I hope you aren’t in any tank, because he WILL find you, and he WILL kill you!

Armour division line up!

I’m sure there must be a really proud aunt or uncle somewhere, because discord user Nepheww has given us our featured image for the week! Let’s just hope our content creator Neoforce isn’t nearby!

High in the sky

I may be a weird one, but I always love these images that happen outside of combat. It gives you a chance to create your own story of what will happen. yangtuoxiong posted the image below on steam, showing two paratrooper planes, ready to drop their men.

Bringing the heat

The flamethrowers have been on the prototype server over the weekend, which has allowed the community to try them out and make some epic images. Thanks to Maximilian Sommer from discord for creating this awesome shot.

The right way to use a plane

Khương Duy has decided to demonstrate to us how to properly use a plane. Be sure to check out his video below!


I came to the horrible discovery that several of my own clips on twitch have taken the top spot. As I cannot live through that kind of cringe, I have found another very nice twitch videos. Let’s take a look how fubared handles the flamethrower!

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